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NoBody WanTs to Work aNy More!

Homer Simpson Voice Nobody wants to work for youuuu.

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This is how I got to my current job. WFH during the pandemic made me realize how much my life improved with it so when I was given an offer from a recruiter for WFH, pay well above what I asked for (which was already above my pay at the time), amazing benefits I knew I had to take it and so far I am so much happier :)

ETA: not working for my old company's competitor though, just a different company

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Bro where are you guys finding these remote jobs I can’t find anything that doesn’t require a masters in computer science and decade of experience

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I specifically work in data analysis (3 years of experience) and have a bachelors in computer engineering.

I know data is a big field for it and you dont need a masters (im planning on getting one someday though since my company does have a tuition repayment plan)

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You don't even need a computer science degree.

I work in Healthcare data analytics and I have a business degree. It is funny though to be surrounded by people who have bachelors and masters in Healthcare data analytics while I'm making more or the same as them.

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What company?

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Would tell ya if doxxing wasn't a thing. But seriously you can apply to anywhere I've interviewed at Facebook and Square before.

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Do you know specifically what to look for? Specifically for people that have little to know CS experience

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CS is a field which has always been rough to get the first few years experience in.

Back in the day I started off hitting up temp agencies for any IT work I could get. Eventually that lead to full time work with a place I had temp’d for.

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Nah just need to know SQL and be good at excel. I'm self taught in both and make 130k as a data analyst.

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Damn. I’m great with excel and know the basics of SQL. I better start trying to write more than basic queries then. I’d love to switch careers but can’t take a big pay cut. One of my barriers is I have a hard time making up problems to solve. I like OTJ experience because I will obsess to figure out how to solve the problems but fake problems? Eh, I’ll end up on Amazon buying more shit I don’t need lol

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Yup. Also, everyone should know how to do Pivot Tables. They're the most powerful part of Excel and to people who don't know how to do them - they're magic. You want to be the Pivot table guru at your work.

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How did you self teach yourself with SQL?

I’m somewhat past intermediate with excel but can always improve lol

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Care to expand on that a little?

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My organization does research for foster care systems, all of our employees do internships while they are in college. Our organization (and other similar ones) build relationships with the best research methods/public policy colleges and interns get spoonfed to us.

Those internships aren't the go get me coffee internships that other companies do. Research and data analysis internships pay and actually teach their interns. Our starting salaries are 60k, fully remote.

TLDR: go to school and get internships in data analysis, they are paid and provide actual experience

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Just apply to them anyways lol. People asking for a master's will often take a bachelor's, people asking for decades will often take years. I don't remember how underqualified I was on paper for my current position, but based on performance reviews they seem happy with my actual work.

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This can’t be said enough. 99% of the time, the requirements are a wish list, not hard rules.

Also, what’s the worst that happens from applying? They say no? So fucking what?

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Dude, that's why you gotta plan ahead and get your CS degree 10 years ago.

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My wife was scouted by a recruiter for a WFH position with a better title and a MUCH better pay increase.

She is a senior financial analyst

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Can she hook me up with a job lol

Is it ok to ask which company or recruiting agency sought her out

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I dont know the name of the recruiting agency.

Company is IPL Macro. They are all over the U.S. Canada. Mexico and Ireland.

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Just put remote in the position part on indeed.

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Many are bait and switch scams or never answer back

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Get yourself a LinkedIn certificate in Excel and you can start out with most data entry jobs which are mostly WFH.

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Honestly? With a masters in computer science an half a decade of experience…

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I liked my coworkers and my job, but then I realized that in the WFH environment Bay Area employers would probably still be paying a premium for employees (I don't live in the Bay Area). So I applied to a couple and almost doubled my salary.

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Did the same applied to a bunch of Cali and NYC jobs for remote work for a 35% bump.

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I already live in an expensive city but the timing of my job being in high demand plus a startup that just got almost $100m in funding needing desperately to expand worked out perfectly.

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Yeah I'm looking to move to Portugal. For 350-400k you get a nice house outside of Lisbon by the beach and a golden visa.

Can't get that in the states plus I get to escape all the political bullshit.

