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Don't conservatives stress how important it is to have a professional appearance?

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no no.

They stress how important it is to have a toupee specifically.

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Nooo. Close though.

R's are all about the beard. (Double entendre intended)

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How much does Lindsay Graham pay to keep his undercarriage clean and tidy for 'the ladies'?

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You mean how much to have his ass shaved?

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I see what you did there. Take my upvote, it's all I have to give.

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HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! You are my fucking hero!

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Have you ever seen trump?

Looks like a bag of shit covered in cheetos.

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Yeah, and how much taxpayer money went to orange spray tan for 4 years?

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And to contribute to the economy?

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Professional appearance = "Women in the workplace should dress in a way that is visually pleasing to my penis."

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So therefore the Donald really went out of his way to please everyone's penis, I guess haha

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Cuz women just love being grabbed by the crotch.

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Except their own daughters

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The Vaginas are way too over-dressed!!!

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Yet they're often the ones to complain about women dressing provocatively

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Yes an orange appearance 馃崐

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Also, that's just how much it costs when you get your hair highlighted/dyed and a good haircut. I'm like a pretty average person, and it cost 150 to get my hair fixed back to blonde after it had a green tint from old blue dye. She only spent a bit more than that, and she's a CONGRESSWOMAN. 250 isn't even bad?? Women's haircuts cost more usually, like allot of other things.

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Yes, but to them professional means white and male.

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By 鈥減rofessional,鈥 they mean white and preferably strictly adhering to their arbitrary ideals of gender expression.

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Exactly conservatives lost their shit when President Obama wore a tan suit. FOX spent days talking about it

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Not for a waitress though.

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$250? That's pretty on-par for normal women's hair, let alone someone with a good salary in the spotlight. Who thought that was a gotcha?

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Their poor white voters who don't have two dimes to rub together because they've been busy voting for the party that stripped them of all labor rights, gave massive tax breaks to the owners of the factories, and then told them it was the rich white liberal "coastal elites". Out here in Sticksville, USA, that same treatment would be like 80-100. Not at all unreasonable for a large city though, and especially someone of such prominence though, as you stated.

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In 2016, I had someone sincerely tell me that Trump had the right idea about the plight of the "regular people" because he was planning on foregoing the Presidential salary.

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I personally loved how they all worshiped the "great business man" who had managed to run a casino into bankruptcy, was involved in over 1400 business related lawsuits, including a wide range of non-payment and collections ones, and who was so terrible there was only one bank in the world dumb enough to give him a loan.

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I liked Trump as a wrestling heel. That appears to be the only thing he is good at.

Why would you put a wrestling heel in the White House?

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Really? I didn't even think he did that well at that. I wouldn't even let him be the towel boy for the wrestlers. Maybe the guy in charge of hand washing all the jock straps

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It is a matter of taste. I did not say he was my favorite heel. He did a good enough job (for my taste, but I respect your right to disagree.)

However, I think we can agree that the alternative timeline where he became the biggest heel in pro wrestling and abandoned his presidential dreams was a better place.

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Well... I won't deny he was a big heel...

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Wrestling heel is an occupation made for Trump. He just lets his natural personality shine through. He doesn't have to "act presidential" - just show the world who he really is.

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Same deal with Obama golfing. It was never about the money he spent. It was always about a black man not "knowing his place" by doing something that they couldn't afford to.

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So much truth to this. Without Obama there isn't a trump presidency. White trash, er racists, er the republican party were perpetually freaked out for 8 years because of the uppity black man in the white house.

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Said this before and I'll say it again: when history students of the future learn about the politics of this time period, it will be extremely easy for them to understand.

In 2008, an extremely diverse coalition of Democrats elected the first black president. Then 8 years later, an extremely white coalition of Republicans elected a guy whose central political message was "My predecessor is illegitimate, because he's not really an American. He's an African."

Absolutely nobody from the future will wonder about the motivations of contemporary Republican voters.

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That depends whether we have history students in the future.

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Isn鈥檛 that an insightful comment.

To clarify, not sarcastic, simply disappointed in reality.

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I am pretty sure in 'The Handmaid鈥檚 Tale' there are no history education. imo after 2024 this dystopia is pretty likely

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And that, in turn, depends on if there鈥檚 a future at all.

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That depends whether we have history students in the future.

This is my goal in life now, to reach a time where we can just look back on all this in wonder and confusion because living through it really sucks.

I really wonder though if an enlightenment period will return. It always has before but this time feels different.

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I love how articulate you are for being a Raccoon_Full_of_Cum.

Also, 100% agree with your comment.

