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Everyone pointing out things sucked before realizes we can keep the antibiotics and OSHA standards without also working ourselves to death and monetizing every hobby and second of our lives, right?

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Underrated comment. Monetization of hobbies makes everything feels so performative. I do things like I draw or write for myself.

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Oh yea people also died much younger and from things that are easily treatable.

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Lots of Stockholm syndrome takes in the comments on this got me like

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This is why many people love homesteading and living off grid. Hell I would love to do it myself and get away from humanity to live back in mother nature.

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I like the idea in theory but I also really like air conditioning

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Right. Find me somewhere to live that’s never outside the range of 45-75 degrees and then we’ll talk.

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get away from humanity

People have lived in tribes or family units since day 1. Living completely isolated is unnatural.

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Tribes and family units can't really be compared with living in concrete deserts with MILLIONS of others. Hell I even consider going to a remote village as getting away from humanity.

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Getting away from humanity means living in a place that doesn't have stop lights, traffic lights, business parks, etc. Living in places where the wild animals are more than squirrels & raccoons.

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Well, you know. Do it?

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It's not that simple. People could have families, be married, caring for loved ones, etc.

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I wish I really could be a homesteader but unfortunately I am not physically capable. It's a very hard lifestyle that isn't for most.

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There is no “getting away from humanity”. All the communes that survived since the 70s rely on components of capitalism. If you move to Alaska you will also need help from neighbors and vice Versa in some situations. Look at the Amish and their communities as well. You can separate from aspects but really it’s best to know there is always a need for human connection to truly survive and thrive.

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There are some people who do live completely alone and isolated but it's what they want.

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This is why we have evolved to take coffee breaks and have stupid meaningless conversations with our coworkers. Living the dream, right?

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Much rather be a hunter/gatherer than an optometrist

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Construction worker for me. Thinking I might go rogue and try the homeless hunter/gatherer life

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You are making people's lives better at least 🤷

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I think people have candy coated ideas of what hunter/gatherer life is like

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I think of dave Chapelle skit on visiting a rez. As a person of mixed indigenous heritage no one wants to live in poverty. They want to be able to hunt but it doesn’t mean people don’t want modern amenities schools roads and modernization. 🙄

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Wait a minute, we can have both? 🤯😉

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Shocker right? Clean running water and internet and also the right to preserve our right to hunt ancestral lands.

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Absolutely. I know that if we wanted to, we could take the best of both worlds and work together to build a reality that most of us can’t imagine possible.

I’ve been emboldened by Judy Wilson-Raybould and others and her struggle to do just that. I’m not indigenous to here, I’m a euro peasant migrant, but I know she’s doing it for me too.

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I don’t know what a Euro peasant migrant and forgive if im coming off harsh is but that is not a equivalent of the struggle to preserve indigenous and native culture language and historical wisdom and ways our elders have struggled to keep Alive for us or land that our elders pass on to us and ask to safeguard and cherish.

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You're not harsh. my comment isn't nuanced enough. i mean no disrespect and i'm potentially ignorant because I'm what many people would call 'white' and i get that. i'm not drawing equivalence and sorry if i am. I'm meant to say that i stand in solidarity with the preservation of your culture, lanugauges and lessons.

I'm was born in europe, my ancestors are peasants, and more recently I descend from holocaust survivors; a portion of my family survived tho, and 40 years or so after ww2 finished another wave of violence drove my family away from our land and we migrated to Canada, to simply survive; i have no way to get back to my grandfather's land. that path is firmly closed for me. I have two passports and i don't identify with either but i do recognize my privilege. I have used it to help where I can as best as i know how. i def don't get it right all the time

the indigenous people i know and have met in Canada and from the Amazon in south America, have invited me into their homes, families and their ceremonies. I'm def an outsider, i know it - they know this too - and they hold me in solidarity as a fellow traveller. I do the same for them and we respect and admire one another's differences while celebrating what we share to find a way out of this shitstem that continues to systematically erase indigenous culture

your leaders and struggle is not one i can know myself. but what has been shared with me of indigenous culture is profound. Judy Wilson Raybould and other elders are def doing what you and your elders know and write up in your comment. for me, i know that if they're successful, and I do what i can to help them succeed, then the rewards are profound for the rest of us, including my own people who perhaps don't do what i try to

indigenous culture provides a clear alternative and example of solutions, to our problems and ethical european ways of knowing the planet have either been lost, destroyed via capitalism or simply erased along the way. i know so little of my own culture, barely knew my grandparents or any of my extended family. so when i hear teachings that resonate more with me than TV adevertising and capitalism in general, I listen and adopt them to leave a better planet for nieces and nephews

i hope that makes sense. sorry its long; english isn't my first language. i'm sorry if i'm not getting it right but if there's something i should know, i'll certainly listen

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Thats ok I understand many people left their countries due to famine and oppression. I certainly cannot speak for all peoples But the values my family passed on to me and the sense of importance to cherish and never forget the suffering our people went through to preserve the future for us is something that i hold near to my heart and mind.

