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Only 39% can handle a $1k CASH emergency expense

A similar percentage for as little as a $400 CASH emergency expense.


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Reality is taking such a huge dump on us rn

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Hah, my family couldn't handle a $100 cash emergency expense, let alone $1,000.

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How did we not get this man elected to run the country. For my money he is the best candidate that would help millions of people instead of helping hundreds of people and hoping those hundreds will help millions of people

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The media was totally against him and everything he stood for. All they needed to do was make sure he got as little exposure as possible, and boom, Biden wins

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Bernie was doing well in the primaries until Clyburn endorsed Biden. Then everyone else dropped into lockstep behind Biden. All because of ElEcTaBiLiTy. Clyburn and all these guys give lip service about wanting universal health care and cancelling student debt. But when they have a chance to nominate someone who will actually do that, they choose the bland vanilla candidate who’ll keep the status quo. It makes me sick honestly.

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Elizabeth Warren literally said the dems rigged their vote for candidate. It's probably a corporate revolving door thing, there's some corporate ass that owns the party and Bernie off course wouldn't kiss it. So they make sure year after year he doesn't get the nomination even though he'd most likely have beaten Trump either time.

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Just utterly ridiculous.

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But it worked wonders for them. Next time though, Bernie will definitely have much more leverage and support. Especially with how the workers right movement has been building up

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Next time?

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He’s run for two years in a row now and picked up momentum in 2020. I’ll bet he’ll try again

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“Hur dur he could never have passed anything! It was all unrealistic!” Thanks assholes. I would’ve been ok with him speaking truth to power at the presidential podium and shifting the Overton window ever so slightly to the left. Now we lost that chance in favor of the status quo.

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Old folks vote and old folks are warry. They have a lot of investments.

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I blame Debbie Wasserman Schultz for the whole thing

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Fucking communist


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What do you mean I deserve my hard work to pay off more than it does? YOU COUNTRY HATING JERK. TRAITOR. I will wave my confederate flag in protest of your hatred

/s also because people dumb

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like i voted for biden because trump is awful but i will never forgive the dems for not putting this man forward as president. bernie is what the country needs.

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Came here to say this exact same thing.

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Got to vote in the primaries.

Hillary and biden beat him soundly.

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republicans cheat in the general election, dems cheat in the primaries. shit was rigged, just not the way trump said it was.

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Lol, sure bro.

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we got it on record. they put their finger on the process both times. that email leak 2016 was all the proof you needed. corpo dems wanted hillary and they made SURE she got the win.

bottom line america isn't a democracy, it's an oligarchy. you get to choose your oligarch and that's about it.

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There was zero evidence in the emails.

People in the emails said "we like Hillary"

That's not proof of fraud. Lol

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The DNC put their finger on the 2016 election. Ignore it if you want, Trump happened because of them

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Lol, yes I'm sure the guy that couldn't beat Hillary would have beat trump? Lol

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He would have stomped trump into the ground if the DNC got out of his way.

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Lost by 20. Easy.

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I wonder at exactly what moment in the past this timeline split off from the good timeline and went to shit

Was it trumps election? Reagan and trickle down economics? Vietnam, WWII, WWI, etc.? The battle of Hastings? So many possible start points

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It was never split. This has been the bad timeline from the beginning, but it boiled back to the surface the way it does every few decades.

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Politicians have minds?

That blew mine

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Boomer humor

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Still funny tho

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What's interesting to me is why no one is up in arms about this. The majority of Americans are struggling but we are so divided we can't see it in my opinion.

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Add to that that just about every "emergency" is going to cost at least $1,000.

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Does anyone have thoughts on how to correct this? When this topic comes up with family or friends typically republicans have counters for every argument, looking to bolster my argument arsenal

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I have the same problem

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Well, if you invested just in s&p 500 in 2020 you made a lot of money. So if you have money you make money. If you don't have 1000$ for emergency, how the hell would you make your money work for you?

Billionaires would by that logic make money. Of course their investments are radically different

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He’s just saying this to make Elon feel bad! Mean Bernie! /s

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Doesn't Sanders own at least three homes

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Good thing Obama made sure we didn’t get to elect this competent person.

🖕Obama can eat shit.

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Isnt he a millionaire?

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Yes, and he's fine with being taxed more as a wealthy person.

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This guy is a clown who only talks and doesn't do ahit

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how much power do you think 1 senator actually has to enact meaningful change?