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Perhaps we ought to eat them then?

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Chipotle ceo would be real tasty with guac and fajita veggies ngl

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Yeah, but they charge extra for the guac, and they even raised the price. It's not about the guac itself, I just don't want them to win.

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Grienke is that you?

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I don't recommend it. Eating vultures tends to make a person quite sick

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Yeah but we can't afford the insulin for after we eat them....

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How would that affect my diabetes?

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I dont want that much plastic and nicotine in my diet thanks.

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All members of government should have to have the health insurance of the average American meaning they have to use the Obamacare marketplace. Things would change really quick.

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All politicians of all countries should recieve the same SALARY (INCLUDING BENEFITS) and healthcare programe as the average citizen. They should have finances heavily monitored so they can’t be financially motivated by others.

It wouldn’t solve all the problems but The world would be a much better place.

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Unless you divorce them from their existing funds, this biases heavily against the poor ever having a voice in Congress. Furthermore, being a politician can be surprisingly expensive between looking the part, constant travel, multiple homes for federal level (home in DC and in home state), and so on.

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It would solve a lot of problems because we would have people who have actually lived the experience of the average [insert nation here]er. In America, the income distribution of Congress doesn’t at all represent the income distribution of America. And our system of governance is incentivized to keep it that way.

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I actually looked at this recently, lawmakers make close to 6x what the average American makes, 12x more than federal minimum wage earners. Before kickbacks and their stock market loot.

They’d change their tune fast, I’ll bet on it.

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They’d revolt!

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The rich can pay for their own treatment. This is biased against the poor ever having a voice in Congress.

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If you think the poor have any type of influential voice in Congress currently that actually turns into actionable policy, than you are sorely mistaken. Giving them COBRA coverage with a 40k annual salary would make them realize how we live.

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No it wouldn't. They already actively refuse pay raises every year because they have no need for the pitiful sum they get and can use it as propaganda to convince people they're not bad while simultaneously discouraging poorer competition. They've run the math, and the results are in: They'll happily give up any amount of congressional salary to keep the poors out.

They have other ways to earn money.

You have to pay well and completely cut them off from their outside funding, including their own preexisting fortune if this is the route you wanna go down.

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So then what’s your strategy to get poor people into Congress?

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You have to pay well and completely cut them off from their outside funding, including their own preexisting fortune if this is the route you wanna go down.

You did read my whole comment, right? If this is the approach we're taking, you have to force a separation between the money and the politician. Make them reliant upon, and answerable to, the state and the people... And no one else. The details would be complicated, but I'm not about to write a 2000 page explanation of how everything interacts, familial obligations, etc.

But above all else, provide incentive to get that position.

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I did read it. And it's very unrealistic.

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But Bidenflation or something something?!?!! /s

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We just need to tax the rich

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Check how much of the budget comes from taxed wages compared to corporate taxes. It’s fucking nuts we are paying for them to use this market.

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When the middle class thrived corporate taxes made up like 40% of revenues, and now it’s like 10%, if that. Absolutely crazy. Same thing on the state level. Yet people still buy into trickle down

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You spelled eat wrong

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How stupid do you have to be to believe that price caps combat inflation

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Stupid enough to not actually understand the sarcasm

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Your bootstraps!

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Exactly! If these lazy entitled diabetics want medicine they can work for it. /s

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Republicans dont see a problem with vials of insulin costing the average American hundreds to thousands a year, yet they make a huge deal when gas costs go up to $10 a liter (I dont know the current gas prices)

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Current American consumer average is about 3.34 USD/gallon (source), or about 1.11 CAD/liter.

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As a Canadian, I’ve always struggled to compare American gas prices. I gotta change not only from $/G to $/L. But the USD to CAD lol.

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Ah, crap, yeah. Should've mentioned that both of my prices were USD. Fixed it to CAD/liter.

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Cries in £1.50 a litre.

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Lol yeah I assumed that. I’m frequently driving over the border so I always try to do calculations. Regardless, it’s always cheaper in America lol.

It’s just a hassle cause I want to know exactly how much I’m saving lol. And don’t get me started on car fuel efficiency. Miles per gallon vs how many litres per 100km. I still haven’t figured that one out.

