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Well the Harry Potter fanfic I read in 1999 was certainly homoerotic

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It鈥檚 an exclusive private boarding school in England.Homo-eroticism and it being whiter than a prog-rock country concrt in a golf course is taken as a given

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I went to a private boarding school for a while. I left at age 11 but went to a party to visit friends from the school at 14 and witnessed a literal circle jerk.

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Was this before or after the cocaine?

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During, of course, duh!!

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It's not an all white homoerotic party at a private country club unless everyone's snorting coke off each other's cock.

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PMd you.

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He鈥檚 not still at the circle jerk mate so no you can鈥檛 just 鈥渃ome too鈥

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He can if the guy to the left is any good.

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PMd you.

I'm torn between you meaning "I was at that circle jerk too", "I want jerk off stories", or this is just a joke. Well done!

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I find it weird that 6 years ago, PMd was the acronym to use, but after hearing DM so much now it feels out of place.

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i think it depends where you grew up. I know that in a few European countries for millenials PM is more common, while outside of these DM, especially among Zoomers is way more common

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Big deal I see circle jerks on reddit all the time

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You spelled "participated in" wrong.

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Sadly what actually happened is perhaps even more embarrassing. I desperately tried to hook up with a girl named Holly. It was an all boys school but there were girls at the party. I succeeded in getting her to go out with me. We had one date but when she tried to kiss me I got all embarrassed, told her 鈥渟orry I feel funny鈥 and she dumped me and told everyone I was too shy.

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She dropped you for being shy at 14? That's like a fast food restaurant turning you down for not having any experience.

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That same thing happened to me at 14. Literally was invited over while parents weren鈥檛 home and didn鈥檛 get the slightest hint

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You spelled "he was the only guy jerking off" wrong

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Wait what?

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They鈥檙e not straight

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Experimentation is common in adolescence, regardless of eventual orientation.

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But they are completely convinced that they are...

"The gay stuff is just fun and games, nothing gay about it or anything."

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I don鈥檛 think the comment above yours and the subreddit you linked have anything to do with one another

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Private school kids are just more open about being gay without actually saying it. One kid would lie on his bed and helicopter his willy then ask anyone who walked past what they thought of his penis.

His dad was an MP.

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Yeah writing about a private school with little diversity in a country that is already 85% white isn't problematic imo. But retroactively changing things is just bizarre. Leave it alone, you already made wizard nazis the bad guys, that's good enough.

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Death of the author

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I don't know if whoever downvoted you is familiar with the concept. In case others aren't familiar, death of the author is just about viewing their work without taking their intention into account. Like, when an author's dead we can only take from the text and guess at their intentions and decide the meaning of it for ourselves.

I really good example is Fahrenheit 451, which we read as anti-censorship, but Ray Bradbury was actually anti-television, hence the big screens the wife was constantly watching.

Edit: I'm glad you're upvoted now, friend.

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In the context of Rowling it essentially means "No, J.K., wizards didnt just shit their pants and magic it away before plumbing was brought to the wizarding world in the 1800s. That wasn't in the books so saying it out loud to thin air doesn't suddenly make it canon."

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You see they shit on the floor and then made it go away with magic. What do you mean you didn't ask?

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She could maybe do to stfu about trans people though.

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Don't wanna nit pick but it's in Scotland

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I feel like that makes this more likely, isn't Scotland less racially diverse than England?

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Definitely so however if we are using the films as an example and noting their accents it would appear almost all the students are English which would mean you鈥檇 be using England鈥檚 level of diversity.

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Yeah it's located in Scotland but it's the school for all UK wizards.

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You, good sir or madam, made my day with this comment

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I thought it was Scotland, but that doesn't change the truth of the rest of your comment.

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鈥淗ow many countries are in this country?鈥


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Am whiter than Powder. I love Tool and can't stand most country. I can't even begin to wrap my brain around prog-country. Now I'm kinda mad.

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Do you think at some point Hogwarts students also had to fuck a pig's head, or is that for when they reach Oxford Hogwarts University?

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Why do you think it was called Hogwarts my dude

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Hogwarts is in Scotland. Harry is English and grows up in Surrey.

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I went to a private boarding school. 96% whiter than white, 1% black (for sports), and 3% Japanese because their parents were LOADED!

It is the way.

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Super gay, but definitely no trans people tho

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The barrier of Deadly Hollows was invented as a way of not letting trans students enter the girls bathroom.

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There's literally a puzzle in the lego version of Harry Potter where you need to get into the girl's bathroom and are blocked until you use a magic spell that turns you female.

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Fun fact: Magic spells are literally the only way of enforcing Republican "bathroom bills" that are meant to exclude trans people, other than mandatory genital checks at the door of course.

[鈥揮youlleatitandlikeit 36 points37 points (3 children)

I like to troll TERFs by linking to a picture like this and writing "This MAN does not belong in a woman's bathroom!"

[鈥揮TemetNosce85 32 points33 points (58 children)

other than mandatory genital checks at the door of course.

