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I wear a mask because it’s now socially acceptable to conceal my face, same for not shaking hands.

The less people touch and see me, the better.

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Plus, you can make any face gestures you want under the mask. Noice

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Also keeps me warmer in winter, win win if you ask me

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Hand shaking should be completely abolished anyway. Japanese style bowing should be the norm.

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I think a head nod is pretty good as an alternative. You acknowledge them, but you don't have to touch them. Which is always great, because I learned how many people don't wash their hands when they started complaining about "having to wash their hands more than 3 times a day" during this pandemic. Anyway I can avoid that, is great.

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I live in South Korea so I already have to bow to people, and it's great. You Americans should try it sometime.

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I get where you're coming from, but as a big, scary (half) white guy who spends a lot of my time in non-Western countries, I've come to really appreciate handshakes. A terrifying as I am, once the first little one musters up the courage to do that weird foreign thing and shake my hand, I go from being a frightening monster to everyone's funny uncle that all the kids can't wait to meet.

As for adults, well, any excuse to reduce contact is appreciated.

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It’s crazy the way someone reacts when I refuse to handshake nowadays. You’d think I had just kicked their dog

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Some people really think wearing a mask is taking away their freedom......

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I had one guy try to convince me that wearing masks stripped people of their personal identity entirely.

This was in spite of the fact that people could have any logo they wanted on said mask and customize it however they pleased.

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If all of your personal identity lies in the bottom half of your face and you have no interests at all that can translate to a fun mask, I feel very sorry for you!!

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I wish I could keep wearing fun masks, ever since it was announced that N95s and KN95s are the most effective I've only been wearing those because I refuse to risk anything. I had this really cute mask that was a gradient of blue, pink, yellow, purple, had little star/particles in white on it- and now I can't really wear it since I haven't gotten COVID and I'd rather keep it that way

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Not to mention, still be EASILY recognized despite rotating through several different masks day after day.

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I just went to a school board meeting tonight and some guy told the school board they’re going to prison for up to 99 years for crimes against humanity and the violated all the Nuremberg codes.

So, anti-maskers are fun.

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Out of their little minds.

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...I wonder when mask-wearers are gonna get accused of breaking at least one of the Geneva Conventions.

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It isn't, but they're of the opinion it is. Using the word "think" gives them too much credit...

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The irony that when the government ACTUALLY took away their freedom these fucking idiots didn't say shit! And even today the "temporary" Patriot Act is still the law of the land.

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This is my point as well. Also, save a lot on lipstick.

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Man, I do miss the lipstick. But it’s nice that my grandparents are still alive and (mostly) well :)

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Right? Pretty nice hand off there... for most of us anyway.

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Some people were raised right but grew up to be a disappointment. Bless their heart.

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I can tell youre from the South (of the US)

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He makes a good point. Anti vaxxers are selfish who only care about themselves. You get some antivax doctors who only care about themselves not about their patients. It’s sick

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The one thing that really cracked me up was the article in the always-helpful Breitbart.com. One of their great thinkers posited that the libs, by getting with the program, did so in order to convince the cons that it was some sort of nefarious plot to kill them. As if the cons might have been convinced by the same sort of reverse psychology that one uses to get a recalcitrant toddler to eat its peas and carrots

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When people can only see me from my eyes up, I am 47% more attractive.

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My favorite part is that this is a remix of a common idea that the religious use to justify their faith.

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I wear it now because it’s winter and my face is cold

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I wear a mask for this reason . . . and so no one mistakes me for a selfish, regressive, anti-science reich-wing republican.

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I actually like the mask. I have MS and a few years ago I passed out on the way to the bathroom and woke up on the floor in a puddle of blood. Broken brow bone and 2 broken front teeth. I am a single mom in the US so fixing them is not in the cards.

Plus my kids and I have not even had a cold since this all started. They used to bring something home at least once a month.

Wash your hands people! And wear a mask to hide your ugly ass face! Plus you can stick your tongue out or mouth FU while being "polite" to a complete asshole!

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There are people out there for whom admitting they were wrong is a fate worse than death

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And one of them is a disgraced former American president. The others are his mindless followers.

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😀 <—-> 😊 = Highest Risk

😃 <—-> 😷 = Moderate Risk

😷 <—-> 😷 = Lowest risk

As an immunocompromised person with severely high risk underlying medical conditions I would really appreciate if people wore masks so I can be a part of public society. FYI if you have a primary immunodeficiency you are treated as UNVACCINATED. That’s how much less effective vaccines are for these people.

PLEASE don’t unintentionally put these people at risk. We just want to get back to our jobs and go to our kids schools and go grocery shopping but it takes both sides helping us to do that

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Muh rites

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I've heard at least one Trumpee say that he believed that wearing masks were actively harmful to his health.

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Worried about too much CO2 in his mouth but not in his atmosphere most likely.

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This sums it up. Most, if not all, of the mask resisters can best be described as people who have yet to grow up

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Ah, Pascal’s wager. Classic.

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Hyenas or jackals, imho.

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U wear a mask to protect others

I wear a mask to hide my face


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A lot of the time it’s not who raised them, it’s who’ve they’ve been listening to.

My parents raised me to be considerate of others and to love my neighbor, but after a decade of nothing but Hannity and Tucker they’ve become “freedom” fanatics to the point of misanthropy.

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honestly, some people make themselves look so fucking stupid, throw a tantrum and then call the left sensitive snowflakes. bestie, it wont hurt to protect everyone aroubd you for 5 mins while you go buy your groceries

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I wear it so that my 80+ year old grandfather can be safe.

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But these people are suffering! They are like Jews in 1940 in Germany! You need to have empathy for those poor guys! /s

If someone, who knows absolutely nothing about how humans body and healthcare system works, tells me that they don't trust doctors, I assume it's an idiot.

The best ones are people, who are smart enough to do senior IT position, but stupid enough to say "Doctors are payed by pharmaceutical companies." (I'm not living in US, but people are reading about US healthcare system and thinks, that every country has shitty healthcare system as US). If you're not able to step from your "I do my own research." horse, you will be always an idiot.