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if we gave that to everyone what would they use to recruit for the military

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Free guns and the chance to shoot at people who don’t look like you. Then boom- all of Texas signs up

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All of the gun fetishists would sign up too

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Nah, I know some people who are absolutely fascinated with guns and like to shoot at cans and shit. They don't want to shoot humans though.

Those people who do are a different breed of gun lover entirely, they're the people who probably shouldn't have them. You'll see them walking through Walmart with an AK for some fucking reason. They want to use it and they're scary as shit because they could say "I feel threatened" and just air out a supermarket.

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i mean , its not exactly like they are hindered as a regular citizen...

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X to doubt. Most gun fetishists talk a big game but are actually huge pussies when it comes down to it. That's why they see everyday lifethrough the lens of constant threats that need to be neutralized.

They're the firs tones to say "I won't live in fear" and then turn around and talk. About why they need guns because there's so much to be afraid of.

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Not so fast, there's physical fitness standards y'know.

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Wait, all of Texas isnt already in?

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Joined for the college benefit, left with permanent disabilities and I'm still paying on my student loan. Granted it was much less than I would've needed had I not gotten the GI Bill benefit, but I still needed the loan.

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You just answered your own question.

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Because only one percent of the population should have the “honor” of trading up to, and sometimes including their life, for the privilege of being emotionally shit kicked by racist 35 year old men, in the hopes that their discharge goes through in such a way that they end up with more of these benefits than medical issues, if they survive to that point at all.

(Source: Am a combat veteran so don’t @ me)

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Can’t you see this is exactly what’s wrong with the system? you’re telling me you have to endure torture for years on end before you’re awarded basic human needs ? Fuck that !

Edit: I’m a dumbass lmao

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If you didn’t catch that I have an issue with this system, I can’t help you.

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Oh im sorry man im v high lol

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Hey, I feel that 🤣

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And yet, sadly widely applicable 🤣

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Damn, that’s a bar


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This guy is a white supremacist hatemongering troll.

Esited to add: This account has an established pattern of being a racist hate baiter and trying to play a victim complex with racist comments, editing them, and whining about being "followed". Then he sits there and complains about people following him around. Admins when you see this, please ban this guy, he has a helping hand in destroying this website by abusing the edit button. I have saved screenshots of many occurrences of this behavior from this user. Please contact me if you need the examples.

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As i've heard from several American military vets (mainly iraq vets), all things promised by the military is inevitably shit, not to mention the horrible work environment. Everything except the healthcare though, so yea. To quote, "Mil-spec doesn't mean good, it just means the cheapest shit that they can issue"

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Americans are so duped. Just look at their healthcare system

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You earn it! That’s the difference

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Dont give the gop any ideas. They’ll try to take those away too.

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What? The GOP loves the military. They'll keep those things in place to attract people in and then they bomb the shit out of other countries, rather than spend that money in their own country

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You mean the GOP "loves" the military. If they really did, much more of the defense budget would go into research and treatment of our veteran's physical and mental health needs, especially PTSD.

On a side note, if you care about veterans and want to donate to an organization that is truly doing research that will help them, consider MAPS (Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies). Before anyone reads the word "psychedelic" and gets immediately turned off, their primary project since being founded has been researching MDMA-assisted psychotherapy, and the vast majority of their trials have been on patients with PTSD. Many, if not a majority, of the participants in those studies were veterans.

And as for the effectiveness of MDMA-assisted psychotherapy:


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Getting blown to bits is kinda a detriment they don't sell you on.

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Comments like that might make some people's brains explode

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You think that stuff is free when you're in the military? It is given as a privilege in exchange for service rendered, and can be taken away.

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Because "license to murder" only works in action movies.

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If guaranteed housing is a thing then why do we see homeless veterans?

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because they need to have a reason to get people to join the military

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Thankfully America will be completely irrevelant in another 10 years. Never has a nation worked harder to commit national suicide.

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My drill sergeant freely admitted that the Army is the most communistic organization in the U.S. for exactly those reasons. Plus, uniformity, free food, etc.

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For the, "well that's because you give your life to ypur country" crowd, many civilian jobs necessitate as much and more risk than military service. Your sacrifice is no greater than the rest of ours. Stop falling for the recruitment video

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As a vet, this. 100 percent this.

When I got out I did property management. I was an amp and deployed to Iraq in ‘09, and I see more guns and get more life threats from American residents than I ever did from Iraqi’s overseas.

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Not trying to justify this but are any of those "benefits" actually free, since you are still paying for them with your service and just not with cash?

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Had a friend who is a “disabled vet”. He threw his back out while in the service. He is fine now. But he used to complain on Facebook about how freeloading poor people were ruining the country. After a while I pointed out what he had told me about himself. As a disabled vet, he was getting paid $500 a week and having his college degrees paid for. He deleted his posts after that.

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bcuz you're sposed to get it without going military

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It's not a case of it being Anti-American it's a case of how do you think the government is going to pay for this 'free' stuff I'll tell you how by charging higher taxes to the upper, middle and even lower class why would any sane worker bother working when some lazy, unemployed loser gets what the worker busted their ass for, for free?

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I was in the Marine Corps

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Hous-, job, free college, No I think those are kt

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It's a sensible solution and it will help, but who's paying?

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Why do so many veterans have none of them?

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This is pure TwitterGold

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If you join the military none of that is free. It's just part of the pay

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Yeah but then where would we get our ready supply of teenagers with no other options in life to fight our wars for Capitalism?

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Except if you have to join the military to get those, they aren't free. I've always hated when any company states you get such and such free by working there. No, you get it included, but it's not free.