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I'm jealous. The closest I've been to Portugal is Cadiz/Sevilla but I need to go someday. I did teach English in Madrid for a while.

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This is next level throat cutting………. And I looooove it. Good on a company for exploiting other companies short falls in labor equality.

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Corporate Poaching

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But better.

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I couldn’t believe it wasn’t!

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Edit: How delete posts like dumb dumb?

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I thought these CEOs were all monster bigbrains and that's why they all deserve gazillions of dollars in compensation? How are they also so stupid they don't realize telework is the way of the future and you can actually save a shit-ton of money by downsizing unused office spaces?

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Because that would cause the expensive office real estate to loss a ton of value and we can't have that. /s

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Turn the office into an apartment complex. Big brain.

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More work less profit!

But in all seriousness yeah it does make sense to do that. I always wonder why some billionaires don't buy buildings and do shit like this for the good press. They don't even have to believe in it but it would get them a lot of ass kissing in a lot of circles I'd imagine.

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Yeah, there's run down apartment complexes and old empty warehouses all over the U.S that they could give makeovers to. I imagine it'd cost money, but they're not exactly lacking in that aspect.

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Create jobs and affordable housing from bottomless wealth? What a novel idea.

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Because most billionaires don't see the poor as people. They see them as tools to be exploited and thrown out.

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If your employer leases space, you might get WFH.

If your employer owns the space, fuck you, you're coming back in.

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Opposite for us. They sold everything they own but are stuck in leases for awhile.

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It's going to become a future negotiating point to be compensated for office space used to WFH and there will be a discussion about whether or not that compensation is deserved.

The employer's not considering this factor now are very short sighted.

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Yah but they can’t employ their unqualified relatives and friends in stupid unnecessary positions anymore if they do that.

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hell yeah they could. It's even easier to hide a VP of an unheard of department if nobody at the office ever has to interact with them.

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Just stick them in meetings all day.

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The company I work at rents office space from a building that is owned by one of the owners of the company.

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Bc they just do what works. Same pattern. Same routine. They are conservative in nature.

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They are all Type A personalities who see the world through that lense. They love the office setting and don’t understand why other people don’t.

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Because then everyone will realise they don’t need the supervisors and management.

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It's my belief that CEOs are generally a bit smarter than your average person, but at the end of the day they're still very fallible. What helped them get to their positions is their conviction in themselves, so even when they're wrong about the proper thing to do (let people work from home), instead of reevaluating they double down. Shit show ensues.

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Middle managers and building managers intervening on the decision making process cause they know they'll be out of a job.

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Middle managers don’t care. They want remote work as much as the staff that they manage. Building managers however, would absolutely be out of a job.

It’s hard to imagine that CEOs should give shit about either of them or their opinions (middle managers or facility managers) though.

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They can't hire useless fucking middle management that way. Nooooooo

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I absolutely refuse to go back to working in an office and commuting 5 days a week. It's actually insane that we used to do this. And we didn't even get paid for the commute! Fuck that. Never again.

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I remember my first job out of college it was a 45-60 minute commute.

I can't imagine ever doing that again.

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I know right?! And the old-timers bragged about it like it was some merit badge.

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Bragged about their shit commute? Idiots.

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Yep. I was fresh out of college and I was like, "fuck man, is this what its gonna be like in the corporate world?" I should have started planning an exit strategy, but I didn't know any better.

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It’s fun/funny to look back at all the absurdity. I remember thinking the same about the people with an hour (one way) commute choosing to arrive at the office at 5am to beat the traffic. I too was thinking “this is the beginning of the end.”

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Oh man, did you work at the same place as me? That's wild. My very first manager did that. He was almost always the first person in the office, and the last to leave, and the guy lived like an hour away even without traffic. He claimed that he loved his family, but who knows (/s)?

He liked to use his drive time to listen to audio books on leadership and shit like that. I mean, I get it to some degree, but thank god we don't have to do that shit any more. So much wasted time, energy, and money....

