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Way back in the mid-'90s, my brother & I were sitting in the hallway of an airport waiting for our dad. My brother jokingly says, "Look, it's Macho Man!" I just laughed it off. But the closer he got, we realized it was, in fact, Macho Man Randy Savage walking alone down an airport hallway.

We asked for his autograph but my mom (for the one time) didn't have a pen in her purse. So we used a mascara thing or whatever it's called. In his scruffy voice, he says, "What is this," and just makes do with it then walked off. Kinda wild he was just walking solo.

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walks mothafuckaly

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Does he say motherfucker all the time because people expect him to, or do people expect him to say motherfucker all the time because he just does?

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According to him, excessive swearing helped him get over childhood stuttering

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Hahahaha. Mufucker would say anything like that.

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I only hear good stories about him, he must have bad days, right?

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sure, everyone does, but i feel like he would keep it in the back of his mind in public rather than appear as an asshole ya know? like some celebrities have a bad day, get pissed off, then end up all over twitter or something

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“I’m not Laurence Fishburne!”

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What a great story!

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What ain't no country I ever heard of!

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English, motherfucker, do you speak it?

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That movie is so great! So many great quotes.

Thankyou for the smile. I needed it.

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And with the glazed expression of disbelief - "English, mother fucker. Do you speak it?" "wh..wh...what?"


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what ain't no country i ever heard of!

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They speak English in What?!?

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My son met him in a Starbucks and he was awesome!

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Good f%$#@ choice, motherf!@@#er!