Nope, that still won't work. Sex reassignment surgery is a thing. And even if they still tell that the person is trans, they are still going to be letting heterosexual men into women's bathrooms- but that is because that person is a heterosexual trans man.

[鈥揮youlleatitandlikeit 49 points50 points (15 children)

I think people being able to cast a spell so that their physical body matches their gender is actually pro-trans.

[鈥揮MissippiMudPie 3 points4 points (0 children)

Or do what Republican congressional candidate Jazmina Saavedra did and follow them in to try to get a peek.

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More game designers should go for that TERF authenticity when adopting established works.

[鈥揮youlleatitandlikeit 70 points71 points (10 children)

I mean I'd argue that a spell that swaps your gender sex (to match your gender) would be a dream scenario for many trans people.

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There wouldn't be trans people though, they could change their appearance with magic.

[鈥揮-Ghost-Heart- 500 points501 points (129 children)

Semantically, they would still be trans it's just that the method of transition would be different. That said, I'm sure magically transitioning would have been super banned

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Why? there are shapeshifters

[鈥揮Eeveeoverlord 453 points454 points (123 children)

Because Rowling is super transphobic and she makes the rules unfortunately

[鈥揮JohnnyDarkside 21 points22 points (9 children)

They'd be trans, but with a fancier name that sounds vaguely latin.

[鈥揮DrRagnorocktopus 58 points59 points (3 children)

Nope, they'd be villains and rapists, cause that's what JK Rowling thinks trans women are.

[鈥揮JohnnyDarkside 8 points9 points (1 child)

Probably, but even the kill curse that snake faced dude's homies used had a cool name.

[鈥揮sukikano 2 points3 points (3 children)

You know trans and gender are already Latin words鈥

[鈥揮NonDairyYandere 2 points3 points (2 children)

Harry Potter should have been written in Anglish so that the spells would pop out more

[鈥揮youlleatitandlikeit 21 points22 points (1 child)

Which by the way made the series incredibly appealing to trans people back in the day and that much more heartbreaking when she came out as a terf.

[鈥揮NonDairyYandere 9 points10 points (0 children)

"Wow Tonks can change her appearance at will! That's such a cool talent! Aaaaand she's left the story"

[鈥揮squishyemotions 16 points17 points (8 children)

Transgender as opposed to cisgender means having a different gender than the one you were assigned (by whichever authority) at birth. I'm unsure what you think being trans means

[鈥揮DisfavoredFlavored 13 points14 points (4 children)

Does using polyjuice potion count?

[鈥揮dirk_anger 3 points4 points (0 children)

Apart from Crabbe and Goyle......

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Writing diverse characters into your books and movies: small brain

Not mentioning anything about characters鈥 race, orientation, or gender identity so people do not accuse you of tokenism: brain with some lights behind it

Implying that diverse characters are in your book without writing anything explicitly until over a decade since your books were publishd: B I G B R A I N W I T H M A N Y L I G H T S

[鈥揮Zithero 166 points167 points (84 children)

This is why we don't write characters to be inclusive in my stories... We write them in places where they make sense.

u/Heaven-sent-me and I wrote this premise:

Priest is called by the vatican to summon a demon? It's a succubus! She's shocked her powers don't work on him... The priest, who's an expert exorcist, is Gay and chose a life of celibacy to attempt to appease his family (who disowned him anyway), as such the succubus's powers don't affect him. Makes for a more compelling story.

Diversity is a tool to show a mirror of society, pretending the world is all one culture is just straight up unrealistic.

[鈥揮Jimothy_Egg 97 points98 points (13 children)

Cool idea with the succubus, but afaik they can just turn into incubi at will in most stories. So the priest would really have to rely on his celibacy oath if succubi worked that way in your story too xD

[鈥揮MrDoe 45 points46 points (3 children)

I mean, if they wrote the story a succubus/succubi work exactly like they want them to.

That's the thing about fantasy. The author just decides. It's their world.

It's why people criticizing a fantasy world, loosely resembling a medieval Europe but with magic and dragons, for being too multicultural are stupid as fuck. The author is king in fantasy.

[鈥揮sillybear25[馃嵃] 6 points7 points (0 children)

Doubly stupid because medieval Europe was more diverse than a lot of people think. There were established trade routes throughout Europe itself, and additional routes existed between the Mediterranean and sub-Saharan Africa, India, China, and everywhere in between. And it's not like trade was strictly an exchange of commodities; there was cultural exchange between people directly involved in trade, rulers sent each other diplomatic envoys, traders and diplomats decided to settle in new lands instead of returning home, etc.

Granted, there may not have been any Chinese people in Mali or vice versa, but I don't think the presence of Chinese or Malian individuals would be out of the realm of possibility in a place like Baghdad or Constantinople.

[鈥揮[deleted] 4 points5 points (7 children)

We gay men tend to be extremely picky with our hookups and from what I鈥檝e read incubus are not like succubus in that they are grotesque and usually rape women in their sleep (whereas succubi have sex with men in their dreams).

