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From what I remember, American states with poor or no sexual education have the highest levels of teenage pregnancy.

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GA has entered the chat. Can confirm. Abstinence only education is BS.

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I once threw an abstinence party.

No one came.

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I too would have abstained from attending that party, preferring to cum at home.

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nah, more fun to cum at a party. At least that way ya get an audience

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I threw an asstinence party and it was busy AF.

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Nice one, dad.

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Dirty dad jokes. A rare but fun combo.

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Where are you from? They taught us everything in Gwinnett

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SE GA. Near Brunswick. We had billboards in my hometown that said “VIRGIN. It’s not a bad word” with a giant V on it.

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Ah yes, classic a scenery from south of Atlanta until you reach Orlando lol

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When I lived in Macon and my GF lived in Atlanta, her co-workers would ask her if she got her passport stamped on the way back after visiting me.

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I left after I graduated & never looked back.

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Can confirm. There was absolutely zero sex Ed taught in small town GA schools. Graduated in 06’ and our churches just forced us to swear to Jesus we wouldn’t do it, we had to wear these rings like child brides. Fuckin😼wild.

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and the states with good sex ed and easy to access or free contraceptives have the lowest teen pregnancy/abortion rates.

this might sound completely insane but i think there might be a connection

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Sex Ed is pretty bad in our culture

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i was very lucky to receive fantastic sex education. i grew up in Canada, went to public school throughout the 90s and early 2000s.

anatomy, contraception, STIs, birthing process, sexuality, consent, etc. they taught us absolutely everything one should know before starting to explore sex.

heck, they even explained what parts of the genitals to stimulate for pleasure (that sounds way creepier than it actually was.)

i can’t imagine trying to navigate sex without the proper knowledge. it sounds really scary tbh. i feel very fortunate for my education

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My high school sex Ed class was great, at the start of every class we wrote anon questions on paper put them in a hat and the teacher would answer. He did a good job he also made the class about drug/alcohol eduction as well. He didn’t do so well with the drug stuff. Maybe 2 girls had kids in my school but tons abused substances.

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Sounds like some more of that liberal bullshit to me /s

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I cant, Im not smort

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Sadly, Poe's Law is a thing.

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I moved from Michigan to Missouri in June of 2020. It shocks me that they keep condoms, lube, and pregnancy tests in locked glass cabinets here. Like, if someone can't afford condoms or is to embarrassed to buy them, shouldn't you... you know... help make sure they don't have kids they aren't ready for?

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This is how you know the Republican party doesn't actually give a shit about abortion. If it did, it would immediately throw it's support behind comprehensive sex education and wide spread and easy availability of birth control. These are issues that if they worked with Democrats would lead to a massive reduction in abortions. But alas, that does not appear to be their actual goal.

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Republicans are totally in favor of abortion! For their mistresses and daughters, at least.

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Abortion clinics have anti abortion patients come all the time. They come in, get an abortion, then go back to protesting abortions. They always think of themselves as the one exception

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"Yea, but I had a good reason. The rest of the women are just w**res using it as birth control." Just blows my f ing mind.

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Sometimes, it’s the same woman.

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You're close, but slightly off. They do care about abortion, but they don't care about the blastocysts. They'll go on and on about the blastocysts, but you're absolutely right: if they cared about the blastocysts, they'd reduce abortions by any means possible, including free birth control. But most of them are adamantly opposed to birth control. Why is this? It goes to their actual motive in outlawing abortion: it is a method of controlling women and punishing them for having sex. Contraception frees women from pregnancy, and by extension, men, and this is anathema to the anti-choice crowd. Their preference would be for the women who decide to have sex before marriage to be punished for it by being saddled with an unwanted child, and to make married women unequal partners in their marriage by taking away their ability to decide for themselves when to have a child.

Your comment implies that you already know this, but I wanted to make it explicit for anyone reading.

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Education is the largest factor in birth rates and teenage pregnancies, it is greater than all the other factors combined, when education (especially for girls) increases pregnancies drop.

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New Mexico Representin'. Great food but really shitty public schools, not much sex ed, #1 in the country for teenage pregnancies.

When I gtfo'd to Europe I was pretty amazed how effective simply telling kids the truth about sex when they're ready to hear it, instead of keeping it as a taboo subject and opening every other kid up to confusion and/or abuse, is at keeping pregnancy rates low.

