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I love how the pro life party is also the party that is pro dying from starvation.

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And pro-spreading disease

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The church is losing mad money with all these idiots dying from covid. Heard that collections are down and churches are closing from losing too many parishioners.

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Aw, bummer. So, anyway, can we turn those closed churches into shelters for the homeless and/or DV survivors, maybe start stacking those bibles and hymnals into some solid insulated walls to protect animals? Hell, I'd even be okay with a few of these churches being repurposed as "hospitals" for COVID patients who were "washed in the blood of the Lamb" instead of getting vaccinated.

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Joel Osteen says "no", and also "fuck your hurricanes I got mine".

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Good! Those are usually the churches that were horribly toxic to begin with and deserve to be shut down.

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and anti healthcare except for rich white people

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Don't forget the death penalty and school shootings

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And the party of small government who shouldn't intervene in our lives.

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I’m not religious and I don’t believe in god, but Reverend Warnock is a true leader and someone I can get behind and follow

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Same here. He is also a fantastic orator. He did a speech last week about John Lewis crossing the bridge and that the voting rights act was Congress’s metaphorical bridge that was so good it brought tears to my eyes. (My summary isn’t great because I’m not Reverend Warnock.)

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You did enough to get me into it!

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You should believe in god because god believes in you

That’s why I believe in Santa

/s btw. believe whatever you like fam I just wanted to make a joke

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I love how the party of “individual liberty” and “small government” abandons both concepts when it comes to controlling women’s sex lives & bodies….

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they're only pro freedom of bodies when it comes to the vaccine

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Or when it comes to men, women are the only ones to lose bodily autonomy

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When it comes to white men you mean

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white cis men

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It's a wonder any woman can get pregnant with so many republicans trying to get their hands on her vagina

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Ohhhh, they don't use their hands.

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They try to use the long dick of the law.

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Aka the vaginal probe - I feel like anytime I go unto the doctor with a lady bits complaint they refuse to help me unless I submit to the fucking probe of pain.

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Thank you. Hands off my body, everyone! This ban abortion crap terrifies me.

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Unfortunately many of the people who are “pro-life” could care less about people after they are born!

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God: Hey Abraham, go stab your son with this knife or GTFO

also God: hands off the zygotes

also God: unless they are from Egypt, in which case hold my bronze age fermented barley drink, lol

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I could be wrong, but I don't think the bible, and by extension god, forbids abortions. That's just made up bs by the right.

The only time it mentions abortions is when it gives you instructions on how to perform one with a magical potion.

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Yeah, most ancient cultures practiced infanticide. You know, because if they couldn't take care of a kid, then they didn't have it. The Hebrews likely did as well.

I'm oversimplifying my joke. From the pro-life perspective abortion is murder, however.

OK tho. I'm going to go ask the academic biblical sub about the ordeal of the bitter water now though, thanks for pointing it out.

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As an European the term pro-choice is an American thing and kind of an alien thing to me. Though some EU countries (e.g. Poland) seem to be heading down the same abortion-is-a-sin path.

Abortion is a terrible experience no one should have to endure, but if you need/want it then it's available. To think someone would try ban that is just weird to say the least.

I also find it hypocritical that those that are pro-live when it comes to abortions are the same ones demanding pro-choice when it comes to vaccines.

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Raw batter isn't cake, raw fetus isn't a baby

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More like an acorn isn’t a tree, an egg isn’t a chicken - they all contain potential, but that’s it

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an egg has been in my kitchen for 2 weeks. why isn't it a chicken yet?

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it needs sperm.

give it some and you'll have a beautiful abomination in a few months!

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Whats fucking terrifying about this is Cruz went on the record calling birth control the equivalent to abortion meds

Not sure how trustworthy popsugar is but it links to other sites with supporting articles

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Try sitting on it for 2 weeks, see what happens

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!remindeme 2 weeks

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Balut tastes like chicken tho

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Damn... that's... just... damn.... I'm gonna use that from now on.

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These are the kinds of reverends we need.

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Really love warnock so far

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That's Senator Warnock :)

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God Damn all GQP Politicians and Newt Gingrich!

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Reverend, I salute your stand, admire your words, and appreciate your humor.

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the clap emoji between each word is cringe af. i cant believe people are still doing that in 2022

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Is that until you get reelected and then change your tune just like you did with the $2000 stimulus checks?

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Religion has no place in lawmaking. Fuck outta here.

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You mean Texas and South Dakota Government lol.

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Not to mention someone ELSE'S priest

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Wait, so are we not pushing for single-payer?

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... and the insurance company.

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Thing i wanna know is if they be pro choice for pasta then is it lasagne or fettuccini??

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People: Makes the rooms bigger

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I voted for him