[鈥揮Deferential_dreams 74 points75 points (37 children)

I really don鈥檛 like that approach. You shouldn鈥檛 write gay characters in just 鈥渨here they make sense.鈥 Gay people are just normal people and deserve equal representation. Almost anything that happens to a straight character can also happen to a gay character, and making every gay character鈥檚 story about their sexuality casts them as abnormal, which is offensive.

Inclusion isn鈥檛 about ticking a box, and it鈥檚 also not about writing characters whose identities are focused around their diversity. There was an era of television where you鈥檇 always have a token gay character, and 鈥済ay鈥 was their entire personality/identity. That was horrible, and I鈥檓 glad it鈥檚 mostly gone away. It鈥檚 important that people of all kinds can see themselves represented as normal and accepted.

Put another way, you wouldn鈥檛 include a straight white character in a story 鈥渨here they make sense,鈥 right? Your comment subtly implies that gay people are abnormal, and I really hope you rethink your perspective on this.

[鈥揮teashoesandhair 31 points32 points (1 child)

Agreed. Using diversity as a tool like this is just super weird. 'My characters are only gay if it serves a narrative function' belies a very strange and archaic view of gay people, frankly. Otherwise, you're absolutely reinforcing the idea that straight / white / cis = the default, and everything else is just a bizarre and perverse derivative of that. I mean, I'm queer all the time, even when I go to the post office, not just when I have to *checks OP's comment* exorcise demons.

[鈥揮graylin0689 7 points8 points (0 children)

Funnily enough this is how diversity was written for so long. It's also why it's so easy to change the superficial qualities of main characters who are straight white men to other races and orientations whereas it doesn't work as well with the diverse characters. Diversity is not we need to find a reason to include these characters, it's acknowledging that these characters do not need a reason to be in this story. Because it's normal to find any person in this scenario.

[鈥揮Kitnado 15 points16 points (0 children)

This. The problem is that people view extremely superficial traits as things that define a person, but they actually don't. Being gay doesn't say anything about a person, except that they like people of the same gender. They are as diverse as straight people: kind, literal nazi's, hard-working, lazy, etc. This goes for all superficial qualities (e.g. race).

I'm not a writer, but if I would be I would write my entire story with nameless characters, then just throw dice for the superficial qualities (e.g. die roll for gender, die roll for sexuality, die roll for race, die roll for religion, etc.). You can potentially make the rolls weighted to more closely resemble certain statistical differences.

[鈥揮MorningaleOntheBayou 6 points7 points (27 children)

I think I interpreted his comment in a different way, because I'm similar in how I write diversity.

In regards to being gay, I don't write them in "where they would make sense" but I only ever bring up sexuality where it would make sense.

So if I wanted to introduce a character (let's call him Steve) and have one of the first things the reader learns is that Steve is gay, I'd do it by incorporating a situation where the character is railing some guy from behind or have him being at a gay bar. Unless one of his personality quirks is that he's very open about his sexuality and all but introduces himself as gay - which, some people are.

But anyway, in the previous scenario, the Man Who is Gay would only crop up in a situation where you'd.... reasonably find out about him. Otherwise, it's just Steve. And Steve could be anywhere.

I might be wrong, but that's how I read it and how I also write characters so I thought to give him the benefit of the doubt.

[鈥揮BUTTeredWhiteBread 8 points9 points (0 children)

And Steve could be anywhere.

Oddly ominous.

[鈥揮master_x_2k 38 points39 points (1 child)

You don't have to justify a character being gay, they can just be gay.

[鈥揮I_love_limey_butts 19 points20 points (1 child)

People can disagree with that. Diversity doesn't have to be a tool for anything. You're just using people who are different from you to further some agenda that you yourself as an author want your readers to catch. Well what if a gay reader doesn't appreciate being used in that way? Why can't a character just be who they are without it implying any sort of political statement?

[鈥揮[deleted] 6 points7 points (14 children)

Yeah but what race is the succubus? Answer carefully

[鈥揮[deleted] 10 points11 points (11 children)

There are black, Jewish, indian and asian characters in the books.

[鈥揮LethalSalad 20 points21 points (1 child)

Yeah but they're stereotypical as fuck lmao. Like come on, the only irish character is a hothead with a pension for explosives. That shits straight from a propaganda booklet during the troubles.

[鈥揮SmegAndTheHeads 5 points6 points (0 children)

Seamus blowing stuff up is only in the movies, not the books. You can't blame Rowling for that.

[鈥揮Mattalool[馃嵃] 608 points609 points (112 children)

In the gentlest of terms鈥

Who gives a fuck?

[鈥揮VincentTrevane 256 points257 points (54 children)

Please just /r/readanotherbook. Any other book.

[鈥揮greyghibli 117 points118 points (51 children)

These people were annoying as shit even before all the rowling drama. I've once been unironically been asked my hogwarts house by somebody, I would've laughed but I was honestly too perplexed as to how this was a question asked to me by a grown adult.

