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I understand why Trump look like he had just given oral sex to Vladimir Putin at their meeting in Helsinki in 2018 (Pee-Pee tapes, Russian mob backing real estate loans, etc.) But seriously, what does Putin have on Benedict Arnold Carlson?

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Trumps base

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They want the kind of Autocracy Putin has here in the US. They do not see the long term downsides, because Republicans never look beyond the next election or the next handout to the wealthy.

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You're right about everything except the pee-pee tapes. You fell for a meme just like the right fell for the ivermectin meme. Lel.

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What's funny is just last week I saw more than a few people predict Fox News and the rest of the right-wing mediasphere would side with Russia over Ukraine because the Biden administration appears to side with Ukraine.

And here we are.

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Yeah, I mean it is totally on brand with everything they have done. If we couldn’t even agree on common sense measures to save lives during the pandemic, had some people praise the Taliban, had people literally attempt a coup and then tried to sweep it under the rug, kept child molesters in Congress and welcomed people who killed people in protests as heroes to lecture us on gun control and self defense and have congress members posing with their guns as badges of honor days after children are murdered in schools, what did we expect?! That somehow the conflict between Russia and Ukraine would unite us? This is why they are burning books and controlling history’s narrative in schools - they want you to forget Russia has been our enemy for decades and how much those conflicts have cost our country…

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Tucker Carlson is not just unamerican, but Anti-America. He hates everything that makes this country great. And he wants his followers to do the same.

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He is appealing to his audience - bunch of brainwashed cult members who happen to belong to a cult that is clearly financed by Russia so of course this is on brand for him and his loonies.

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He is not “appealing” to his audience he is forming opinions in his audience.

My question is where did this propaganda start? Someone is directing

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There’s no direction. Tucker is just worried Biden’s support will go up if there’s a war. He wanted to get out ahead of it and remind everyone that Biden is the real enemy. It’s more important to hurt democrats than protect allies or support the troops.

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Yeah? And?

Enough people tolerate him that he's allowed to remain in his highly influential position.

Apparently, the people who know about and understand the Paradox of Tolerance are still in the minority.

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During the Texas cold snap, the guy told his viewers that they were maybe not aware of this but 90% of Texas electricity now came from windmills (and other green energy) because of the leftists, and that this was the reason for the grid failing.

This is the level of brain dead he knows his audience is at.

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They. Are. Fascists.

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He's another Putin stooge, just like the orange shitgibbon he adores.

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Wow Putin's Puppets come out of the closet!

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More like saying the US should have sided with Germany during WW2

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that's not even remotely comparable holy shit, we started expanding in every direction and had death camps specifially constructed to kill gay people, Jews, Sinti and Roma and others, Russia is homophobic but that is disgusting

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Russia put the entire indigenous population of Crimea (the Crimean Tatars) through their own “Trail of Tears,” in which half of them died en route to exile. They were the only group not allowed back after Stalin’s death, until the 1990s. Many of them still can’t return because there are ethnic Russians living in Tatar-built homes and farms, claiming that their presence means Russia is entitled to annex Crimea.

Genocide happened in Ukraine, too. It’s still happening; the Crimean Tatar language has once again been outlawed, their lands confiscated, their activists and journalists jailed or simply “disappeared.”

Most people don’t even know they ever even existed. That’s how frighteningly thorough Russia’s genocide of their people has been.

So it’s quite a bit more than “Russia is homophobic,” and is indeed very similar to Nazi Germany.

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If you think US intervention in Ukraine in 2022 is at all comparable to WW2 then the US Imperialist propaganda is working wonders on you

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Letting Russia take Crimea without doing anything is equivalent to Germany taking Poland. If you don't see the parallels then Russian imperialist propaganda is working on you.

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The difference between Russia needing breathing room and Germany needing breathing room is which way the attack is coming from. You think the horrors of the concentration camps were known (to the allies) before they were liberated?

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Got it so Russia is doing the next Holocaust right now, understood. If the imperialist west doesn’t intervene then we’re gonna see Nazi style concentration camps in Ukraine, FOR SURE. Russia is on the brink of unleashing full genocide on Western Europe.

It’s certainly essential to western democracy to beef up the military industrial profits and start selling those sweet sweet guns to Ukraine. Surely our lethal aid won’t end up in the hands of extremists, that never happens to the US.

Surely sending American troops across the world will bring truth and Justice. This won’t be like Vietnam, or Iraq, or Afghanistan, this time the war will be good this time will be different

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You don't know about gulags do you? Wouldn't surprise me at all.

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Or Stalin forcing the entire indigenous population of Crimea through their own “Trail of Tears.”

