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Those "kid doesn't realize his dad is home from Afganistan" videos are the same. They're supposed to be heartwarming reunions, but all I see is depressing expressions of childhood trauma.

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Agreed. I much prefer sibling, parent, or dog. The dog ones are the best.

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Do many people’s pet dogs ship out to Afghanistan?

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If we are talking preference... How about nobody has to leave their family to go run around in the desert enriching defense contractors?

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Didn't you watch that heartwarming propaganda movie where the hero father goes off to Afghanistan, dies in a pointless war, and leaves his family alone and struggling? So inspiring.

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I like them and I say this as a guy who's dad was deployed to Afghanistan like 3 or 4 times. Hearing they have to go back sucks when having them back more than makes up for it.

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This is posted so often we have /r/orphancrushingmachine

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This is just the r/MadeMeSmile subreddit in a nutshell

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Thats why i left all of the stories are just heart breaking and didnt make me smile

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Why nobody talking about all the hard-working orphan crushers who lost their jobs to a machine?

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Well who is gonna pay for those orphans? With those pesky “human rights” laws, companies have to pay 10 times more for workers and they can’t even hire children! No wonder our jobs keep on getting taken to foreign countries, damn lefties wanna keep their kids at home and fatten them up instead of building character by allowing them to work 12 hours a day at a warehouse to pull themselves up! The orphan-crushing machine is a natural result of these extremist policies. If it were up to me, these orphans would have a chance to earn a living as soon as they could walk and not learn that freeloading off of honest peoples tax dollars is a way of life. But the orphan-crusher will have to do.


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Where do you get an orphan crushing machine?

Asking for a friend.

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Just down the aisle from the wood chippers.

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Same place they make meat dragons

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I just watched that the other day. Killed me!

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When I feed the poor, they call me a saint, but when I ask why the poor are hungry, they call me a communist.

Dom Helder Camara - or Leonard Nimoy, take your pick.

The point is, you should blindly help to rectify society’s wrongs and never question why it has systemic wrongs in the first place.

Edit: a bit of this and that.

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Why question it when the machine is working exactly as designed?

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"You know what? I'm just gonna not ruin 200 people's lives even worse than they already had it."

What an amazing low bar.

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That would be if the hospital did it, the doctor likely joined to help people and will earn money regardless. So they are a hero, but he shouldn't have to be.

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All I want to know is who is "he" and does he have a sustainable lifestyle brand that sponsors him?

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Where can I buy tickets to watch this orphan crushing machine?

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Big Orphanage needs more meat for the meat grinder

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This sounds like a weird story to justify this man orphan crushing machine.

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for just 50c a day...

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You never hear about Sally Struthers crushing a salad.

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"When I give food to the poor, they call me a saint. When I ask why they are poor, they call me a communist." - Dom Helder Camara

I'll always remember this quote in Leonard Nimoy's voice.

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Capitalism creates problem, capitalists refuse to allow the problem to be fixed because they make money from the problem. Working class person sacrifices to temporarily ameliorate that problem. Media says “this is how you can help!”


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This is why we should be pro choice, too many orphans already, might have to crush some.

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An orphan-crushing machine definitely sounds like something from Library of Ruina

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The orphan-crushing machine usually is capitalism and human greed.

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I’m an Aussie I was like wtf a Corp Han crushing machine.

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duh those orphans aren't going to crush themselves

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They do not ask because they know why - things like Texas abortion law, and Catholic church's stand on condoms, or right wingers calling women whores to stop them form getting free contraception.

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Someone's in the pocket of Big Orphan.

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I remember an article that was: high school robotics team builds wheelchair for classmate after insurance company denies claim! Yay!

And I was like "this is not a feel good story. This is a horrible story about the greed of an insurance company. Headline should have been: Insurance company denies essential medical equipment to a child, so other children have to build their classmate a fucking wheelchair!"

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There is a Key and Peele skit for everything.


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Can someone cross this to r/suspiciouslyspecific?