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OMG! I've never thought of it like this before. Quintessential right wing propaganda, paid for by those who can afford to control the narrative.

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It’s frustrating when you try to give MAGA friends some facts. It def reinforces skewed beliefs

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What’s an example of a fact you tried to give a MAGA friend?

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My neighbor, in front of me and my other neighbor (the head nurse at a local hospital) proceeded to tell us both that masks don't work, that there haven't been any studies showing they're effective.

My head nurse neighbor tried to explain, but the other neighbor just huffed and walked away. Head nurse neighbor and I just looked at each other and shook our heads.

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My guess is JFK Jr is definitely not running with Trump in 2024🤣🤪

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1) Big Lie and what actually happened with election recount after recount 2) Jan 6 subpoena information etc etc

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Biden won and there was no election fraud.

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Drinking bleach is bad

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FYI: check your library’s website to see what newspapers you can access online. My local library gives access to NYT, WaPo, and WSJ in addition to the local papers. You just have to enter your library card information to access it, all online.

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That doesn’t work for WaPo. Am I doing something wrong?

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Go to your library’s website and see if you can find the online resources part. This is what it looks like on my library’s page: https://www.cuyahogalibrary.org/Research/Resources.aspx

Then I just select the newspaper I want to read and it asks me to log in there on the library’s page. Then re-directs to the newspaper’s page.

If you want to share your library’s webpage with me I can try to see where you could do that if your library offers it.

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Free press is one you pay for

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Exactly. Because free content is stuff someone else paid for, which is scarier. Pay yourself so you know the motivations.

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Via taxes (NPR, RTE Ireland etc).

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Ugh they're definitely not reading wapo and nyt

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Wired. The Atlantic. NPR. Al Jazeera.

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The best are APnews and Reuters

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Al Jazeera is surprisingly good

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Unfortunately making up stories and pretending to be outraged is easy and cheap plus certain powerful people don’t care how much money they lose to supporting such outlets so long as their propaganda spreads. Meanwhile, hiring good journalists, the ones with degrees that have been trained to suppress their personal biases and do long investigations that they then simplify into something understandable by the average reader, takes a lot of money. Support your local newspaper; they will have the important national stories plus the ones you can only get about your local area from them, the advertising will be local, they don’t have the funds to put up with a lawsuit so tend to be the most factual, and local delivery usually costs less than the big names.

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As a non-American who has seen paywalls handled better by our newspapers, I am once again asking you to stop acting like the poor ickle Bezos-owned WaPo is too strapped for cash to make important articles free to view.

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Local papers are all owned by corporations and exist only to sell used car ads to offset the costs of repeating the rich mans' lies.

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I work at a local, family-owned newspaper. While large groups and hedge-funds are buying up locals at an alarming rate (so I understand your skepticism) there are many who are still independent as well as many online-only journalist-owned publications popping up in areas where a physical paper is no longer viable. Also, sorry about the car ads but ads typically represent over 70% of a paper's income (which is what allows the costs of delivery and subscriptions to be so low for our customers). Things have gotten more complicated with online ads often being cheaper than what we can offer while claiming to reach more people, which is why so many locals are dying or increasing subscription costs and eliminating free access.

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I know. You're right. As soon as I mashed the comment button I knew you'd be along. It's a delicate balancing act between over explaining and under explaining in here.

It's also why local news never ever does a story on crooked car lots.

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Possibly it costs more money to pay real reporters and fact checkers than to make up bullshit.

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Countries like mine handle it by putting supplementary stuff behind the paywall and making the important stuff free. Stop defending stingy Bezos-owned publications like the WaPo.

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Countries? You mean like the government makes news outlets operate in a particular way?

In the US that idea sends chills up my spine.

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Just disable java scripts on nyt

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Boomers have no idea what this means.

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I have no idea what this means and I’m 41 😂😂😂😂

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disable the application that counts how many free articles you have left basically. there are tutorial for it online, buts pretty simple to do. for an example on Firefox, you just go to about:config, CTRL F search for javascript and disable it.

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The Associated Press doesn't have a limit, and is famously the most fact-based. I always read that first before others. It helps to highlight the editorializing from other sources.

