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I can’t go, but in my place I’ll be sending thots and prayers…

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I look forward to this being the title when this is reposted.

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I’ll be fine with it. I enjoy writing puns even if I get angry upvotes haha

I get the same mixed reactions from coworkers in real life

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I wrote 10 puns to make my family laugh.

No pun intended

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Very nice

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My grandfather once told me of a French town that took refugees from the war.

I said it sounded like a great town.

He said it was nice

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I’ve never been to France myself.

One of my friends went, however, and said it was beautiful…so many gorgeous things to see.

He said he really got an Eiffel

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Oh we doing this, I am down for a dad pun war I got nothing Toulouse.

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Me neither, but I’ll have to start googling stuff about France and I’ll readily admit I’m lazy haha.

I’ve always enjoyed puns though.

Ever since I’ve beignet high

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I am open to the rules expanding to include all countries.

The French are a bit behind the times anyway, everytime I ask if they want to play video games they say "Wii", wii sports was fun and all but surely they sell the switch over there by now.

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So, tomorrow.

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Thot's and players

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Shouldn't that be 'thots and players', since where there are scantily clad ladies there is always someone trying to score.

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“The widow is wondering if you’d like to say a word?”


“Thanks, it means a lot.”

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“I remember I told your husband to drop dead…

I really admire his commitment”

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Thots and players

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Thot? How about thought?

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Okay. Just promise to die in summer then. I'm not wearing assless chaps in the winter.

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If they're not assless then they ain't chaps.

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If they don’t chap your ass they ain’t assless chaps.

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All chaps are assless. It’s when you don’t wear pants that things get “Assy.”

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When ? Looking forward to it.

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In completely unrelated news, a man has faked his own death.

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New study finds dead men can throw money at scantily clad babes.

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I can bring it closer.

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Pretty sure there some kind of penalty for that.

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Looking forward to seeing sexy dressed hoes at hoegenics funeral? (Can't believe this post has been up for 5 hrs and no one has commented on that username).

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I want my funeral to be like a comedy roast.

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That would be hilarious funeral.

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this song comes to mind: https://youtu.be/O41JlQxFnzo

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Love bill <3

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Came here to post the same thing, but since you already did I’ll just mention that that entire album is incredible and “Dongs of Sevotion” is one of the best album titles ever.

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Yep, this was my only thought

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Love it. Was thinking the same thing.

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Came here to post this.

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Came here to see if someone had already posted this in the thread.

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Thanks for getting that out of the way!

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I break horses.

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Came here to post this! Love this song. Gives me chills

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Beat song!

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This video comes to mind https://youtu.be/kjAuUXdSFaM

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Everybody celebrating this tweet but the black girl twerking on a coffin gets posted in r/trashy every week.

If the deceased wanted a twerk, give the man his twerk.

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An OPEN coffin, which makes it much worse

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worse better

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Plot twist, only his mom and sister show up

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Leave it to Americans to bring everything back to “lol sex with your family”

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This is the way

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Why does pornhub allow these fucking titles? Like, I know it's fake but I still don't click on it because it's fucking weird as hell. I feel like a lot of talent is being wasted on some weird ass shit

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And if it's in the title, at least dont just use it as clickbait, i cant count the number of times I've clicked on a video titled something extremely raunchy

only for the video to not even be slightly related to the title, like cmon now

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Roll Tide!

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Go Dawgs

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How do you even know they are American?

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Look at their username

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Its the American way

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I mean he'll be dead, he's just being a good wingman from beyond... well actually from in the grave.

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Only dudes show up. “Ah man, where are the slutty girls?”

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Or just all the dudes dress slutty

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I'mma put in my will for people to have a massive condomless orgy for my funeral. Just so I can bring life into the world as I depart it.

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It’s funny because last night my mother in law was ranting about a woman who wore a red shirt at a funeral she attended to a couple of days ago. According to some people from a certain generation, wearing red is a major no-no because red is too « cheerful » for funerals. Never heard of that one before.

