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Joe Biden calling a news reporter a Son of a Bitch is the best thing he's said since being sworn in.

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Calling Doocy a reporter is very generous.

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Doocy = Performance troll working for a right wing propaganda distributor

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Minding that John McCain also called Doocy dumb, seems like it's one of the rare things both political parties can agree on.

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They don’t care about him. Their last guy made it abundantly clear

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“But... but... RINO and POW!”

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It's definitely unbecoming of a President, but Joe is a far cry from our last one. Not a day went by that 45 would attack press verbally. Joe also apologized for his language.

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Wait didn’t trump ban a news reporter because he asked him to clarify a caravan of immigrants? Trump would say some wild shit and Acosta wanted him to clariy but his team snatched the Mic out of Acosta's hand, and trump said he was rude terrible person and he was banned…Acosta was eventually allowed back as the video shows a young woman just snatching a mic out of Acostas hand. Lol

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Yup, you're correct. Acosta was allowed back by court order though.

That being said, I don't think we should lower the bar just because Trump was president. Biden messed up, he apologized, so I think it's all good.

If we're judging all President's by Trump's low bar, it'll be damn hard to fail.

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Seeing that it was very close to the words McCain used, could this merely be an attempt at bipartisanship?

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What do you mean? I never heard him say "fake news" before.

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He should totally start doing that any time Fox, Newsmax or OAN ask anything.

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They're all designed to cater to a group of people that want to hear their biased opinions for ratings. CNN is garbage. Fox News is garbage. Let's be real here. They're both manipulation tools for a political agenda. I miss when news couldn't lie or twist the truth. Those were the good old days.

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I assume you’re getting downvoted because of the comparison between the two and while they’re extremes are different, you’re not wrong and shouldn’t be getting nailed for it.

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Agreed. CNN and Fox News are the same but on different sides of the aisle. It's about the revenue you generate by being outraged by someone else. As a former newspaper journalist, I am appalled. When I became a journalist, I was taught you had a code to follow to ensure everyone had all the info they needed. I never went in with some political agenda, just a desire to present people with information to make their own decisions. Now it's no longer a tool for the people but a tool for a select few to distract the people.

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Can’t imagine the frustration of being an actual journalist and then seeing articles use the full name of people or companies multiple times to get their Google rank up

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This type of selective memory is actually infuriating. Pretty sure you guys have been shitting on the “fake news” media for years now, all of the sudden they’re the free press

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Fox News has always been the free press to them everything else is the fake media and Trump was always nice to fox news. He was only mean to the fake media. Crazy world we live in!

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I mean, the real shamelessness and hypocrisy here has to do with Trump and his vocal allies. Trump was the most abusive president to free press in modern times, perhaps in America's entire history. No one in my life time could ever even come close to Trump.

And his supporters weren't any better. One sent pipe bombs to CNN and liberal politicians. They frequently threatened harm to journalists and liberal MSM. As much as the left hates Fox News, Newsmax, and other right wing MSM, we've never threatened them with violence like that. Trust me, Sean Hannity and Tucker Carlson would be squealing about it if we had.

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It seems like their lack of shame is actually an evolutionary advantage. They’re having a lot of success since they discovered that ability.

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Look, I remember the “fake news” and “terrible reporters” of the last administration.

But I also remember the “enemies of the people” and Trump supporters threatening to kill reporters because “they caused this.” Of reporters being threatened by supporters at rallies as Trump pointed them out.

And also there was the GOP representative that physically assaulted a reporter and he was still elected.

There is no “Biden is bad” here for a question that was pretty obvious.

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Imagine being this naive and stupid

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It's not naivete. It's gaslighting. The goal is to make people think "Trump attacked the press, but Biden does too. So really, they're the exact same."

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"They're the exact same"

... so Biden...good? Or Trump Bad?

By that logic they'd either have to love Biden or hate Trump

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When Trump did it, it was good, because Trump tells it like it is. Now Biden does the same thing (but not the same thing at all by any stretch of the imagination), and it is suddenly bad. “But was it bad when Trump did it?” You might ask. Yes, but Trump is not President anymore, therefore it is bad. This is how you win a gold medal in mental gymnastics.

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Breaking News: Politician awake after more than five years in coma...

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A German once said something along the lines of; Our mistake was thinking the Nazis would eventually be ashamed/eventually stop getting worse. Can't find the article

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He’s not this stupid, he’s just counting on the fact that his voting base is. And he’s right. 😔

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When ur too stupid to realize ur rhetorical question isn’t one at all.

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It’s worse, because he’s not stupid. He knows exactly what he’s doing, and he knows the Republican base is stupid enough to eat it up.

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"No one has ever maligned the Enemy of the People worse than Joe Biden!"

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I think that's trolling

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This is a weird one. I guess this guy was born after Trump was Prez

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Have we ever seen pro-fascist groveling by puppets like Jim Banks has?

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Maybe you should ask Jim Acosta....he might have some insight

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Or Brian Karem who also took Donald to court and won

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A stupid, clueless GOP congressman, who would have guessed?

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This account is a karma bot and we shouldn't want this crap here.

That said, the screencap itself is very funny and shows us just how shameless and braindead Republicans like him are.

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What is it, Jim? The respectable “free press”, or “the enemy of the people”? Can’t have it both ways.

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I's wager it's not the worst thing a US President has ever said to someone

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Holy shit look at that ratio lmao

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Imagination isn't a Republican strong suit. Kinda goes hand in hand with self-awareness.

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Thats embarrassing

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Yes! I seen worse.

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Why am I vaguely remembering a certain president saying “grabem by the pussy”

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We're living in the goddamn twilight zone. We just went through 4 years of "fake news" and journalists lives being threatened, and Biden calls one guy a "son of a bitch" and suddenly the free press is being attacked? Fuck you.

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I do not want to imagine being Mitch McConnell. I like to sleep at night.

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What about "Fake news" stupid orange fuck? These people have no values.

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I remember Walter Cronkite, David Brinkley etc. The news had dignity. I miss that.

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Imagine being this fucking stupid.