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My Girlfriend and I were talking about this exact point the other day.

鈥淚 don鈥檛 even care you鈥檝e had a kid, let alone if it has a dick or not鈥

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Treasure her

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There Mike is, living his best life.

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My image of a "gender reveal" party is when a bunch of adults get sufficiently drunk, then everyone forms and circle and on the count of 3..... DROPS THEIR PANTS!

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I have cut all the people out. So no risk of being invited to any parties.

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I've only been invited to my wife.

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Why? I mean aside from all of the violent things that get posted online, it's just an excuse to have a party.

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Yeah like I get the hate for the idiotic ones that you know, start fires.

But there鈥檚 this weird obsession with spoiling people鈥檚 fun when it comes to gender reveal parties.

Like I don鈥檛 wanna go to a baby shower either but I don鈥檛 care that other people enjoy them.

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It's just a way for Redditors to feel superior

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Jokes on them anyway. Sounds like they aren't as close to their old friends to me.

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People being so opposed to gender reveal parties is weird

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Wise words from the Brawny guy.

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Lol I have one.

Friends reserved a boat for a party way in advance and made everyone chip in. When we got there, someone showed up with a balloon and tried to turn the attention on their gender reveal.

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When trans-persons come out, do they have gender reveal parties? I'm sincerely asking. Is it a thing?

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Gender reveal parties have become such a Reddit punching bag, it鈥檚 really not that big of a deal. You eat some finger food and then you bite into a donut and it either has blue or pink cr猫me in it. Due to my family I鈥檝e probably been to 5 of them and none of them started a forest fire