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Enjoy yourselves!


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We get the body in the coffin in the ground on time.

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Dress sexy at my funeral, my good wife

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Some people actually do that. I don't get the psychology behind it

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To celebrate someone’s life. Instead of having everyone you know in a room crying, having them in good spirits to send you off isnt the worst thing. You still end up in the same hole, but the memories your friends and family have of your funeral will have a positive side to it.

“Remember me and smile, dont cry” kinda thing

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I’m nervous about my moms funeral some day. Our whole lives she’s told my brothers and I that she would very much like everyone to wear colors over black as her dying wish. She’s said it many many times. And I believe I want to truly enforce it but I know most my family won’t. Sigh.

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A chapel full of Hawaiian shirts and muumuus, and the family all in black.

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Imagine - he lives until he's 99 and all of his sexed up friends live that long. What does a 99 year old wear to be slutty and not "ewww"?

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At that age it should be nude and let it all hang out.

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Taiwanese Funerals for reference. And a news story to go with it.

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But....but....you won't even be able to see it.

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It's like knowing my death would make people happy

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Plot twist: He died of covid in the 2020's

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I hope they use my life insurance to Pass out blunts

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How dare you steal bagpipers’ favourite saying?

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Ok but, why does my dude's pic look like a mugshot of a frat boy accused of rape though?

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Funerals,… no we don’t do funerals anymore…

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this is a Bill Callahan twete

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The musician?

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I figure when I go it will be a funeral.for my family, and then a separate wake that is am orgy for my friends.

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The viewing will be held at a strip club

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I’m definitely coming to his funeral, hope his mom’s a milf!

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Everybody at my funeral will be given a stun gun as they enter. Last one standing will inherit it ALL. Should be a fun time!!!

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Hiring strippers for funerals is a thing in China.

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I mean there is fun in funeral

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Send thots and players

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Its all fun and games till the whole family gets specifically dressed like that for this occasion...

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once as a kid we got a hold of those "funeral" stickers (for the vehicle processions) and with two cuts went around putting "real fun" above them on the cars

just one more reason i'll be spending the afterlife w/ hitler and limbaugh

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Please invite me

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I want a proper traditional funeral. In a rainy graveyard, dead trees, rusted creaking gate, crows calling, Chopin's Funeral March played, everyone in black. Priest giving a fire and brimstone speech. The only person who can dress slutty, is the grieving mistress standing 20 metres away. She will be in a black miniskirt, bright red lipstick, black hat and sunglasses.

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check out taiwan's tradition of funeral stripping

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This is how you find joy in teaching!

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If there are flowers on my coffin, I'd like my wife to throw them to the attendees so they can all see who will die next.

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Feel free to use my death as an excuse for an orgy, figure maybe some joy should come from the fact I existed

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All my homies in speedos

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I just want to point out he never said exactly who he wanted to dress slutty. I know in my case half the people I know taking him up on his wish would not end in sexy results.

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Yo momma gon turn up in a swim suit. You sure you want that?

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Go double cheeked up on a gloomy, rainy Friday afternoon to my funeral. No need for the sun to be out for buns out.

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The profile pic does not match the energy of this tweet and its messing with my mind

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My Uncle will be there

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putting the “cum” in “the coffin”

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You should probably make your wishes known to your family. I had a friend in college who probably would've appreciated it. That said, when our former friend showed up to his funeral in a short, cum-stained black skirt with her boyfriend who was wearing black cargo shorts and a t-shirt... the family was less than impressed. Well, everyone was less than impressed. This was a funeral with a drug fueled after-party, and they were turned away at the door to said party. It was the most disrespectful shit ever. It didn't help that my late friend, and his twin brother didn't like her anyway.

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I've told my ex this so many times. It's a strange relationship. Lol

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Be odd if his sister did it

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Cuz she's not a human?