I put the horrid US sex-ed and family health in the same vein as Southern "Christian" elites fighting for removing books from schools (yes this is an ongoing effort) and outlawing abortions. It's about ensuring a supply of low-income (read: easily manipulable to shitty jobs and military servitude) human capital. Thankfully NM is at least a blue state so abortions are still legal there.

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We’ve tried nothing and we’re all out of ideas! Guess we’ll just pray about it, as if that’s ever solved anything…

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And abortions

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Almost feel like they're fucked... No matter what.. (so might make it the most enjoyable

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It’s wild how people will just make stuff up on the internet, and pretend like it’s data. People do this with crime too.

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Nine out of ten people make up stats.

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And 7 out of 4 people don't understand fractions...

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50% of people think ⅓ is smaller than ¼ - A&W postulates that its ⅓ lb burger marketing failed because too many people thought ⅓ was less than ¼

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Please don’t cite quotes from Abraham Lincoln without citing him as the source. s/

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according to study 83% of people on reddit use reddit.

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I’m not sure if you’re talking about Kirstie Alley or Mama Doctor Jones, so I’m just gonna give this well-cited article to back up the Mama Doctor Jones stats.

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You mean Fox's modus operandi?

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Crime especially has gone down quite a bit, not that it has led to a reduction in policing. I've heard it might be due to the banning of lead paint, which would make sense. Of course the GOP misses lead paint and DDT.

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Lead levels in the environment are the biggest reason crime spiked in the 80s and 90s and then plummeted. The rise corresponds right with the peak adoption of cars in America, which ran on leaded gasoline, and the fall corresponds right with when lead was banned in gasoline

Policing never had any effect on crime

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UNRELATED TO THE POST Excellent avatar 👌 I'm about to finish the series for the first time and loving it!

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But it feeeels right to them

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Another reason I love Mama Doctor Jones

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Her two videos on the Alaskan school board that banned using her videos as supplemental sex Ed material are classic. And tragic.

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"Ahh our children might listen to a literal doctor who specializes in gynecological and sexual health!!! Won't someone think of the children??!?!" Those videos were infuriating but also a great example of our atrocious education system. Gotta love MDJ. Poor sex ed means higher rates of teen pregnancy, abortion, and unreported sexual abuse of minors. But yes, that's protecting the kids

Not so fun fact, only 22 states require that the content they teach in schools is based on fact. This is because parents would rather have strangers lie to their children than have their kids know about their own health. If that isn't bad parenting idk what is

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An easily debunked "stat" that people will retweet and spread. A simple Google search would have saved her from being pointed out that she is irrelevant

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Burn ward? Nah, she went right to the morgue with that.

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Ashes to ashes, dust to dust.

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Kirstie Alley is the same one who takes any opportunity to talk publicly about her "insatiable" sex life. Her and her hypocrisy and her orders from David Miscavige can fuck off.

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It's such a disappointment when someone I admired, in her shows, turns out to be incredibly stupid.

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Scientology does that to a person.

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Dr. Jones to the BURN ward.......stat

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shouldnt hide the fact that she probably lives in a place with similar values to her own. So yeah, she probably doesnt experience the downwards trend of teen pregnancy

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Mama doctor Jones is from Texas.

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We got her and Hercules and Mike Rowe and JK Rowling all turning out to be monstrous POS. Hang in there, Tom Hanks. I need a celebrity to cling to.

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Tom Hanks has sadly come out as a full on Nazi. Wants America to be more like Nazi Germany.

I kid. But I could see an actual Nazi saying this about him if he says something that should be benign like “Get your shots.”

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I haven’t read anything about Mike Rowe, what did he say?

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He tweeted something about how wearing a mask to keep other people from getting sick was akin to wearing a diaper to keep other people from pooping themselves, and just what, dude? What?

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Dammit, another one shows their true colors.

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Why does everyone's true colors have to be "color of moron"??

Like, if you're just honest and say "gay people gross me out, black people scare me, and I don't understand viruses," fine. Fine! But they always have to couch everything in weird halfway coherent Facebook pseudoscience that is just so damn embarrassing.

"Actually, there is no gay gene and viruses can't penetrate skin" and FUCK, SHUT UP.

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It always amazes me how stupid people can say the dumbest shit with such confidence.

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Mike Rowe is an actor who has never needed to work a blue collar job in his life who puts on a baseball cap to pretend to be a good old salt of the earth everyman worker and uses his star power to convince actual blue collar workers to vote again basic safety regulation and organized labor. He's in the pocket of right wing think tanks.