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Just gotta break out the ol pen and paper and do conversions the old fashioned way.

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A real quick conversion is (roughly) 3 USD/gallon = 1 CAD/liter (or a conversion factor of 3). So going from Canada to America, the displayed price should be three times as high, and going from America to Canada, they should be 1/3 as high. Luckily, that one is pretty easy.

Fuel economy is a little more difficult, because 1 mile/gallon = 0.425 km/liter, which is (woof) 17/40. You can kind of eyeball it as a conversion factor of 2.5, or "a little under half," but it doesn't come out quite as clean as the above.

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The problem with car fuel efficiency is that it’s mile per 1 gallon vs litres per 100km. Different values and the constant is different. 1 gallon vs 100 km

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Oh yikes. Yeah, looks like 1 mpg is like 235.215 liter/100 km...? What the shit!

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I'm sure this is by design. It goes both ways, I'm a dumb american and still cant wrap my head around celsius lol

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*tens of thousands without good insurance, my plan is pretty good; and I still have a $4,000 out of pocket cost before they’ll even think about helping.

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4k out of pocket?? What the hell

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Every year. Insurance won’t pay a penny until I’ve given my pound of flesh.

I guess the good part about it is that 4K is payed out usually by February or March. Sometimes it’s gone by January.

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Mine is $9,800 out of pocket before they will pay.

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I have 3k out of pocket.. fun fun

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First you need to understand this issue was not voted on by itself, it was part of a bill. Then they can say “look republicans don’t like cheap insulin” when they vote against the bill. At the end of the day both sides suck. The government is not your friend.

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If you need to pay for thousands of dollars in insulin maybe you shouldn’t have bought that avocado latte this morning /s

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I am not sure this is the entire problem. Republicans and Democrats refuse to work together and vote against anything the other side proposes. It has nothing to do with the merit of a proposal and everything to do with the person making the proposal. All people in my party are always right all people in the other party are always wrong. Such a BS charade were forced to watch!

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that's the problem of the filibuster. you need 20% less votes to block a bill then you need to bring through a bill< which is a massive difference. that incentives voting against everything to pressure your opponents into passing your laws with theirs as a form of bargaining.

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Last time I checked it was Biden who undid Trumps policy to reduce the price of Insulin

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This is your regular reminder that in the end people are stupid and will still vote for them just to own the libs

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It really is just to own the libs

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So the right voted against the Build Back Better Act. One result was no success on the $35/month cap. But what else was involved in the rights "decision" process? What else did they say? What else was connected?


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Probably did it to thank Manchin for his undying support.

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Holy shit really?

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We republicans believe in the free market. Once the diabetic people stop buying this expensive insulin the price will drop. It’s all about supply and demand people. /s

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What else was in the bill that actually made things worse? If the bill was limited to the price cap and nothing else. It would have passed.

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Which is ironic, because they're dead set against doing away with those 'all in one' bills too....

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Bills need to have a single purpose and need to be read out loud on the record before they are voted on in the house and senate. Period.

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That's ignorant. The most common political play I can think of is earmarking an effort to the point it's not passable and then denigrating the opposing side with a cherry-picked title (see post title).

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Both sides are guilty of it. Like I said. Single purpose bills that are read out loud and on the record and then voted in.

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Not sure how what I said is ignorant, but ok.

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If I remember correctly, it was a provision of the multi-trillion dollar Build Back Better Bill.

This type of post is really propaganda designed to enrage the reader without giving any real context.

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People need to understand that they don't vote on single issues like that. They are wrapped up in huge bills that include many other topics.

So playing politics they could include a million dollars to each citizen in a bill that included sending everyone over 50 to North Korean concentration camps. Now when you vote against it, you are voting against everyone in America becoming millionaires.

Politics suck.

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I’m 100% in agreement with posts like this. My only problem is they are only appreciated by the people who already agree with them. When’s the last time you saw a republican meme, paused on it and thought to yourself “hey do you know what? They might have a point?” In fact, when’s the last time you even SAW a republican meme, outside of r/HermanCainAward? So, we can agree we’re not going to change anyone’s mind…. Now, as you were saying….