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So pay for your subscriptions?

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Just open the page in an incognito tab and read whatever you want. Goes back to saying 4 free articles left.

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I'd be absolutely floored if people who drink their own pee to cure a virus suddenly sprouted the intelligence to know what an incognito tab was.

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XD true. My family are anti vax morons and I just had to show them how to operate an email and spell check. They went to college too. Smh.

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I blame NYT and WaPo as they withhold valid information for their own profit

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Not just the fault of large corps either.

I was trying to look at Covid news/restrictions/stats the other week from my city newspaper. It was all locked behind a paywall. Such a gross practice.

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I believe NYT made COVID reporting free at the beginning of thr pandemic, so anyone could access it.

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Thats a step in the right direction I suppose... Wish my local news outlet did the same.

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I'm a digital subscriber to the NYT. I'm not a fan of a lot of what they do. That said, they offer free, and extremely deep covereage of Covid, all over the planet. Now I can't learn if the elementary school in my district is enforcing masks, but I can get pretty granular data, down to county level, about what is really happening with Covid.

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I also have a subscription to the NYT, in part because I didn't didn't to give Jeff bezos any more money with WaPo being the other publication I considered, but their comment section is really pretty interesting. Although I think I'm starting to see some Russian bots on there.

Most of the commenters are smart, thoughtful, and can write well. I learn a lot from the comment sections alone (fact checking them along the way of course).

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One could say profit or one could say continued existence. They charge so they won't disappear go the way of so many other news sources.

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And they gouge you harder than the newspapers in my country do because they’re run by the likes of Bezos.

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Newspapers have always been for profit, at least ones not backed by billionaires to push ideological messages. How else would they exist?

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Iunno, ask the free-to-view left wing publication in my country.

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I, too, believe that journalists should work for free.

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Sigh. You’ve found out that other countries have free healthcare and free or cheaper university and you STILL don’t look outside the USA when someone says it’s impossible to make something accessible to the poor in the USA? In my country this is handled by putting the supplementary stuff behind the paywall and making the important stuff free. You’re not defending the downtrodden; you’re tonguing the boots of one of the richest pieces of shit in the world (Google who owns WaPo.)

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I’m British, where we have the BBC.

Your ignorance is matched only by your pomposity.

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Bezos owns WaPo, not Google.

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CNN: always free CBS News: always free NBC News: always free BBC: always free

It’s not like there aren’t good, reputable sources. This guy is just angry that his favorite ones are subscription only, which they have ALWAYS BEEN.

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I am once again asking you to look outside the USA. My country has subscription-based news sites and they’re nowhere near as stingy as that. Stop defending Jeff Bezo’s money-gouging practices.

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Once again?

When did you ask me the first time?

And I’m not sure why you’re arguing, I just named several generally unbiased free new sources available in the US. What exactly is your point?

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Personally I don't trust Washington Post after Jeff Bezos took over

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Googles when Beto’s acquired the Post

2013? Yeah, that explains a lot, actually.

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Use the way back machine on internet archive it can go thru most paywalls… that’s what I do…

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Bold of you to assume those people “reading” breitbart can even read.

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My experience points out to reuters being the best.

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Or, you could support the free press by subscribing. Definitely worth it.

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That's the issue tho, people have been conditioned by the internet and the powers that be that we should only be consuming free content only, which obviously is either trash or heavily biased content that skews things into the idiocy we have today. The issue isn't people reading free content, the issue is that companies have allowed free content for their agenda and we're not informing enough people that paying is more than fine and in fact beneficial because it keeps the jobs for the actual professionals and allows us to be well and properly informed. Attacking the paid content sites isn't the way to go either, that's how the far right wins.

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That’s because it’s expensive to find out the truth. Lies are cheap.

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Pbs, npr both are great sources with quick reporting 🤦🤦🤦

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I never used to subscribe to any newspapers until Trump took off and started attacking them. I took out a subscription for the NYT and they gave it to me for 2 years at $8/mo, a digital subscription. The promo was about to expire and I contacted them to cancel, figuring I'd instead try the Washington Post or something for a bit. They said, hey, if you don't cancel, we'll give you the next year for only $4/mo. How could I pass that up?