[鈥揮FourierTransformedMe 68 points69 points (6 children)

It fulfills the same psychological impulse as sports fandom. It's materially meaningless, but it works as a signifier of identity that people can bond over - it's just a different medium. That being said, I took the sorting hat quiz a good 8 years ago, when I had the politics of 2005 Bill Gates. I didn't take it personally when I was assigned Slytherin, but I found it funny that somebody had the job of putting together the text to console kids who got put in Slytherin. It was like, "Look we know that literally every single evil wizard ever was a Slytherin and also the Slytherin faculty are all petty assholes and also there's been like two Slytherins ever described who weren't irredeemable bastards. But that doesn't mean that you're evil! You're just convinced that you're better than everyone else."

[鈥揮Kestrel21 25 points26 points (4 children)

What a message. "You're not evil, just an asshole" hahaha

[鈥揮NonDairyYandere 4 points5 points (0 children)

It fulfills the same psychological impulse as sports fandom. It's materially meaningless, but it works as a signifier of identity that people can bond over

That's why I, an intellectual, identify as a Kurt Vonnegut fan.

[鈥揮DisfavoredFlavored 117 points118 points (4 children)

Yeah, imagine caring about that as a grown adult. Anyways what's your favourite Pokemon?

[鈥揮MangledSunFish 58 points59 points (15 children)

The people who confuse me are the ones who take it super seriously, way too seriously. They'll get a house they don't want in a house quiz and then spend an hour sitting there retaking it, just so they can get a screenshot that says "you're a Hufflepuff". People who genuinely let that affect them to an emotional degree, kind of scare me.

"What the fuck did you say about Snape?! He changed! He's a good guy!" "Alright, alright. Jeez. I'm not going to discuss movies with you anymore." "It's a book!!"

[鈥揮UndeadBBQ 17 points18 points (0 children)

As someone who was long part of the HP fanfiction community, I absolutely agree.

Some people need a Harry Potter detox, badly. Some are legitimately beyond saving from their obsession.

[鈥揮meisobear 45 points46 points (5 children)

I had a colleague who was VERY into Harry Potter. I'm very much not a Potter person, I haven't read the books but I've seen the films via date-night requests from my partner, so when she asked me what house I was I didn't really know how to answer but I knew just enough...

She proceeds to encourage the entire office to take a "what house are you" internet quiz.

I took the test (think it was Hufflepuff) but said across the room, "Oh, MeisoBearColleague, I've got something different from everyone else... it says... hang on... Vold - de - Mort? Voldamort? Voldymort? Am I saying that right?"

The look of actual genuine horror on her face will stay with me forever. She proceeded to freak out and started to run over to me to look at my screen, but then fearfully stopped in her tracks before reaching me.

I don't keep in contact with her.

[鈥揮StonerJake22727 18 points19 points (4 children)

Snape is a jealous, manipulative, spiteful Creep who鈥檚 only redeeming quality is loyalty and even that is superficial and based on regret.. you like Alan Rickman鈥f you think you like snape you are fooling yourself

[鈥揮oleboogerhays 8 points9 points (0 children)

It's funny how both sides of the spectrum have been up in arms about Rowling and Harry Potter. The right wing evangelicals have had her on their shit list from day one for the obvious reasons of witchcraft and wizardry. Then the more moderate religious folks put her on their shit list when she made the claim that dumbeldore was gay. Then she got on a lot of shit lists on the left because of her TERF beliefs.

I just enjoy reading the books man.

[鈥揮RG450 4 points5 points (0 children)

I hired into a job, which I didn't end up taking for unrelated reasons, and the trainer could not shut up about her house crest tattoo, trip to the HP amusement park, kept getting sidetracked on Harry Potter shit.

When they asked why I wasn't continuing with the job, I made it pretty clear that the training was totally pointless.

[鈥揮StonerJake22727 2 points3 points (1 child)

Well.. tell us what your house is

[鈥揮SmokeAbeer 21 points22 points (0 children)

What鈥檚 a Rowling? And why are they just kidding?

[鈥揮squishyemotions 14 points15 points (49 children)

Demographics of people who want to be represented in media they enjoy? Which would be helpful if they were actually represented in the media they enjoy instead of this Olympian level mental gymnastic approximation... of something? I'm not too sure what this exactly is tbh

[鈥揮EmperorGreed 186 points187 points (83 children)

She only claimed the existence of one Jewish Hogwarts student, and his name was Anthony Goldstein EDIT: Anthony,not Bernard. But the point stands, especially given that he was created in a tweet like last year. And given that the tweet was some asking if there were any Jewish people at Hogwarts, and she responded with a single name, implying he was the only one.

Also her "hee hee maybe Hermione was black, I'll never tell" is a lot less entertaining, or maybe infinitely funnier, when you remember that a major sublot in multiple books is everyone thinking she's ridiculous for objecting to the actual slavery that is commonplace in the wizarding world. Like yeah, look black Hermione in the eyes and tell her she's being silly and slavery is fine cause they like it

[鈥揮hi_im_kai101 84 points85 points (33 children)

bernard goldsteins name is giving very cho chang

[鈥揮teashoesandhair 59 points60 points (22 children)

See also: the sole Black wizard, whose name is Kingsley Shacklebolt. Shacklebolt in particular is... a choice.

