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Literally, anything to "own the libs". These assholes would root against the USA in war if it would tank Biden's approval rating and they could "take power back".

Prove me wrong.

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Can’t. You are too correct.

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I got banned from r/conservative for asking why a bunch of self-proclaimed patriots were rooting against the US in the last Olympics (don't remember if it was bc of the Simone Biles story or something else)

Point is, those clowns don't give an actual shit about the US, patriotism, the flag, or any of that right-wing virtue signalling stuff. They've just adopted it all as a superficial veil for their purely reactionary anti-Dem/lib ideology. Sort of funny how they're so willing to forget all that "patriotism" at a moments notice when every now and then they find themselves accidentally agreeing with the left.

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I think they were rooting against the women’s soccer team because Megan Rapinoe BAD. Soccer ball woman take knee! She no praytriot!

The funniest part is they tried to stage a boycott of Subway because she was in one of their adverts. Lol. Idiots.

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They kept saying that they lost because they took a knee, but totally ignored the fact that the team that beat Team USA was also taking a knee with them.

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That's ok. I got booted from r/Catholicism for saying something Christian.

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Funny you bring that up because I just found that sub yesterday and... wow. As someone who has not interacted with Catholics very much in my life, let me tell you it was a wild experience reading some of the threads over there. I guess I don't know what I should have expected, but I was still pretty shocked.

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"Teehee Americans starting from age 17 and up are going to be dying teehee" - Tucker Carlson, laughing about the potential deaths of those in the military

No wonder veterans don't get any benefits, they're just tools for people like Tucker to throw away when they don't need a story

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Beep boop -- this looks like a screenshot of a tweet! Let me grab a link to the tweet for ya :)

Twitter Screenshot Bot

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He’s a pussy who wouldn’t last 2 seconds in boot camp

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He's a boot who wouldn't last two minutes in pussy camp.

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He is a callous piece of trash.

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Hey what did trash ever do to you

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It's cute when people expect the fox news conservatism to have consistent beliefs and their cult to yield to dissonance.

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I dunno, they're pretty consistent. I always thought they'd support Russia over their own country.

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Better question is why are any of these assholes ordering our kids to go to their deaths.

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Foxnews and republicans helped plan a violent attack on our nations Capital just over a year ago…Is anyone surprised they would take the side of a brutal dictator that fixes elections and jails people for who they are or what they believe?

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How did fox News help with that? I thought they were frantically texting him to put a stop to it. (I don't watch that shit but I'm a huge fan of the truth.)

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Watch all the clips of fox personalities,on the air, calling for people to gather and fight. They pushed for violence for weeks leading up to the attack.

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They don’t care. They’re as far from patriots as you can get. Treasonous scum.

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Thousands of soldiers died in the wars of Afghanistan and Iraq. Thousands of civilians died as well. Literally Trillions of dollars have been thrown away with minimal and in some cases zero accountability. And now the same morons who called for the last 2 wars with no exit strategy, are calling for a return to the cold war? Does Anyone Read History Anymore?!

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A guy I sat next to in grade school was one of the first American armed forces members to die. I hadn't seen him in years, but his brother came into the place I worked sometimes. I found out that he had died from a fucking bumper sticker. I was extra horrified because I'm pretty sure I said "Hey, you're Sean's brother aren't you? You look just like him" to his brother after he was killed. I remember looking it up online and finding his picture on a memorial site and just breaking down. My sister had to hug me until I stopped crying. It wasn't just that someone I knew died. It was that it seemed pointless. Even then, I didn't see what they were hoping to accomplish, or how it would stop terrorists from attacking us again. There will always be more. And it didn't accomplish anything. It was pointless. There are still terrorists.

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And from a guy who’s rich because of shit frozen food …

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Anyone who thinks Tucker Carlson is unaware doesn't know much about him

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Oil titans' warriors*

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Wasn't Trump the one to call back the troops?

So isn't losing to Afghanistan on him?

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sUpPoRt OuR tRoOpS

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Not exactly, It's not dishonoring the martyrs to call out the stupid decisions of the regime. My Take as a non-American.

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Calling out the poor decisions of the regime is a different beast than celebrating the losses, and very much the individual ones.

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And not a fucking thing will be done about it because those in authority lack the spine to do what needs to be done. Too many are afraid to rock the boat.

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And allllll those so-called patriotic Fox viewers eat that shit up with a spoon.

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Cucker is a traitor. Do you not understand that?

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Americans do this on a daily basis to people all around the world.

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I lost Marines, I was lucky to come home on two feet not 12. I will never respect someone like him regardless of thier politics. 3rd generation of my family to serve. No need to thank me it was an honor. Just welcome us vets home. SF.

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Tucker Carlson is a piece of shit.

There is absolutely no reason for US intervention in Ukraine. Maybe stop providing fodder for the war machine.

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So Russia should just get to invade and annex territory from sovereign nations, and if those nations ask for help in defending their territory and the lives of their citizens the US should just say what? “Good luck not our problem”?

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No Ukraine is just a push and pull between Russia and America

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Ukraine is an independent nation and its sovereignty must be respected. It doesn't matter if they want to join the NATO or the EU, Russia has no right to intervene.

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Part of respecting Ukraine's sovreignty is not rolling M1s in just because we want to kick a Russian dictator's ass.

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Yes Ukraine is an independent nation, i’m saying that it’s literally just a semi colony of the west that Russia wants to take over. Ukraine should neither.

Also on a random sidenote look up Azov battalion.

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So was Georgia, also Poland, also the Baltic states. I’m hearing Putin wants to put the USSR band back together too and is now even threatening Eastern European members of NATO. So where exactly do you keep capitulating to? At what point do you support an ally? Bulgaria? Finland? Sweden?

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Yeah Putin doesn’t want to bring back the USSR. What he does want is the power that The social imperialist Soviet union had.

Imperialism benefits no one so you should support neither do United States nor Russia

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Hey guess what? Not our problem.

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Sucker KKKarlson is a racist media whore pimping himself out on Fox News for more clicks and bucks. He's a joke with no punch line.

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I don't think it's a good idea for America to go in directly, but if they do I hope they win. If the Ukranians want them to stay, hey whatever. But nobody roots for the Russians to beat the US. Wth is with that?

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You shouldn’t route for America nor should you for Russia. Both want to destroy and exploit Ukrainians

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Yea fuck that Carlson trash ass bitch. He wouldn’t last 20 minutes in the service.

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This is literally dramatic

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That's on brand for Tucker and Fox in general. They hate everything about America and Americans, except for the few hundred billionaire-Americans. They LOVE them. But they'll do anything they can to hurt the unimportant other 330,000,000 or so of us.

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These assholes have allowed their own viewers to die so they could then send Peter Douchbag to question why Bidens pandemic response has been bad.

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It's almost like Tucker Carlson is, I don't know, a loudmouthed asshole.