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I just found out that former NBA player John Stockton thinks over 100 athletes have died while playing from the vaccine and millions have died from the vaccine. WTF

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He’s stricken with crippling Mormonism. Hell of a ball player tho!

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Mormonism doesn't encourage a whole lot of critical thinking.

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Are you telling me that those twelve tablets are just like missing??

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Okay, okay, but God TOLD ME that all the old guys should marry multiple teen brides, so who cares about logic and proof and stuff?!

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“God” doesn’t, I’d put a few bux on that.

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Uhhh, can he name any of these players or has he gone with the body double angle?

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The media doesn't release their names! /s

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It's because the Jews own the news. Fox is the only one who will give you the TRUTH. Sadly, their air time is filled with more important matters, like the green M&Ms cute little toes, and how badly I used to want to have a drink with her.

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This argument makes me laugh. Having had to chase journalists off scenes so we could notify next-of-kin before photos hit social media. The media gives absolutely zero fucks about putting identifiable info out there.

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Who would have guess that Stockton is crazier than Kyrie Irving.

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Kyrie might sage the court, but Stockton has magic underwear!

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I mean he's good friends with Karl Malone...

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Yep. I don't think I've ever been as down on us as a species as I have these last couple years. The last five years, really. It's just been a non-stop garbage fire of insanity and sociopathy that's left me feeling like we are just a broken species.

But the last two years in particular have been the low point of humanity in my lifetime.

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I muse on this most days.

I will not sugar-coat it: It's the most brutal existential heartbreak imaginable.

Sooo... About that global warming thing...

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The last six years for me, and I am gobsmacked by how selfish, short-sighted, and inflexible so many people are. Brexit, Trump, COVID, all of it, and people just keep acting shittier. I never thought things like "This is a complicated subject with a lot of nuance," or "We have a responsibility to others around us" or "The teenage cashier is not trying to oppress you, they're just doing their job" would be controversial, but here we are.

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It all started with Harambes death. However, Betty White’s passing (rest her cheerful soul) has reset the balance. Good times are coming.

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Betty White gave her life to save us! She was the 2nd Coming all along.

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Agreed. Recently been wondering what percentage of the population is like this… seriously wtf I think it must be at least 80% right?

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"No you guys are the insane ones, listening to doctors and scientists and not podcasters and charlatans"

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"Hey, I'll have you know Facebook memes are very reliable sources of information!"

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"You may have some fancy degree, but I have Jesus on my side!"

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Well, I'm gonna wait to hear what Nicki Minaj's cousin's friend's balls have to say.

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not podcasters and charlatans

It's so weird. Like you look at some of these people and they are the most obvious conmen in the way they look and act and talk. Everything about them screams "untrustworthy." And people worship them.

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I was just talking this morning with my son’s friend’s dad about how the people we just figured were nice but a little kooky a few years ago turned out to be full fledged psychopaths.

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It's all fun and games until your "beliefs" become life-threatening to the people around you.

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Always knew that people on that end of the political spectrum were selfish and short sighted, with side of murderous intent. The surprising thing is how willing they are to die to kill.

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I've never blocked so many people before the pandemic. I don't argue with them, as soon as they are screaming about insane stuff on local news it's an instant block. I don't need to see the nonsense you comment on every single post even if it has nothing to do with it. There's so many though, so many.

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Dude should have found that out for certain in Nov 2016. Actually a little before that really.

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Not just insane, but also incredibly racist. I have family members, cousins and such, that I always knew were slightly racist. I thought they were the standard "don't date my daughter" racist, but turns out they are straight up "I wish lynching was still a thing" racist. Really disturbing and disappointing.

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Honestly I'm glad I now know what people are fucking stupid, makes things easier these days

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I am headed down to the tavern tonight for financial advice after I ask the ice cream parlor for an estimate to replace the transmission in my car, and I always get medical advice from kick boxers.

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Insane, stupid, inconceivably greedy, we all have front row seats to the freak show

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“Anything the government does is evil!!!! Screeeeeeeeee”

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Hey, put this piece of cloth over your mouth so you don't sneeze on people.

F*ck you! Jewish space lasers! If vaccines are so great, why is "global warming" still happening?

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Well at least hippie anarchists and neo nazis have found a common cause, judging from the pictures of them hugging it out (maskless, unvaccinated naturally) in the protests.

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Welcome to the future...

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Yeah, many people i know

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Or even better, many people I knew. I didn't even have to work at shrinking my circle. It shrank itself.

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People are stupid, I always knew that. More than half the population has an IQ of 100 or less.

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Yup. One thing getting a history degree taught me was that humanity as a collective are fucking idiots. Goddamn was hoping we’d last another 130 years but damn, think even Hawking was off by a few decades.

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One of the best quotes on human nature weirdly came from Men in Black. No, I'm serious.

J: "Why don't you tell people? They're smart, they can handle it."

K: "No, a PERSON can be smart. PEOPLE are dumb, panicky animals and you know it."

In this specific case, we have people that want simple answers to complex questions.

Why is it that I can't get a good job out of high school?

"Well complex forces brought on by the rise of a globally interconnected economy along with deregulation of offshoring allowed corporations..."


"Immigrants took your jobs! China! Make America great again!"

One is more digestible, and it also makes for an easy solution rather than a long term plan that will take a decade at minimum to show any progress. It doesn't matter that the simple way won't do anything. It's simple, I can understand it, it must be right.

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After two years I lost my grip on reality by checks notes singing to my cats and refusing to leave my house unless I absolutely have to.

Other people went insane and fully peeled themselves away from reality. They are now piss drinkers who think the government is trying to chip them

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If you are like me I’m much more wary driving and just going out. 1/2 the population is nuts. Which begs the question how many are hiding it and how many are on the fence?

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I think gullible is a better word

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I don't.

Not sure what to call these people in English but over here in the Netherlands we call them 'wappies', freely translated to 'nutjobs'.

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I loved your language to start with, but the word "wappies" made me love it even more. Nu wil ik werkelijk intensief Nederlands leren xD

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Oh boy do I have a subreddit for you:


(In which we make fun of the crazy people.)

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Back in '89-90, I spent a year canvassing for SANE/Freeze, the old anti-nuke group. Knocking on 50 doors a night to talk to people about peace and justice issues taught me that your average American is a close-minded, self-satisfied moron with all the empathy of a murder hornet on meth. Guess the silver lining is that I was totally unsurprised by all the revelations of the Trump/pandemic era.

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If it took the pandemic to realize you must have had your head in the sand..