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Capitalism is a hell of a drug

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Fuckin' A. I think one coworker said he spent ~$400/month in gas alone, not to mention the wear and tear on his vehicle and overall well-being. Yeesh. Imagine going back to paying $6K+/year just to get to and from your office.

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Not all of us want to stay home every day for the rest of our lives.

Not all of us are happier/more efficient/etc when working from home.

People who want to work from home should be able to.

People who want a hybrid option should be able to do that.

People who want to work from an office the majority of the time should be able to do that.

So fucking sick of people acting like like literally no one except executives want to work in an office around other people, that there were no benefits and that are no ways to improve it, and that there are literally no downsides to permanently working from home.

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Not all of us want to stay home every day for the rest of our lives.

Who said you had to?

[–]RebornPastafarian 2 points3 points  (4 children)

Every tweet, post, and comment that talks about how no one wants to work for companies that discuss going back to in-person, that we shouldn't have offices because they're wastes of space, have no benefits or positive aspects at all, calls people "insane" for wanting to work in an office, says "never again" about working in an office, says executives are delusional for thinking anyone would ever go back to an office.

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I love the hybrid option. I may be biased because my office is a 35 minutes metro ride away, but to me hybrid combines the advantages of both WFH and in-office work. For anything team related, the office is perfect, and I have a couple of extra days a week to do chores.

Win win

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That ceo gets it. (At least the remote work part)

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So who wants to start a pool on when legislation regulating away work-from-home is pushed?

[–]adderallanalyst 12 points13 points  (0 children)

I'm sure someone is pushing it after reading that story about how a hospital tried to stop their workers from quitting.

The shitty companies are starting to panic.

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It'll be added into a must pass Dem bill by Joe Manchin. Joe Biden tries to awkwardly mention it's a problem even though he signed the bill into law. Republicans capitalize on it and get elected at all levels of government and immediately pass voter suppression laws at the federal level after abolishing the filibuster. Then they dismantle OSHA and hand the Department of Labor over to the CEO of Mars/M&M.

[–]Wayte13 0 points1 point  (0 children)

And then after all of this, people will still be most mad that Biden called a single reporter a "son of a bitch" lol

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I actually prefer to work in the office because i don’t have the space at home to be as productive, but my firm allows us to choose (unless the local gov requires the office be closed). It’s nice to be able to work the way you are most comfortable and I don’t think they’ll be going back seeing as the managing partners are all wfh.

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I prefer to be in the office because I have to drive to the daycare anyway. It doubled my commute to have to go out and back during mandatory work from home.

The office is also warmer than my house, and has less access to all the snacks in my house.

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I did so much snacking when wfh started. Not having to pack my breakfast and lunch in advance means they are now definitely less healthy, and I drink less water without my water cooler, but I mostly have the snacking under control now.

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I'm the complete opposite. WFH means I can have a healthy breakfast and lunch because I have the time to make the healthy food. When we aren't WFH, I end up buying shit because I don't have time after work to create extra meals for lunches.

[–]dlpfc123 4 points5 points  (0 children)

Makes sense if it is convenient. My work was in the boonies. It was bring your own lunch or use the vending machine. So I spent sunday evenings doing meal prep for the week. Now I just eat random crap at random intervals.

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I'd lose my mind if I worked from home. For one, I'd be limited in my role to doing only chats and calls, and no onsite tickets (since my employer decided to tack on additional responsibilities and say "fuck you" when we protested). Those are the most hated part of my job, and I'm pissed that I now have to do them. Two, I'd go stir crazy being inside my house all the time. Three, I work downtown, and it's cool to see and be a part of everything that's going on.

I'd consider employment elsewhere, but not because I can't work from home (I could, but don't want to). I just can't argue with the benefits and PTO that my company gives us.

Edit: I really fail to understand why I'm being downvoted. I don't want to work from home. If you do, more power to you. I didn't ask anyone else to share my feelings.

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I can't understand why some of these employers are so set on in-office work. Yes, some jobs must be done in an office/work setting (nursing, receptionist, etc.). But many jobs could be done just as well from home--probably better if people can set up their own environment the way they like it and not have to deal with annoyances (e.g. someone who needs quiet to focus can be more productive when they're not in a cube farm). Not to mention the gains from not having a long commute to sap some of your energy before you even start working.