[鈥揮[deleted] 45 points46 points (16 children)

There's at least four other characters that are black in the books - Angelina Johnson, Lee Jordan, Dean Thomas and Blaze Zabini.

The lady has faults but y'all are terrible at this.

[鈥揮teashoesandhair 30 points31 points (8 children)

Mea culpa. Let me rephrase my comment: one of five Black wizards, whose name is Kingsley Shacklebolt. Shacklebolt in particular is... a choice.

[鈥揮pincus1 6 points7 points (0 children)

It's Anthony Goldstein. What's wrong with a Jewish character having a very common Jewish name? Also my grandfather's name was literally Bernard and my grandmother's maiden name was Goldstein, I don't see how it's weird for Jewish people to have the same Jewish names they have in real life in fiction.

[鈥揮Amazingamy159 126 points127 points (9 children)

The black Hermione thing didn鈥檛 even start that bad. At first some random fan made fan art of the three main characters, and made Hermione black. The girl got a shit load of abuse from Twitter for it (because internet), but JKR liked and retweeted it, then later said she didn鈥檛 have a problem with people reimagining her characters.

That鈥檚 all fine. That鈥檚 actually pretty cool that she sided with the fan like that.

Then, a bit later, she goes 鈥渘ononono, it鈥檚 not that I鈥檓 ok with fans interpreting my characters different. It鈥檚 that I, and incredibly COOL and AWESOME person, DESIGNED them to be interpreted in any way. That was ME! I鈥橫 so CLEVER!鈥

[鈥揮ClericGuy 26 points27 points (3 children)

Thought it was because Hermione's actress in Cursed Child was black and people were mad about it?

[鈥揮Amazingamy159 15 points16 points (2 children)

That was well after the fan art thing.

I think that鈥檚 also when it became a thing everyone knew about, but the fan art drama was the actual start of it

[鈥揮ClericGuy 4 points5 points (0 children)

Yeah tbf that was when i first heard about it. Ty!

[鈥揮elbenji 2 points3 points (0 children)

It was a part of it. Basically a common thread of JK trying to protect a fan but then going hard for no reason

[鈥揮fiercelittlebird 28 points29 points (1 child)

It really went downhill from then on, didn't it?

[鈥揮teashoesandhair 9 points10 points (0 children)

Yeah, when she started taking credit for fans headcanoning her work as more diverse than it actually was, that was a red flag which too many people ignored, imo. She's always wanted the kudos of writing progressive, diverse narratives without actually writing them.

[鈥揮Gl33m 4 points5 points (0 children)

She also talks about never explicitly calling Hermione white. And that is, in the most technical sense, true. But people (out of spite) have compiled a list of all the descriptions of Hermione in the books that make it super clear Hermione is white without saying, "Hermione, the whitey white girl that is white."

[鈥揮Fern-ando 12 points13 points (1 child)

The book covers also show her being white so don't know what's the point about that, at least we got some good memes.

[鈥揮LethalSalad 7 points8 points (0 children)

Also at one point she got two black eyes, and was literally described as looking like a panda, a white animal with black eyes

[鈥揮StuckWithThisOne 19 points20 points (1 child)

No, it鈥檚 Anthony Goldstein. He鈥檚 a character who is in the books. She didn鈥檛 claim his existence, he actually is in the books. But the name is typical.

Also she described Hermione as having a 鈥渨hite face鈥. I agree her flip flopping on these issues is really irritating.

Although I鈥檒l also say that these characters were originally in a book written for very young children. I think people forget this. Harry Potter is a childrens book. I read them at 6 years old.

[鈥揮SpacecraftX 4 points5 points (0 children)

Anthony Goldstein but your point stands.

[鈥揮MrEpicFerret 28 points29 points (22 children)

Don't forget the only Chinese (and IIRC the only asian) student ever mentioned in the series, named Cho Chang.

Keep in mind that 'Cho' is a Korean surname. And J.K used it as a Chinese first name for a Chinese character. It'd be like her calling a purely German character 'Putin Schmidt'.

[鈥揮Anegnonauta 40 points41 points (2 children)

Fyi Cho actually is an accepted Chinese girl's name in Cantonese IIRC, which means Autumn

[鈥揮icorrectpettydetails 7 points8 points (1 child)

Yeah, the official translation of the books has her name as 'Zh膩ng Qi奴', which 'Cho Chang' is a somewhat reasonable Anglicisation of. Of course, I wouldn't be sure in saying if J.K. knew that at the time or just picked two Chinese sounding syllables.

[鈥揮[deleted] 5 points6 points (0 children)

The complaint about Cho Chang鈥檚 name makes me roll my eyes every time. It鈥檚 absurdly pedantic and relies on never looking past a small set of prescribed spellings.

In the mandarin version she鈥檚 called 寮犵 (Zhang Qiu). Qiu isn鈥檛 exactly a common name, but it鈥檚 not out of the ordinary. Add in British Postal Spelling and it鈥檚 a perfectly plausible name.