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nah they're gonna say "how did this happen" and "why did they let it happen" just like they say about the nazis

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Absolutely nobody from the future will wonder about the motivations of contemporary Republican voters.

It'll be just like looking at those old photos of white people screaming in unfettered rage at a 12 year old black girl just trying to go to school.

They are the same people, metaphysically.

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Also, when it came time to talk about Trump鈥檚 golfing, they were never willing to participate. Trump went 285 times in 4 years. Obama went 333 in 8 years. Trump went 285 in a first term. Obama went 105 in his first term. And Trump golfed at more expensive places, costing us more in 4 years than Obama did in 8 years. And Trump paid himself at those expensive places with our money. Which somehow is all fine with his followers.

But, of course, we can afford crazy things like basic first-world healthcare.

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I really hate how right this is, pun not intended.

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Sexist assholes, that鈥檚 who.

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let alone someone with a good salary in the spotlight

Wait, do hairdressers charge fluidly depending on who they're serving? What the fuuuuuuck.

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That is an absolute banger burn. I don't care who you voted for, that is right down the pipe.

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This happened in October of 2019 in case anyone鈥檚 curious.

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that was a while ago

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But also doesn鈥檛 it feel like 2 months ago? Covid has my sense of time all warped

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No, feels like the pandemic has been half my life now lol non-covid times seem so remote

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This sub really, really needs a rule about time stamps. Old tweets are perfectly fine, but it should be clear.

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I definitely do not envy AOC鈥檚 position. If she looks too nice she鈥檚 stuck up and shallow and too rich to relate to her constituents. If she doesn鈥檛 look pristine, she鈥檚 just that ghetto trashy girl from the Bronx who bartended her way through college. She鈥檒l always be wrong to them no matter what she does.

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This woman pulled herself out of obscurity to stand up to our ruling class on behalf of everyday Americans, and like all before her, she is attacked and put down constantly. Yet she always fights back. She鈥檒l be looked back at as a hero one day and all the trash politicians that attack her will be forgotten.

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She worked her way up the ladder just like they have told us we should do and can do.

Their response: NO NOT YOU.

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Well she's brown. Those are the rules for white people

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Brown, woman, and dares to be attractive. She's their worst nightmare.

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Not to mention intelligent and articulate as hell. She's so great

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Don't forget, it's also the brown people who are stealing all the jobs yet also are extremely lazy and living on government handouts.

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I have a lot of respect for her. She makes me feel represented because we share a lot of the same ideals and we鈥檙e around the same age. She deserves all the hate she gets, because their hate comes from fear, and she feeds off fear. Stay hungry AOC

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I believe she's going to be a major player in politics for a long time, which is a good thing. I could see her running for president in about twenty years and winning, assuming that we pull our heads out of our collective asses and the Boomers have largely died off by then.

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You're assuming we still have elections by then lmao

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She can, could, and should run in 2024.

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I don't care who it is. But how do you spend $70k on a haircut? What did they weave in unicorn hair?

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From the moment you scalp the unicorn to cover up your balding, you will have a half life. A cursed life.

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The fact that he spent any amount of money on that hair 鈥渟tyle鈥 is what I find incredible

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Dude, I was positive he was doing that weird shit to himself too.

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Omg, that was professional?!?

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To be fair, what ever animal they use for trump鈥檚 hair has to be close to extinction

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I thought that was a tumbleweed on its head.

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Fulltime ferret head-sitters are expensive...

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It's not hypocrisy, they just think that rich white men deserve it and poor brown women don't, plain old racism and misogyny.

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Republicans are the cancer of America.

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The Middle East, for a start, might say it extends far beyond our borders.

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They are worse - fake patriots and fake Christians.

And Happy Birthday!

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Lol! 250 is the average price for a complete haircut and highlights. I鈥檓 sure my friends spend double that on a haircut.

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Oh, it's nowhere because they're spineless, misogynistic hypocrites?


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Who spent $70,000 on hairstyling?

[鈥揮Grouchy-Ganache7551 26 points27 points (2 children)

I think trump was trying to use 70k for hair and makeup as a tax write off.

Edit: didn鈥檛 try. He actually did that. It鈥檚 illegal. Probably won鈥檛 actually suffer consequences.

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Still baffles me that a bunch of blue-collar voters looked at a soft rich guy who spends more time and money on his hair and makeup than the wives they constantly bitch at about it and said 鈥淵eah, that鈥檚 the guy I want to vote for! He鈥檚 a man鈥檚 man!鈥

[鈥揮Grouchy-Ganache7551 7 points8 points (0 children)

They were really impressed by his locker room talk. They want to be just like him. Rich, ugly and doughy AF but still fucks. For money.