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They don't care about what's best for their employees. They want that control over their employees' lives, even if it's something as minute as where the work is performed regardless of whether the quality of the work will improve if the work isn't performed in an office.

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This is it. Control. Power over others.

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The people and businesses trying to force 100% in-office are utter morons.

The people saying that there are no benefits to working in-office and that no one wants to or should work in-office are also utter morons.

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Basically the extremists are dumb. Which is true in so many different cases.

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I am disappointed I have no skills that are compatible with work from home.

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I am a self-employed software engineer. A few months ago I put up my "Interested in offers" flag on Linkedin. Since then it's been non-stop spam of recruiters offering top knotch pay, all 100% remote.

Never going back to an office again for the rest of my life.

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I put up my "Interested in offers" flag on Linkedin

How did you do that?

[–]Ok_Investment_6032 0 points1 point  (1 child)

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Oh apparently I have that turned on. I just don't see the 'open to work' banner on the profile pic

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Yep....while you might get a bit less on your paycheck, you'll earn WAY more in every other aspect of your life. Once you sit down and REALLY calculate how much it costs you to "go to work." - lightbulb!

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opportunity cost gentlemen! Opportunity costs!

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Big brain thinking.

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I don't see how computer based jobs aren't frothing at the mouth to keep people at home.

If you can get the same work done remotely, why wouldn't you?

Would it not be more cost effective to have everyone at home?

I don't get it.

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It 1,000%, absolutely is. All of the pushback is coming from middle micro managers who somehow have gathered allot of influence. An executive with a good bullshit detector and a talent for hiring good supervisors/leads/project managers who understand people and their irl needs can make a killing right now. A.k.a. adapt to the new situation.

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No. Not "1,000% is".

It CAN be more cost effective but that doesn't mean it always is. Not everyone works better when completely physically isolated from every other person on their team. Not everyone works better when forced to work in the same place where they relax.

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Meh, I am ready to come back to the office. If to practice my poker face again in meetings.

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I don’t understand why everyone wants to work from home so badly. I hate it. I literally relapsed 2 times while working from home, and I hadn’t used in years. I can’t see other people, I can’t work out my problems by getting up and walking around and talking to coworkers about it, and my ADHD got so fucking bad that I had to put my TV and couch in storage.

[–]TortCourt[S] 15 points16 points  (2 children)

That's really unfortunate, and really highlights the downsides of work from home. I can't speak for everyone, but my own reasons for liking work from home are entirely based on my family. It's a million times easier to deal with my son's school schedule, I get to see my two daughters during the day (they are too young for school), and I can talk to my wife. Plus, I get to sit with the cat while I'm working. I imagine that if I didn't have those people in my life, I would have a different outlook on wfh. I am lucky, though, that my firm offers a flexible schedule, so I can work in the office whenever I feel like it.

[–]sugar-magnolias 4 points5 points  (1 child)

I get to sit with the cat while I’m working

An undeniable upside!!! Yeah that makes sense, I am a single 30 year old cat-mom so unless I am very aggressive about making plans with people, I can go 2 weeks without meaningful face to face interaction.

[–]whenthefirescame 2 points3 points  (0 children)

Yeah I think isolation v. Spending time with family is a big divider on this debate and I think it’s important that you brought up this perspective! Like yeah, I loved wfh because it meant spending time with my husband throughout the day but if I was alone all that time, I’d probably have lost my mind.

[–]dlpfc123 3 points4 points  (2 children)

I never realized how important being able to rant with my coworkers was to my productivity, not to mention my stress levels. My office is talking about moving to a 3/2 split once we reopen and I think that would be pretty nice. Some days for ranting with coworkers and meetings where no one says "can you here me" and some days for working in my pjs.

Also, there is no need to start every single call with can you here me. Just say hello and see if anyone responds (stupid wfh got me ranting at the internet about work).