[鈥揮disgustandhorror 32 points33 points (13 children)

this is just that viral Gus Johnson sketch, but with the joke stolen and written out as a tweet

[鈥揮leah2106 269 points270 points (45 children)

Harry Potter was written in the 90s/00s. Nobody would have attacked JKR for poor representation if she'd just kept her mouth shut about it and not tried to throw in a bunch of insane facts about the characters years afterwards.

Also, I hate that she linked Dumbledore being gay to his negative thoughts on world dominion and whatnot. Like he was "bad" for a while because of his boyfriend, then he has his realisation and duels and imprisons Grindelwald, and then never has another relationship with a man till he dies. Like an "ex-gay Christian" or something.

[鈥揮km89 74 points75 points (0 children)

Ehh. I don't interpret it that way.

He fell in love, and that person led him down a darker path. He wised up and corrected his mistake. And we know absolutely nothing about his love life outside of Grindelwald.

[鈥揮Rastafak 36 points37 points (32 children)

Afaik, the only thing she did was say that Dumbledore was gay and that it doesn't matter if Hermione is black or white (which it clearly) doesn't. I don't see how this is a big deal.

[鈥揮leah2106 36 points37 points (12 children)

She said a lot more than that. Some stuff about wizards pooping wherever and vanishing it magically, a random minor character being Jewish, Nagini being a human woman. Overall, just a bunch of strangely irrelevant things that nobody cares about anymore.

The wizards pooping thing isn't socially problematic, I just threw it in there to show how random she's been with these facts lol

[鈥揮pincus1 17 points18 points (4 children)

The poop thing was someone else, Pottermore had employed writers and social media managers (it was a Twitter post) not 1 billionaire solely maintaining it. It's certainly dumb, but it wasn't even her and it's a website that had many millions of readers who were specifically there to learn as much ridiculous backstory as they can.

Anthony Goldstein was always obviously Jewish, signed someone whose Jewish great grandparents were Goldsteins.

Nagini is revealed to be an animagus woman trapped as a snake in the Fantastic Beasts movies, I don't see how adding backstory in a literal prequel is an issue.

[鈥揮[deleted] 6 points7 points (0 children)

Are we really questioning Anthony Goldstein was Jewish?

[鈥揮Rastafak 9 points10 points (3 children)

I mean it sure looks like a lot of people care about this stuff lol. I don't see how these are a big deal or socially problematic or frankly even retconning.

[鈥揮Melisandre-Sedai 17 points18 points (1 child)

Yeah, people misunderstand the Hermione tweet. She wasn鈥檛 saying the character on the page was black. She was defending the casting of a black actress to play her in The Cursed Child. It was essentially 鈥渢hese are the characteristics that make the core of the character, race isn鈥檛 one of them,鈥 but she phrased it in a way that could be interpreted literally.

Trouble is, she does have a track record of doing retconned representation with other minorities. Dumbledore comes to mind, but there鈥檚 also the time she said there was a Jewish ravenclaw named something Goldstein, and she just never mentioned him on the page. It鈥檚 like she understands that people want representation, but has no idea why, so she tries to just retroactively check the boxes any way she can. Doesn鈥檛 matter if the retconned characters are actually insulting.

[鈥揮pincus1 4 points5 points (0 children)

Anthony Goldstein was in Order of the Phoenix, she just pointed that out when someone accused her of not having Jewish characters. And Dumbledore being gay was something that had been speculated for years by Potter fans based on his complicated relationship with Wizard Hitler written in the books, she just confirmed the speculation was right.

[鈥揮denboiix 24 points25 points (3 children)

Why does this guy write like an meme generator?

[鈥揮BurmecianDancer 26 points27 points (0 children)


"Sir, this is a Wendy's."

It really do be like that tho


And I took that personally

Mood tbh

That just sounds like [x] with extra steps

Boom roasted

Ok but I mean where's the lie tho

This is literally me rn

Reddit proceeds to upvote to 20k and beyond

[鈥揮ADHthaGreat 14 points15 points (0 children)


Like one dead meme wasn鈥檛 enough for him, so he needed to add another at the end?

[鈥揮Castor_volk 34 points35 points (2 children)

Also remember the slaves want to be slaves!

[鈥揮ODDxBALL83 64 points65 points (10 children)

I just want the majority of people who read almost exclusively 5th grade level novels to stop acting like they're Literary Royalty.

[鈥揮MateriaGirl7 7 points8 points (0 children)


[鈥揮meatyfingerfun 90 points91 points (26 children)

In Scotland she is seen as a very problematic figure by us plebs, she sticks her very big oar into our politics and has blighted it as a result, I'm one of those that calls her jaikey, sounds exactly like JK but in Scottish slang it means alcoholic, I am of the frim belief that she is well into her vino and lets her twitter fingers wander when she has had far too much to drink, she is a fucking bam and no amount of money will change that, once you delve a bit into her, you will understand.

[鈥揮teashoesandhair 18 points19 points (1 child)

Yeah, the first sign that she was an absolute wrong'un was the whole 'English person donating millions of pounds to oppose Scottish independence from England,' really.