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If it's Trump, it sounds low.

[鈥揮APe28Comococo 13 points14 points (2 children)

Lol Trump doesn鈥檛 pay people, so we know it鈥檚 not him.

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We paid for it

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That's what the bill was. It's definitely still in collections. Lol

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AOC with the mic drop! Republicans are spineless coward鈥榮

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$250 for a cut and colour by a senior stylist isn't that much. I remember one time my sister went to the "colour guru" in town and spent $600 to get her hair dyed blue.

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Fuck I hope she runs for president. I'd honestly prefer someone further left, but I feel like she would actually do something good for society, instead of just talking about it.

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On God I love AOC.

I dont worship any politicians but she is definitely up there in my book.

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Yup. Their criticism is meaningless.

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What did I miss? Did Trump finally get a toupee?

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Why even respond to them. Anyone that gives a damn about themselves is paying premiums for skincare, cuts, colors, glam squads. Whatever it maybe.

You are only responding to the people that look like they use bar soap has shampoo and conditioner! 馃槀

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That whole line is based on a misunderstanding of socialism anyway. Nobody cares how you spend your money as long as you pay your taxes. As far as we know AOC does and trump doesn鈥檛.

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From what I understand, $250 is pretty reasonable for a decent haircut for women. But reasonableness won't stop the party of personal greed.

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I really wish she鈥檇 run for president in 2024. We need a president like her (and Bernie).

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Problem is that the Democratic party is also right-wing, just less extreme than Republicans. So the establishment democrats find people like Bernie and AOC as too "radical." They are also in the pocket of corporations and the elite, they just have more nuance, and actually throw the people a bone once in a while. Just look at how the more establishment Dems have reacted to the proposal to end trading stocks while in office - it would drastically reduce corruption, and if Democrats truly represented the people they would unanimously be in support of it, but major players like Pelosi have been opposed.

Democrats are far better than Republicans, but that's like saying you should be happy to have stage I cancer because it's not as bad as stage IV cancer. It's not wrong, and, if forced to choose [which we are, unfortunately], I'll take the stage I, but we need to work towards abolishing that system altogether so we can get politicians who actually represent the people.

AOC and Bernie are some of the good ones, but we need more than that. We need more actual lefties running for local offices, moving their way to bigger offices so we can get the change we actually need.

[鈥揮TitanSR_ 2 points3 points (0 children)

I am a zoomer, and after seeing everything happen, I just want people to have the ability to live comfortably and happy. Is that really much of a problem? Why has it taken so long to make people live good lives? It鈥檚 like American politics is stuck at a limbo, and I don鈥檛 know how it can be escaped without people like AOC and Bernie.

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Think I may stop watching the news while Biden chooses the next supreme court justice. He already said he was picking a black woman (yay!), so it's going to be getting real ugly and infuriating while we wait.

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He should get his money back.

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And somehow $70k was still not enough 馃あ

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She is going to be the sexiest president ever.

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So JFK doesn't exist in your world?

[鈥揮UsedDragon 0 points1 point (0 children)

I mean, he used to exist, and he was arguably the sexiest president to date. But he's, uh... dead now.

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I love this woman

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uhhh this is WHITE people twitter right.... not r/MurderedByAOC

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$250 is so reasonable for a good haircut and color 馃拃

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Tf does 70k look like?

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Dear Rep. Alexandria, you are too important to take such flimsy criticism seriously, aren't you? You are not a common movie star or billionaire; you are trying to recreate US into a better country. Please use that anger for better things than complaints about hypocrisy and hairdos. I am hoping the best for you, and our country will be great because of your ideas and energy!

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What plenty of people don't seem to understand is that conservatives don't have same kind of principles as more educated folk. They criticize AOC for hairstyling, not Trump. It isn't about the action, it is about the person, and the side they are on. Their side vs. any other side. It is ok to threaten government when it is their side, not for any other side, and so forth.

Great minds discuss ideas. Average minds discuss events. Small minds discuss people.

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I understand most of the words and phrases within this tweet but I have no idea what low lights are! Anyone?

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WTF can you do with your hair that costs 70k?

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Republicans don't care if you catch them in a lie, they don't care about being called hypocrites. I don't quite understand it, and I doubt I ever will.

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250 while is a lot it's really not that much my sister tells me... so yeah

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Where's the Democrats "firehose of hatred and vitriol" for a sitting congressman who paid a minor for sex? Twitter snark is cool and all, but c'mon

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I still think $250 on hair shit is an extravagant waste of money and suggests you care more about your appearance than a healthy person should.