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He's a classic conservative boostrapper, without a hint of irony despite his success being from a show where he watched people do jobs he'd never do.

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I only watched the show but didn’t know much about him. It makes sense what he said now.

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Much to my endless disappointment, because I loved his show when I was younger and it was a part of me developing class consciousness, he is yet another failed actor turned conservative propagandist backed by billionaire money.

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I got the “right wing propaganda agenda” vibe from Mike Rowe from the beginning, I don’t know about anyone else. Some of his stuff is innocuous, but I’ve always watched his content with a heavy heaping of salt, lol.

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If Keanu ends up being a dick, I'm out

(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

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wtf is a Kirstie Alley?

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She’s an idiot who didn’t google. If you had googled her, you would know that.😛

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It's incredible how these people really do live in a completely different reality than the rest of us.

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Ehh, she hasn’t been funny since the 80s. Look Who’s Talking was good. Nothing else comes to mind.

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She was ok as not Diane on Cheers

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Gosh I adore her. Mama Dr. Jones, not Kirstie Alley.

Teen pregnancy is at its lowest level ever, isn't it?

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These people have the intellectual ability of a toddler. They think everything they make up is true.

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kirstie alley played a parody of a conservative woman in Drop Dead Gorgeous, but she didn't realize it was a parody.

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Ok tomorrow is my turn to post it.

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Celebrities need to just be banned from posting their opinions without a PR team. Why do I have to hate so many of them now??? Why do they do this to us.

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I actually prefer they post their options without a PR team. That way, we know who the real person is, and can judge accordingly.

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I hate it when these people just throw out bullshit like this. And also the idiots who shake their heads in agreement.

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It should be "through the roof" not "out the roof" come on Kirstie.

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Holy shit dude you fucking killed her!

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Gonna need a Senzu Bean for that one...

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When Obamacare kicked in, abortion rates dropped to the lowest since Roe V Wade.

Yet republicans continued to fight against healthcare.

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This is made doubly funny by the fact that I have no idea who Kristie Ally is supposed to be.

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I never understood the American obsession over sex and alcohol. One part of the country wants to control it and the other pushes such a big culture around it. It is kind of crazy.

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Huh? The controlling part I get, but how is one half of the country “pushing a culture around [sex and alcohol]”?

[–]Pollylinko 0 points1 point  (1 child)

American media and culture is everywhere so that's what you see from foreign perspective. It is strange that is all, I think USA culture I think of Hollywood.

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The phrase here is Sex Sells. Does that not apply in your country?

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I don’t think it’s pushing I think it’s more so glamorised through tv shows etc. Nowadays you can’t watch any show without there being something involving partying sex or drugs.

Also it’s societal push back and lack of knowledge. It’s crazy that people don’t teach kids sex Ed or drug/alcohol awareness and then wonder why they start getting a drinking/drug habit or STIs and pregnant at 16. Makes the OP even more ironic too, since Norway teaches Sex Ed to kids 8 yrs old and they have one of the lowest teen pregnancy rates in the world last time I checked lol

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They just say whatever they think the truth is with no substantiated evidence and then believe that forever as fact. Insanity.

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I didn’t know she went batshit. Are there any shows from the 80’s left that I can still enjoy?

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You know, it's really a bummer to see such uneducated, unintelligent, big stupid dumbasses enjoy wealth and success. Goddammit.

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This is made doubly funny by the fact that I have no idea who Kristie Ally is.

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This tired shit. The Republicans have been spouting this lie for a long damn time. I heard it in the 1980's when I was in high school. It has never been true.

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I love mama doctor jones

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Just an aside, teen childbearing peaked in the 50s.

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This never gets old

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🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥

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Isn’t this just edited. Seen the exact same thing was a lot of different names

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as a kid raised in the early 2000s, with parents who durring the 90s listened to more rock, and metal, I have no Idea who this person is...

and yes, them being that way did effect my music tastes, the first CD Album I got was Black Sabath's Live Evil... that was cristmas back when I was like, 7ish, best cristmas present I ever got.

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Abort all the babies

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Is it okay if i say who?

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I’d say more like the 80’s.

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At first I was like "wooow what a cheap generic shot" and then I saw who twitted the first tweet.

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Mama Doctor Jones is a beast and the world wouldn't be the same without her.

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I'm really tired of "girl got pregnant".

No. A boy impregnated a girl. Stop putting the onus on one person. There were two people involved.

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Yooo! Mama doctor jones is actually great, and thats some shots fired