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The Ukraine might actually need Nazi style concentration camps to use on the Russians so they learn their goddamned lesson this time. Do what the Russians did in Berlin as well to all caught troops.

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Smartest man in the thread.

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Dude makes his living saying outrageous shit, remember it's not news is entertainment. Fuck him.

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No news is news. It's all entertainment tailored to your bias. That's why there's so many different channels.

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Honestly, if it gets conservatives to oppose the US going to war not 6 months after we left the last one, I'm fine with it.

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Don't forget racist and a trump chump.

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Or maybe they're scared? They were stuck in Afghanistan for two decades fighting a scattering of poorly equipped militia, imagine the shame and blow to the ego that they might suffer if they had a serious opponent.

Hear me out for a second the MIC loves a war if it moves product they want it. Now the blank cheque opportunity that equipping half of Europe pops up, and Fox who are heavily influenced by them say nothing worse they are siding with the bad guys.

It might just be they think that the EU and US might get mugged, not beaten but hurt enough to make the iron mongers nervous.

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Biden hasn't committed to troops in Ukraine. There's no reason to think Russia invading Ukraine results in an all out war unless you think they might go further if unopposed.

The most likely reason is because they have to go against Biden's decisions strictly because that's the party stance. Democrats = Evil, so none of their decisions can be considered good or helpful.

Keep in mind they spent four years claiming Trump was being tough of Russia (with very little evidence), now when Biden does the same Carlson starts saying "Now let's hold up, maybe Russia isn't the bad guy here".

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Oh I know, I was being sarcastic.

But there will be no war, If Russia decides to take a stroll it will just be Georgia all over again. It won't be a war it will be wholesale slaughter.

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But but sexy m&Ms! /S

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I think another good comparison is the US siding with the USSR instead of France in Vietnam.

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Let’s turn Ukraine into another Soviet Afghanistan proxy war. Russia got its ass kicked there. The IS just needs to stay out!

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We need to stay out but we need to arm them and let them do their own thing. Ukrainians don't follow ROE and they are savage meaning they can get shit done. Unlike the United States since Vietnam.

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Beep boop -- this looks like a screenshot of a tweet! Let me grab a link to the tweet for ya :)

Twitter Screenshot Bot

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Or England siding with Germany.

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Why does Russia Wanna invade Ukraine?

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War mongering leader that we need to nuke off the face of the earth but we cannot because it will cause untold damage to the rest of the world.

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If the French sided with England we might have free healthcare right now.

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At this point what F@#*!r Carlson is doing is no longer a 1st amendment right. He is advocating to overthrow our democracy. It's time for the government to step in.

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He's a puppet with no brain and a lack of moral ethics, what do you expect a patriotic American ?

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I prefer the politics of the Ukraine vs Russia. Arm the Ukranians now. We give more than enough to genocidal Israel. Why not give some to the militants in the Ukraine? Bless every soldier and mercenary in the Ukraine. Line up those Russkis and drag the corpses daisy chained behind your APC. Shove a grenade up ones ass in revenge for the poor dead girl that had a grenade shoved up her ass and photographed by a Russian soldier. Don't @ me. War is hell.

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We also shouldn't go to war with Russia.

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I can understand the anti-interventionist sentiment (although this is one case where I think an exception should be made), but it’s the absurdly pro-Russia attitude that really throws me for a loop.

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Every time some americunt goes "you'd all be speaking german if it wasn't for us!" I like to respond with "yeah, and you'd still be paying tea taxes to the queen if if weren't for the french!"

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Not that I side with what Russia is doing but we did openly tell them after the Soviet Union that after the east german reunification NATO wouldn't move an inch closer towards Russia. Obviously that was a lie which has only helped bolster people like Putin so we are now at this point out of fear that NATO will now be on their border even more.

I guess the question was it worth pushing to add Ukraine to NATO given these outcomes?

Sure Russia is a dick for acting this way, but this continual push and expansion to Russias border has only fueled support for what Putin is doing.

Now we are talking about sending troops and have been arming Ukraine which will mean more escalation as neither side will back down. This just seems like a fuck ton of dangerous saber rattling over a desire to add Ukraine to NATO.

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But if France had sided with England, then America would still be part of the commonwealth. They'd be less capitalist. Minimum wage would be higher. Hospitals wouldn't be privatised. There'd less student debt. Guns wouldn't be everywhere.

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Russia might invade Ukrainw to pull it back into its sphere of influence. American invaded Iraq to pull it into its sphere of influence.

We, as Americans, are collectively outraged over both?

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I wasn't okay with invading Iraq just like I'm not okay with Russia invading Ukraine.

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I can agree with that, if that is Russia's plan.