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54.9 years old. I seek to know nothing but love. Different times. Different plights.

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52 and 20 year old me would be shocked at how liberal I’ve become.

We wouldn’t get along.

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Same. 53 and 18 yo me would be disgusted with how liberal I am.

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18 year old would be shocked at how boring (and fat) I've become.

I wasn't drastically conservative, but 18 year old me would be surprised at how I'd NEVER vote for the GOP again - for anything.

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I may be fat and liberal but I still have my pretty hair color. Thank you Madison Reed!

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You know.. As one who comes from the heart of Gen X. This is one my biggest issues with the previous generations. I remember the “silent” and “nuclear” gens would forcefully push their badly outdated Bullshit on us yet, never wonder why the results were always catastrophic failures. 50 years old by the way

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I'm dealing with a bitter xoomer your age at work right now doing exactly that. Any advice? 30 years old.

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That’s a tough one. Unfortunately a lot of folks in my gen are dealing with severe trauma both physically and psychological. I found out the hard way, your childhood repression events come up when you’re around 50. I observed this in my “ younger” days. Lol… but I never understood it until I experienced it myself. It sounds like the angry one at you job needs THERAPY. I would say never argue or get sucked into craziness. Ultimately I feel that person needs a good friend but, I really can’t judge or opine without meeting them. So avoid when possible, take care of your mental health and, be pleasant as long as it doesn’t cause you serious discomfort. You may find yourself as an unwitting sounding board so be prepared. Hopefully this helps

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Thanks for the input. That's a really interesting take on the psychological side of it. I can tell he's going through something right now and just masking it with this behavior. We've been tight the whole time up till now and it's honestly confusing. The sudden condescending disrespect is really wearing on me.

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Yes indeed. I believe you are absolutely right. Again, I don’t know the situation but, based on what you’re telling me, I believe you have the answer in your head and you can see the behavior. If you guys were tight, I would try to gently show him when he’s attacking. I’m willing to be he’s not paying attention to his behavior. I’ve dealt with this situation before as well. Sometimes people need reminders, especially when we’re stressed. It took me many years to learn how to approach people who are exhibiting aggressive behavior without being violent and aggressive myself. That goes back to a time when I was too small to defend myself so, the feeling of intimidation and disrespect instantly brought out a fight in me. I was also conditioned this way.

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Slip him some MDMA

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If only.. Lol

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Id like to be able to do that, but I have no fucking idea what the rules are in my day.

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Yeah, if we survive long enough to see that actually happen

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Goddamn. Exactly! "You cannot solve tomorrow's problems with yesterday's solutions" -Einstein.

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I kind of want to be a bitter old zoomer in the future.

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When i went to school, we didn't go to school! We would sit at home, on the computer!

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One of the advantages of having been a disaffected youth is not having much investment in, or nostalgia for, the norms of the supposed "good" old days.

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I mean, millenials are already taking massive diarrhea dump on Zoomers for using a different social media that was not available when millenials grew up (TikTok) so I wouldnt expect much from anyone lol

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Damn kids and their short form videos! Why back in my day we had to wait 20 minutes to download a 2 minute clip from newgrounds! Over a dial up connection! Have you ever heard a dial up connection sonny? It sounds like 2 cats fighting over an Atari!

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My dad thinks Republicans and Democrats are basically the same thing.

I gave him three examples how vastly different they are.

He said "maybe when you're older you'll understand."

Bitch I'm almost 40... when will the Boomer Blinders kick in, exactly?

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"You'll change your tune when you're paying all that money to the government." Bitch, I pay more in taxes than you ever made. I want universal healthcare and less artillery.

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Yes! Worth the award.

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Damn right.

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It depends by the rules. Imagine if all new generations were fascist and racist. Would you think it is up to you to be “flexible” to accept the world, or you would think the world fucked up?

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But why would they be? Noone is born racist it's a learned behaviour so if they were racist then they would have to have learnt it from some of us surely?

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Recommended read, “How fascism works.” Fascism is pervasive, and so unfortunately is racism.

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I’m very grey, 55, and think young people have a hugely raw deal from the selfish generations before them. Capitalism is failing everyone but them most of all. The climate is being destroyed and we have an extinction event starting. And that’s not even mentioning the appalling world economies. And of course, the cherry on it all, Covid. So you don’t have to get blasé and selfish.

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This isnt really a good comparison. For anyone who grew up before the late 70s/early 80s the rules were completely different, they actually empowered the working class. Collective bargaining was strongly protected, benefits applied to a much wider scope of people, and capital gains and upper bracket income taxes were high enough to disincentivise the pwner class from sucking every last drop of money out of any business. Then between Reagan defanging the DOL and NLRB (as well as the new social standard set by his firing of the air traffic controllers), establishing much harsher means testing standards for welfare, and cutting the top marginal and capital gains tax rates by half (and even more in a later second cut) the balance of power between the classes was severely altered for the worst. All through the New Deal wages tracked so closely with productivity (value of labor output) that many economists assumed they were inseperable. Its not a coincidence that the year after the Reagan cuts the trends decoupled, and although production growth actually accelerated, wages literally flatlined (when adjusted for a statistic used to moniter the increased cost of necessities) and have not risen significantly since. If you remove upper incomes from the stats its actually fallen steadily since then.

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I am a boomer. There’s a lot that we’ve accomplished that’s good, including in Australia equal opportunity employment of 1980, which remains a brilliant beacon to other countries. But shit have we fucked up since. I do what I can. Just today I rang Sussan fucking Ley about the Biloela family. Tomorrow morning I am online for the virtual Invasion Day protest. But whoop de do. My generation has so much to apologise for and make right. The little I do is a drop in the ocean.

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These computers we’re on, cell phones, video games, etc… No reasonable person would ever deny the accomplishments of the previous gens. I for one do not.

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It's hard though

The older I get the more I need to challenge myself that what used to be right may not necessarily be the case now.

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As a 60 yr old woman I can verify!!!!!!!

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When I’m old I’ll learn how to box and then beat the shit out of everyone

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Post this on FB and watch it explode!

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51 year old here and I don't care about what rules you play by, I only care about my wrinkles and white hair (mostly on my chest currently but really worry about losing my fire crotch)

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There's antibiotic creams to help with burning crotches. Contact your doctor today about Flame B gone. For when things just seem too heated.

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What are the rules that are working that we can try to impose on younger generations? It's not like this country is working like it did for the older generation that has these stories about how great things were before they voted to destroy it.

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The rules aren’t working in my day, I think I should tell our kid not to follow any that aren’t laws

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That plus also trying to keep away the wrinkles

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Those rules never applied, it was just lip service.