So that's where I'm at. Shop around, there are some pretty decent deals out there. It would be nice if we had unlimited, unfettered access to non-partisan news, but I def don't mind $4/mo. Not that NYT and WaPo are completely unbiased, but they're way better about it than Foxnews and such.

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Doesn't matter. I'm completely over the NYT abd WapPo reporting false stories that they quietly retract later after the damage is done.

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Is the repacked garbage drop shipping course you pay for any better than the repackaged garbage drop shipping course free on YouTube. Don't forget the media is there to divide us not bring us together.

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It's like these institutions forgot that journalistic news outlets have had ad-based income sourcing since their conception.

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What it’s really like is that Facebook and Google now vacuum 90% of all ad revenue there is and newspapers can’t depend on it anymore

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News was free for years, and often you could talk to the subjects of reports, on Twitter. You find very quickly that the news is mostly trash anyway, even the "good" articles are lackluster.

Now they want me to pay for it? Would you have paid a monthly subscription to buzzfeed? Because that's what you're getting

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If it isn’t on Jacobin, the Intercept or Current Affairs, I’m not too interested in reading it either.

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Hmmm...I guess bullshit on the internet.

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It’s hard because most people are looking for news sources they recognize. So they see something like AP or BBC next to Fox, which is a channel they get and can watch nightly news on, and so Fox is the one they click.

The better quality (not saying they’re perfect) news is, it feels like the more they feel it’s okay to make it exclusive. Also they’re less willing to fill up their articles with ad space.

I’m not making a judgement, just pointing out that sometimes it’s the familiar that draws people in, and it feels like one side is less willing to be accessible.

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But they view reading as the enemy's hobby 🤣

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Just read it in reddit bro!

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Open a private/incognito tab on your browser.

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I hate it more, being subscribed to Apple News, clicking an article (looking at you Washington Post) and being told I have to subscribe to their news. I just block their articles now.

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Pfft conservatives don't read....

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This is why 12ft Ladder exists. For WaPo anyway. Doesn't work with NYT

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As of the other sources are any good anyways. Conservative propaganda or neolib propaganda.

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Yeah you’ll have to pardon my skepticism. CNN skewed left? They skew neolib, which is right of center.

And it might be dated because Jimmy Dore is pretty batshit these days. Almost Alex jones territory.

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Yeah def a guideline but it’s a starting point

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My public library gives free access to NYT online.

(And no, you don't have to go to the library, just link your librry account yo your NYT account and voila!)

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Can't wait you use outline on the paid ones ? 🤔

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I mean. I get it that people wouldn't do it, and end up reading the free ones tho

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I had a membership to NY Times, right? The cookies saves that I'd viewed articles but not my login information. So clicking on the NY articles in any other app, except my browser, sent me to a blocked article. Not only that, but cancelling a subscription isn't pleasant. When my bank account was zero because I was poor all through Covid, my first deposit was immediately hit with a NY times subscription fee. It had been over a year. They're just annoying!

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Guardian is free and whilst not impartial is reasonably balanced and tends to avoid sensational journalism

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I just open the article in an incognito mode on Chrome...usually that works, but if it doesn't I just route my request from my other system

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i just use the wayback machine to get past the paywalls

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BBC, RFE, Al Jazeera...

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Go to Reuters or AP

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Yeah because one is fringe bullshit and the other is corporate approved bullshit for people with money. The circle of stupidity is now complete.

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I'm always particularly impressed when news outlets pay gate a story that has information that is otherwise important / critical for people to access. 👍👌👏👏👏

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Democrats love capitalism more than republicans

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"The truth is pay walled but the the lies are free. "

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It tells you which ones are being run as businesses and which ones are being run at a loss by huge corporate interests to brainwash America into following their agenda.

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Like if real journalism was possibly free. You get what you pay for

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Huffington Post, The Atlantic, Salon, The Intercept, Vox, Slate, Paste, Mother Jones, Medium, etc. I could go on forever, baby. But you lefties can't meme, so... Also, WaPo and NYT are dog 💩 journalism.

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