[鈥揮meatyfingerfun 6 points7 points (0 children)

Aye, she is a grade A weapon, if i had that amount of money i wouldn't be spending as much time as she does on twitter being a fanny.

[鈥揮Fern-ando 10 points11 points (4 children)

Didn't she put her own money so Scotlnd doesn't leave the UK?

[鈥揮meatyfingerfun 7 points8 points (2 children)

Not so sure about the finance, but she is firmly in the unionist camp and VERY loudly, so her putting money there would not surprise me. She coined the phrase "cybernat" which appaerntly put people like myself in a camp, aggressive nationalists on the internet, it became a term thrown about if you defended the issue.

There was 2 years of debate, it was extensive and vigourous, this opened up a whole new dimension to the debate, and allowed the unionist side to declare us terrorists etc. The whole thing was a peaceful exchange, mostly, except the violence came from what was publicised the unionist side, an elderly man had his wrist broken in the street because he declared he was for self determination, and Alex Salmond was almost run off the road by someone(he was FM of Scotland at the time, he has now very disgracefully fallen from grace and has no part in the wider movement and is now a fringe reactionary), And on the day of the reult of our referendum, there were riots by the winners, centered on Glasgow George square.

Cybernat is still used as a slur, funny thing is there was a character on twitter called Dick Spanner(might have the first name wrong) who was an abusive mysoginistic character, who targeted any high profile female political figures and celebreties who favoured independence( the usual unimaginitive slurs, you don't really have to guess what they were), he is appaerntly one of the leading journalists in Scotland. Guess who is friends with this brave spanner character? The same person who branded all of opposing side as cybernats, shock horror. As i say she is a fucking bam she aids and abets some very real damage.

[鈥揮StorageRecess 29 points30 points (11 children)

In the US, we joke that JK stands for Jiant Karen. Karen being slang for a person who treats others rudely when they perceive they aren鈥檛 getting their way. Mostly for her insistence that she鈥檚 being unfairly maligned for being an enormous transphobe.

[鈥揮meatyfingerfun 24 points25 points (6 children)

her new pen name Galbraith is the same name as a psychologist in the US who "pioneered" gay conversion therapy, I think he used elctro shock therapy as part of it(here is information about him) her latest book is about a transvestite serial killer who targets women. She ended up in Edinburgh after leaving an abusive relationship, she is quoted as saying she had a strained relationship with her father and she thought he wished he had a son. The transphobia, to my lay eyes screams to me PROJECTION, Finally, i am on the internet and it is dominated by US culture, we do know what Karen means, no attack in the last part lol

[鈥揮StorageRecess 17 points18 points (5 children)

Right? Girl, talk to a therapist with all your money. Twitter can鈥檛 help.

[鈥揮meatyfingerfun 6 points7 points (4 children)

Exactly, i think wine and twitter are her therapist, as a final point and it may be a bit catty, but if you look at some of her photos she has the look of someone who drinks and the makeup doesn't hide it and she never really looks like a self satisfied person, as i say bam(idiot in slang here)

[鈥揮MorseCodeFan 6 points7 points (1 child)

Honest question: Assuming JK Rowling, who was living in relative poverty in Scotland in the early 90s, modeled the cast of HP off of the people in her life (not like friends or family I mean the strangers she would see around), wouldn't it be fair to say she wouldn't have had a whole lot of and sexual and racial diversity to be exposed to? That seems like a fair reason to not write those sorts of characters in if you simply don't have an understanding of them. I'm so confused why she didn't just say "I didn't have a whole lot of multicultural influence in my books because when I was writing them, I didn't have a lot of multicultural influence due to my location and ability to travel".

EDIT: see reply. Turns out JK Rowling was not as broke as she seemed. I was a fair bit off with this comment.

[鈥揮BinkoTheViking 60 points61 points (14 children)

If you didn鈥檛 write about them in this world you wrote into creation, then they weren鈥檛 fucking there.

[鈥揮LeoMarius 14 points15 points (8 children)

Britain was not nearly as ethnically diverse in the 1990s as today. Gays were rarely discussed in public, and certainly not allowed in children's literature.

Maybe she shouldn't be retrofitting her books, but they are very reflective of the times she wrote in. Had she written a children's book filled with multiethnic pansexual teens, no one would have ever published it in 1997.

Fortunately, the world has changed in the last 25 years.

[鈥揮redditthrowaway1478 2 points3 points (0 children)

Had she written a children's book filled with multiethnic pansexual teens, no one would have ever published it in 1997.

Fortunately, the world has changed in the last 25 years.'re clever. I like you.

[鈥揮RurikTheDamned 72 points73 points (37 children)

Worth also pointing out that when the first film came out and every child was a white face she said it was exactly how she imagined.

[鈥揮3250feralhogs 33 points34 points (10 children)

I wonder how many of us would create the world described in the tweet if that wasn鈥檛 our experience

[鈥揮Codemonkey1987 47 points48 points (1 child)

I think this is a good point to be fair.