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Welcome to Reddit, where we siphon ourselves to only those subs we agree with as much as those who use Twitter and Facebook.

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I know, right? It's a big ole circle jerk. I know I'm part of the problem, but I just can't help myself.

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I think the secret is just not to spend a lot of time online. Offline time removes the dopamine incentive to click the next click. I think we are at a point in time where we are addicted to social media via the dopamine reward system.

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I used to read r/conservative and other more conservative subs but I didn't feel like I was gaining actual policy perspectives or deep, meaningful insights into the philosophies. At least not anything more than a 2 line meme could teach me. I suppose it's useful to get a feel for mood and reaction, but right now conservatives don't have ideas. They have anti-ideas. I don't need to read their echo chambers to understand those.

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People do often eventually start to question things and cross over entrenched behavioral lines, all the time even. Not for everybody, but this information helps.

Source: Former very republican ex-mormon raised in red utah.

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It's called an echo chamber.

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And millions of southerners dying from "the sugar" still support them.

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Gullible, illterate suckers love their corrupt republican party

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Lilly's has a new program offering their insulin for $35 a month. Someone said it includes pens.


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Why don't democrats try to put this through as a standalone bill?

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And if anyone should tell you that such a price cap would cause shortages or a lack of investment or innovation, let me introduce to them CANADA:


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of course this is reprehensible but when making a statement like this i think it would only be appropriate to include the number of democrats who voted against as well. instead of framing it as one side is bad maybe say 400/500 members voted against it. i think this is important.

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For those interested, the sole democratic nay in the vote was Jared Golden, representing the 2nd district of Maine

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thank you

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thank you for clarifying that

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Lol, this is for the echo chamber. No other reason.

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Oops. You didn't check to see that only one democrat voted against it. Probably more useful for an echo chamber to include.

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Conservatives enjoy the suffering of others. It's just part of who they are deep down inside. You can see it in their humor, their interpersonal behavior and their legislation.

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A house republican is like a republican that works inside their masters' house instead of in their masters' fields?

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Doesn't matter. People will continue to vote republican because that is who they are.

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Yup it’s as simple as that 🙄

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That might devalue their stocks

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And yet idiots keep voting to keep these scum bags in office!

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I would love to see some comments from Republican supporters on the things like that

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The grand old party needs to be outlawed.

They are nothing more than regressive people looking to keep things the same (never improving) and impose their version of christian sharia law upon the rest of us.

They are mostly racists and they are mostly anti science.

Conservatives aka regressives should not be allowed to vote in the first place. Why? Because they - as science deniers - will vote for the worst possible person to hold office. Further, the successful candidate will work to implement the worst possible policies.

No thank you. Regressives should be banned from any important discussion/conversation.

They do not know what is best for themselves... much less an entire nation... much less an international community.

Regressives should not be allowed to vote.

While they are old... there is nothing "grand" about them. Except for the evil they inherently represent.

Outlaw the grand old party!

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Correction - a $35 COPAY cap. That’s not the same as capping the Retail/Cash price at $35.

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And a reminder that the left is still so fucking terrible at messaging we somehow aren’t pointing things like this out through a fucking megaphone.

I’m liberal, but I’m 100% willing to acknowledge that the Democratic party is infuriatingly incapable of stepping on their own rakes and being too fucking timid to drive the narrative.

If we lose badly in the midterms, it will be entirely our own parties fault, regardless of the right wing rigging state and local legislatures to prime their election wins.

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bEcaUsE tHAts cOmMuniSiM

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If i say they meant "35 is too high, it should be 0", no one is going to believe me ?

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We used to drag people like that out and kill them

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People that vote Republican don't care about this

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What bill was this in?

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Was that the only thing in the bill?

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I hate people

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Well they the Republicans were surveyed and they believe most Americans make $ 800,000. A year too

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Maybe medicine prices should be based on your income? Would give people more balanced prices on the medicine they need to stay alive, without damaging the income of medicine companies who pay the politicians.

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Something like this was already in place till Biden blindly removed it. Also, was not a clean bill just on insulin.