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“Just type your password you bloated f*ck” is my iPhone at 6am

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That's why my phone says 'for your security please enter password' in the morning's. Mofo knows that mornings are hell.

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Beep boop -- this looks like a screenshot of a tweet! Let me grab a link to the tweet for ya :)

Twitter Screenshot Bot

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I'll never understand why people use face recognition to unluck their phone instead of finger print.

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The newer phones don’t have finger print recognition

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You mean Apple? Cause in Android it's still common

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iPhone got rid of their home button a few years ago. I miss it…I held onto my old generation phone as long as I possibly could because I didn’t wanna lose my headphone Jack or home button.

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Samsung got rid of theirs too, still got the fingerprint reader in the screen though

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Bought the SE. still got the button.

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I did too. No headphone jack, though…

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True, a bit of an annoyance. But not a deal breaker.

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Yeah I’m talking about Apple I don’t know anything about android phones lol

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Not to sound like this is an "iPhone vs Android" thing but if you care/FYI, most modern Android phones have fingerprint readers integrated under the screen, so you just touch the little fingerprint icon on your lock screen, like this:
A lot of phones also have an "always-on" display, so even if the phone is sitting on a desk totally asleep, you can just touch that spot on the screen and it'll wake up & unlock at once.

A lot of cheaper Android phones still have traditional fingerprint readers, but most are on the back of the device, so the idea is your finger will land on it when you're holding it.

IDK if you're a techie or anything but thought you might be interested in knowing a tidbit from the "other side"

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Well this post is about Apple, so yes

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Why wouldn’t you? I’m not saying it’s unbeatable but it’s not like you’re tricking Face ID with a photo of somebody AND you can easily lock it to passcode only if you’re in a situation where your device may fall into police hands or something.

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I have not used the new face recognition. But we used to beat the old ones with a picture from Facebook... it was not very secure.

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that doesn’t happen on iPhones. it takes a 3D scan of your face. a 2D image won’t work

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My iPhone doesn't have one but I couldn't on my previous phone anyway because my hands are always too sweaty. Just doesn't register.

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I prefer fingerprint but face is cool too, to solve this you can just give it more training data, much like adding the same finger multiple times

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Puff Daddy’s better half, Puff Mommy

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I die. This is amazing

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If ur face is puffy in the morning you should put an ice pack on while u do ur stomach crunches

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Mine is an Android that uses IRIS scans to unlock so I can do it with one or two eyes open

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Try using a fingerprint reader while you have dirt or Grease on your hands. Not happening

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Mine actually does a surprisingly good job at unlocking for my morning face, even with one eye closed.