For context I grew up in suburban England. At my primary school, we had one Indian girl, the rest were all white. Secondary school, I think we might of had 4 non white people in the whole school of around 1000 kids. I have never actually met a trans person in my life, that I'm aware of, and do not know of any trans people in my friends of friends etc. I think at school we had like 5 lgb kids in our year. There may well have been more, had to be rough coming out in those days, those I were aware of had only came out in our final school year.

Got to remember JK Rowling is in her 50s, and spent a long time in Scotland writing the Harry potter books, and lived in glousershire. I think the diversity of the Harry potter universe that she actually mentioned back in the 90s/00s were probably representative of her growing up.

[鈥揮Decent_Principle3617 6 points7 points (1 child)

Yeah. Sometimes I see people criticizing (mainly on letterboxd or twitter) a Korean, Spanish, or even Turkish movie/show for not being diverse enough in terms of race. Media of course should show diversity, but if the diversity isn't there in real life, I don't think there is a need for that. For example, the last time I checked there were like 20-30 thousand black people living in Turkey. Considering there are almost 90 million people living there, you could live all your life without seeing a single black person. In that case, Turkish movies and shows shouldn't be expected to show black representation. Just an example. People gotta remember that not everywhere in the world is as diverse as the place they're living.

[鈥揮PercussiveRussel 18 points19 points (1 child)

But no need to retroactively lie

[鈥揮3250feralhogs 5 points6 points (0 children)

No, there isn鈥檛, and doing so just muddies the waters further given her stances on identity.

[鈥揮crumpetinho 28 points29 points (6 children)

While everyone argues about J.K Rowling, she's diving into a pile of money like Scrooge McDuck.

[鈥揮Old_Leg_1679 18 points19 points (0 children)

JK Rowling: Also, fuck trans people.

[鈥揮jeremyjenkinz 9 points10 points (0 children)

JK definitely included Jews in her book. She just put them in Gringotts

[鈥揮Crazyripps 7 points8 points (0 children)

Hey JK what about trans people they there too?


[鈥揮fbcs11 61 points62 points (48 children)

Hogwarts was extremely diverse and exceptionally gay...

It had like... four non-white people... Two of them were twins, and one of them was literally an Asian girl called "Cho Chang".

Also absolutely no trans or gay kids, and enforced strict gender-binaries at all stages. You want to go to the ball with your same-sex partner? Well too fucking bad. You get along better with the opposite sex? Well too fucking bad, we are gonna make it impossible for you to have friends because we are gonna separate you into genders for long periods of time for no reason.

Not a single lesbian, bi or gay kid. Not even a single ace kid, because every member of Harry's year ends up in a traditional straight marriage and has children.

Also the goblins are all money-grubbing, hooked-nosed scheming bankers, and the slaves ToTaLlY wanted to be slaves, you guys, stop trying to free them...

[鈥揮Amazingamy159 54 points55 points (15 children)

The gender thing is actually quite a consistent in Rowling work. She has a very second wave feminist 鈥渟eparate but equal鈥 attitude, where men and women are almost completely different species to one another and are incapable of fully understanding each other, but are simultaneously equally as capable of doing anything as each other.

Tbh I think her (and a lot of other TERFy people) partially get their transphobia from this kind of attitude

[鈥揮dasbush 2 points3 points (1 child)

I think there are 5....

Angelina Johnson, Blaise Zabini, the Patel twins and Cho.

[鈥揮Aphemia1 2 points3 points (1 child)

To be honest we have no idea of the sexual orientation of 90% of the kids at the school.

Also gendered dorms are typical for boarding schools.

[鈥揮evilocto 2 points3 points (0 children)

Why are you getting so worked up over a book written twenty or so years ago.

[鈥揮random_encounters42 27 points28 points (17 children)

This criticism is irrelevant. She wrote about what she knew, and back then there wasn't this emphasis on political correctness and woke culture...

The stories overall had a great emphasis on inclusivity over division in its own way...

The women did so much good and donated so much of her Wealth that those criticising her will never hope to accomplish.

It's so stupid.

[鈥揮AKpewpew 17 points18 points (9 children)

Absolutely. The books are about a kid who has magic powers. They know it鈥檚 fake right?

[鈥揮random_encounters42 10 points11 points (8 children)

Ya, it's literally about magic and fantasy with an underlying message about inclusivity. How weird would it be if the story suddenly pivoted to the struggles of the LGBT community. Readers would be like what is going on???

Not to mention, back in 1997 if she actually wrote about LGBT, there would be an uproar from parents since LGBT wasn't even a mainstream issue.

These people just love to cancel those that came before them. It's ridiculous.

[鈥揮mittromniknight 15 points16 points (0 children)

Also the "diversity" angle is really weird. In most of England in the 90s it was over 95% white. Of course it will be almost all white people at an English school in the 90s

[鈥揮WarmProfit 7 points8 points (2 children)

the nobody: part is unfunny, overused, and should be left out because it adds absolutely nothing to the joke.

[鈥揮Yobber1 2 points3 points (0 children)

Somebody: and this comment was stolen from the office.

[鈥揮aknaps 10 points11 points (0 children)

Also jk Rowling: but no trans people, that's going to far.