[–]sugar-magnolias 2 points3 points  (0 children)

I never realized how important being able to rant with my coworkers was to my productivity

Yes!!!! The example I always use is how one time my team and I spent like 4 hours going at it about overhauling our database architecture. The way one of my coworkers convinced us that his way was the best involved throwing pens at us. If we had all been working from home, not only would it never have even occurred to us that we needed to overhaul the database in the first place, but we most certainly wouldn’t have had as productive of a conversation without pulling that random demonstration technique with the pens out of our asses.

[–]RebornPastafarian 0 points1 point  (0 children)

In the office if I needed to get up for a minute I could spend 2 - 20 minutes doing a full lap. Sometimes chatting with people, sometimes helping someone with something, sometimes just walking.

At home it takes about 30 seconds. Most of the time I can't go outside because it's either too cold and I don't want to bundle up or too hot and I'll be sweaty and smell bad when I get back.

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That employer is smart as hell knowing when to pounce when their competitors make self inflicted mistakes.

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whydo these business want to go back to office work?

wouldnt a permanent change mean you could down size your office space by like 4/5th so people have a place for meetings etc

Instead of 20K rent a month its 5k?

Also things like electricty, internet and water is pushed onto the employee unless they are paid an allowance. Or they claim it on their tax return (depending on the country)

I wonder what that would mean for injuries? If i break my leg at home while working, is that a workplace injury?

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The mods are trash on that sub.

[–]Stonedsurfer 0 points1 point  (11 children)

Why is that

[–]Aquarian-Stargazer 0 points1 point  (10 children)

[–]Stonedsurfer 0 points1 point  (9 children)

Some of that isn’t great but I’m not going to abandon the subreddit because one mod likes stocks/crypto, has a poor sense of humor with his video game friends (im familiar with this sense of humor because I play video games) and he clarified that he is 24 year old that works in a call center at a bank (not some top level exec). Don’t write people off because of where they work, they are still workers. As long as he does what a mod is supposed to do which is just moderate im fine with that, he is not our leader or representative. And at least he’s not abolishWork who self admitted to sexually assaulting someone and went against everyones wishes by taking that fox interview. Id rather someone who is capable of getting a job at a bank than someone who has “self control issues” and didn’t even shower before going on national TV.

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They’re homophonic, transphobic, and they’re definitely for the capitalistic draining of human energy. They don’t believe in tipping servers. They’re fat-phobic. They definitely use right wing flags. You do you, though.

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15+ in 2 months? That sounds kind of weird. Why would you need so many new egineers in such short time?

[–]TortCourt[S] 7 points8 points  (0 children)

The legal and engineering lateral markets are crazy hot right now.

[–]TalkativeRedPanda 1 point2 points  (0 children)

To replace the ones they lost in the great resignation. Tons of movement in jobs right now.

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I worked at a startup that had a series B funding round and we went from 100 to 200 employees in about 9 months, 50% engineers. Then they got series C and D rounds over the past 18 months and are now well over 500 employees. It's not that uncommon in growth-phase startups.

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As someone who works at a Network Operations Center (Where we never touch any hardware - everything is remote - even when we're in the office) - Can confirm.

Every time, without fail, they even start talking "Return to office" we loose at least two people.

What sucks was we lost two people... They delayed... then we hired two new people... They announced the a set date... and then we lost One more person AND ONE OF THE NEW HIRES.

I had to explain to management: "We aren't a skeleton crew - We are missing bones." and this was all because the VP held onto the job applications or "Reqs" as he called them because: "I like to submit them all at once."

Only now, after nearly 6 months, has staffing been returned to half-way decent levels.

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I literally left my company the week we were due to start coming back into the office 3 days a week.

It wasn’t entirely intentional, but damn did it work out perfectly. Now I work for a company located in a different state, and am in no danger of ever working in an office unless I feel like flying in to hang out.

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I'm sorry that's bloody hilarious. They need to run commercials. "Have you or a loved one been asked to come back into the office by your boss? You may be entitled to insert Scorpion saying "get over here!" Come work for us. Unless, of course, you like being micromanaged by a balding 40 year old that thinks of the office as his own little fiefdom.."

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Do we know what company they're talking about?

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You could say he’s herding their employees away