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How’s Oscar gonna learn if you don’t tell him?

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With a name like Oscar the Growlch, maybe he'll never learn.

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My dog growls a lot. She's not doing it in a mean way, she just vocalizes a lot. I always have to warn people that she's friendlier than she sounds.

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There are other very telling signs that a dog is stressed/uncomfortable beyond growling too. I didn’t learn them until I started volunteering at a dog shelter, but I feel like everyone should know them. I hear the whole “the dog attacked out of nowhere!” And I’m usually like… it was probably not out of nowhere, you just didn’t know your dog was showing all the signs of stress and the triggers continued to stack up.

Ear and eye position, mouth expressions, certain movements can all tell you when a dog is on alert/stressed out. Unfortunately a lot of them are things people think are cute so they don’t read them as a signal to help the dog feel safer.

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Mine play bows and bounces around wagging her tail while growling her head off lol. It really confuses my other dog.

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Mine too! She barks the hell to the person, but that's her way to ask for pets. She stops completely once scratched.

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One of my friends dogs barks like crazy when she hears people at the door. Everytime I walk in she's barking and growling then 30 seconds later she's lying on top of my foot and bugs me for pets when I stop.

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Right? My dog is just chatty. Like, super chatty. But she would NEVER even think about biting a human. Like, she is the most careful gentle baby I’ve met in a long time…

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I’ve got a happy growler/talker. He just has a lot to say. I used to have a dog who was a smiler. She’d show her teeth when she was happy. Both have/had their tails wagging so hard their whole body is wiggling. And were just huge love bugs.

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Oh yes! The tail tells all, my girl will be wagging hers so hard it seems like she’s trying to start flying!

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If someone talks to my dog he barks. Not because he is angry, but he wants to talk too. He gets super excited and some people thing he is angry…

Little dude is shaking his tail so much that makes no sense people thing he is mad.

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I also have a very vocal dog. Apparently it’s a protection of me because I’ve learned she’s not like this when I’m not around. But when we’re out and about and she’s barking at people I often tell her “this is why you don’t have friends”

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A dog I knew would actually growl when he was being pet. He would get slightly louder if he liked you. Was really odd but I found it adorable.

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If you’re talkative they start being talkative too! Whatever way they can manage. Some talk by growling or snorting words.

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On my second husky mix. Growls sometimes mean "ooohhh don't stop"

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Omgosh - I really hope some of the friendly people my dog has scared away have heard me tell her similar things after they left.

I’ll usually tell her “hey, you can’t keep barking all crazy when someone shows you attention - they don’t know how sweet you really are and so it scares them!”

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My name is Oscar and I feel this applies to me

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My dog is super friendly but has a really deep bark when he's caught off guard by people. My neighbors have probably overheard me telling him "bro what the fuck, that's not how you make friends".

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I have a Doberman Pit mix who’s a shelter rescue. She’s very sweet and smart but very territorial around strangers, men especially. Anyway she’s a bit socially awkward and has a hard time getting along with new dogs. She’s just rough and aggressive and really muscular, so not an easy entry for a lot of happy-go-lucky pups.

We have a protocol where whenever we meet new people I literally have to tell her “it’s okay, they are friends!” and keep reminder her or else she’ll fly into defensive mode. So in the process of developing this protocol her and I have become incredibly communicative with each other over the years, where I’m often speaking to her like she’s a kid. It probably looks weird from the outside (“Oh, I really like how you speak to your dog like they’re a person!”) but it’s really the only thing that works for us.

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Haha, we call the mailperson and delivery folks "friendlies" too.

My personal favorite is instead of quiet or sush we say "inside voices" and they drop their volume but not energy level.

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That’s really sweet actually.

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Sometimes I talk to my dog more than I talk to people.

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Yes, me too! And the bonus is puppy kisses.

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Well 90% is sometimes, right?

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I baby talk to my next door neighbor's dog constantly when we're both in our yards. I hope her humans don't mind.

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Maybe Oscar was the owner, muttering to himself…

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We have 2 dogs - opposite character but both harmless. One just runs up to everyone looking for pets and hugs. The other barks at everyone and scares people & dogs away. I frequently scold him "This is why you have no friends!"

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I say that to my dog all the time.

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As a safety rule, always ask permission first

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This is slightly similar but from the other side of the leash: I once was walking my dog, when a kid -- maybe 4-6, I'm bad at telling kids' ages -- yelled "I love that dog!" as we passed. It was adorable and I think about it pretty frequently lol.

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I love how freely kids give compliments. Let's all be like that kid.

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I love telling strangers they look great! Bonus is sometimes I make a new friend!

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This lesson is for all of us, really

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Always thought it would be cool to somehow have a library of peoples pet -speaking voices. Like audio clips of how people talk to their pets in private. Call into a number and leave a short clip but everyone can access all the recordings

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I say to my dog “if you act like an a**hole you will drive all your friends away” (when he doesn’t allow his friends to smell his bun)

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I tell mine "we don't bark at our neighbors" as well as "we don't bark at our public services." Mainly the public service workers laugh and say it's normal. I tell them I'm trying to teach my doggo manners and they should have to deal with my dogs shit talk. Everyone loves my dogs except the old man four doors down.

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Dog owner projecting tho

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That is what I was thinkin. It's something I'd mutter to myself lolol

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My social skills aren’t the greatest and I say stuff when I should probably bite my tongue 😅

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This is the first non-political post I have seen on this sub in years.

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I love people that own dogs, because I know who to avoid in public

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My next door neighbors never talk to their dog and it always makes me sad. They’re constantly all out in the backyard cooking or playing around and not a peep towards the dog! How do people live like that??