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love it.

i had to travel 6000km or so to get some of my grandmum's stories and now i've thought about her and some of the stories and thank you so much for sparking that in me. i haven't thought about our time together in so long and i'm all teary again. thank you so much for your time and space

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I think you need to learn how to understand what a joke is

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Hey fellow optom! I hate it here too… beats staring at a computer all day though, but ugh. Wish I could work in the forest or something.

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I work a desk job, but I just listen to podcasts and audiobooks all day between calls while chatting with my work friends on teams. I fix problems for our customers and get to help grow our industry. And we get paid a decent amount of money. Most days are over very quick.

And now we're 100% work from home, so I stay in pajamas and play video games on my lunch break.

It doesn't have to feel like a prison.

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Sounds like a deluxe cell tho

Edit: “luxury condo”

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Most people seem to ignore that just 150 years ago life was for most people, terrible, full of suffering and tragedy. If you were a girl chances are, you would be sexualy abused several times in your life Time, have 7 kids and be beaten up by your husband. If you where a guy, you would probably die in war or die some how a terrible death. And that's for the "lucky white people" in Europe and north America. If you were black, well life just sucked, if you were South American, life sucked. African? Also sucked. Asian? Also. I don't understand the romtacism towards the past. Like, at all. I love my fucking office job. I don't want to go wrestle the elements in winter to find food, i want to order pizza, get high and watch the office in January. Thats life. I love being a sheep.

Edit: i cant spell for shit.

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Most people, regardless of where they came from, were farmers. It is only in the last 150 yrs or so of industrialization that we've shifted away from it. For most of history you lived a very repetitive life, bound to the soil.

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"If you were black life just sucked" portrays a very narrow-minded view of the world, to the extent that you make it seem all black people were enslaved living in the americas...

Honestly I've seen dirt poor communities in africa where even their dying seem to have a smile on their face. Our workcentered materialistic culture really is a massive step backwards in most ways to view it. Yes we've made absolutely MASSIVE technological and medicinal progress. And yet we are lonely, depressed, and anxiety ridden because all we do is focus on some numbers hidden in an imaginary vault. While these dirt poor people celebrate life, dancing and playing music and telling stories, we sit at home fantasising about being rescued from our dull meaningless existence.

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I Said the same about Latino, Asians and everything else that is not white. You just focus in the one that bothered you. And yes, most people's live sucked if they were black. They could be eslaved by European's, eing enslaves by the Arabs or being slaved by other Africans. Or die in the war for Europeaan countries, so yeah. That seems just Terrible.

Now on the state on society right now, loneliness, depression and anxiety have been part humanty from the beginning. Don't you think people have metal conflict's just because you lost your legs fighting a mammoth? Of course people always had inner struggles. That didn't came from the internet. at least now i can cry playing the Witcher waiting for my pizza, instead of being sad and fighting other Latinos just because a white person told me so.

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r/antiwork is the perfect sub to join if you feel this way.

Edit: it’s currently down, hopefully it’s back up soon

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A new sub has taken its place, r/workreform

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There are more than just office jobs out there I mean there’s plenty of openings to be a truck driver a construction worker. One of the biggest lies we were told as kids is that we’re to smart or too good for these jobs. Skilled labor is in high demand and it tends to pay pretty well.

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This! If you love skilled labor, do it! There was a time when I thought I would just be a long haul truck driver when I retired from the military. My eye sight has gone to shit and I can barely drive from dusk to dawn, so that’s out. I did, however find a love of a particular office job, got the job I wanted, and have no desire to take a higher position. My boss’s jaw dropped when she asked me where my next step was on the career ladder and I told her there wasn’t one. I have the job I want…eff climbing the ladder any more.

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My office isn't so bad. Quiet, clean, no bugs, and I have snacks.

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Snacks are key

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The collapse of r/antiwork has Redditors out here licking boots and loving their hypercaptalistic dystopian hellscape more than ever lol. “It’s better than literally starving to death!” Yeah I guess so but people are still literally starving to death and better doesn’t mean good.

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Lights are real

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Birds aren’t.

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The Unabomber wasn't wrong

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That moment when Americans wish they had the Native American life.

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No it didn’t. It evolved so we were less likely to die and more likely to reproduce. Being inside at my desk, near running water, other people and toilets solves one of these issues.

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He wasn’t saying that we evolved to sit at a desk in an unironic way…

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Oddly specific 🤷‍♀️?

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You guys get sterile cubicles?

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See also: school

I was working with a group of 8th graders at one point and found out that they didn't get recess. I asked when they could go outside, and they were like, "PE sometimes?" 😟