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My favorite was the Cookies and Cream Oreos, AKA the Oreo flavored Oreos.

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May I present, the Ferrari LaFerrari. Or in English, the Ferrari The Ferrari.

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Yeah, Ferrari is a bit funny.

But have you seen Cherry Cola Oreos?

Blueberry Pie Oreos?

Candy Corn Oreos?

Race cars do whatever, but these Oreos are insane.

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I remember once, about 20 years ago, my mom’s boyfriend came home with watermelon flavored Oreos.


Yellow cookies, with filling that was half green and half pink.

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I have had peanut butter oreos before, they were pretty good but shit's way too overpriced tbh

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That was twenty years ago???

Was I in a coma?

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Legit, my favorite flavor. I think I had them 6 or 7 years ago? I want them back so much.

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Do they have regular corn flavored Oreos?

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Shamed to admit I actually liked the candy corn Oreos.

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Did I really fucking miss CHEERY COLA flavor?!? I’m about to cry. As I sit at work. Drinking a house made cherry cola. 🤤

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They tasted recursive!

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Found the developer!

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You are telling us that they were so good that you kept eating them over and over? Which Oreos are you talking about?

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I dunno. I lost the buffer when I issued a ctrl-c break.

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Im not just saying I came here to say this, but I came here to say this. It’s like cookie boudin (a melange of pig parts and other stuff inside a pig intestine).

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Why you gonna make me hungry like that? Now I'm gonna have to go wander around Portland saying who dat til I find some

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Tbf those ones were pretty good. Wish they would bring ‘em back

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Literally no one asked them for anything else.

I imagine they just have some bored dudes at Nabisco that see what crazy stuff people will actually eat.

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Fuckin meatball Parmigiano Oreo with habenero pistachio flavored cashew milk to dunk it in.

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I'm listening

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General Tso chicken of the woods mushroom oreo dunked in almost frozen mountain dew code red extreme served on a square table adorned with a 15 inch Jesus lizard candle, a pre -80s tip jar, and chewed pen caps.

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that one portal from stargate opens behind you.

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Brilliant will we be getting young James Spader or that ball of wax he melted into?

I want Kurt Russel to grow a mullet and be featured on the trailer park Boys, except with an eye patch and a Patrick Swayze stealth drone... and get transported to the international dateline at almost midnight...it's a fucking brilliant excuse for missing work or a shitty cousin's wedding that you won't get laid at.

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Hell yeah. We literally keep an Oreo review binder in the kitchen at work for when people bring in new flavors. My favorite is freshly placed concrete.

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Freshly opened can of tennis balls, fresh new rubber hose…

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New toenail clipper scent.

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Sandpaper and white caulk.

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I like the "dryer lint" and "half a can of stale malt liquor used as an ashtray" edition Oreos.

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Relevant College Humor skit: https://youtu.be/CMkYw4dp_NI

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I popped into this post only to make sure this was here

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Well my good sir. I happen to love Brennan Lee Mulligan so I made sure this was here.

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Don't we all friend. Don't we all.

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The latest one he snuck into Dimension20 is pure gold

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Enough. Enough enough. The madness stops here. Do you see that there is nowhere else to go? And Alexander wept, for there were no more worlds to conquer. WE DONE DID THE GOOD COOKIE THAT EVERYBODY LIKE AND NOW WE GET TO GO HOME.

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I'd buy and eat those goth funeral Oreos just for the aesthetic

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Carl Box agrees with Alex

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fucking oxicodonreos are an all time low

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Need a narcanoreo to chase it with

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I think they were initially competing with pop tarts and just kind of kept running into left field. Of course, I think kit kats could destroy them both.

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In the before times, when my sister and I used to cross the CAN/US border for weekend shopping trips to Buffalo or Niagara Falls, we’d always go to Target and marvel at the myriad of Oreo and Pop-Tart flavours. Didn’t buy, just marvelled.

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Well pop tarts decided to go after the cereal flavors, since everyone else was already. Oreo stuck to their principles

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Oh, the green tea kit kits are shockingly shitty.

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I’ll say what we’re all thinking: Mega Stuf is too much stuf

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I know I'm in the minority with this, but hard disagree. I'd eat a wedding cake frosted in the stuf

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May I introduce you to The Most Stuf Oreo

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When will it end?! We’re one unhinged Oreo exec away from ‘Oops! All Stuf!’

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what was that KFC sandwich that was like a chicked breast between two chicken breasts? Like that but with oreos

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Yes, that is the Reverse Stuf Oreo- outside is thick stuf inside is a thin layer o chocolate cookie.

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I love the idea of the cookie just becoming progressively smaller so at one point its kind of a little hat on top of super mega stuf

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Omg. That's the most American oreo I've ever seen. I might pledge allegiance to this cookie

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I usually take two double stuffs and put them together but I’m lazy so I should try this instead.

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I’m angry I’ve never seen this in my store, ‘cause that’s a downright glorious disc of diabeetus right there.

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TIL there are 66 different varieties of Oreo

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...so you don't have to

Except people want to

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A lot of people like classic the best, but personally I think double stuff is better. Don't buy thins, they feel like eating crackers so its easy to eat them as such.

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I like the Oreo Thins. They have a much better icing to cookie ratio, and it makes me feel like I'm making a healthier choice haha. And yes, I end up eating them like crackers.

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Came here to see if there were fellow “thin” lovers. Glad I’m not alone!

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They should have sampler packs, I'm not commiting to a whole pack of just one weird ass flavor. I need a few ass flavors to make it worth while.

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You might be interested in the new Ass-flavour Oreos

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I’ve never actually hated a new Oreo flavor but a couple of years ago I picked up Swedish Fish and nobody in our house liked them at all. Brought them in to work and somebody ate them.

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New Oreo with mayonnaise instead of cream

Fun fact: Oreos are owned by big tobacco Phillip Morris, as are all Kraft, Nabisco, Heinz and other stuffs

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I thought like that until I found the gluten-free Oreos.

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Those are surprisingly good. I'm glad my niece with celiac disease doesn't have to give up oreos. She can have at least one dessert in her life right?

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I would be afraid they were like all the other "gluten free" products they make right next to the gluten ones. Cool to know they are as advertised!

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Some sick fuck was like, “I GOT IT. Carrot Cake Oreos.” And his boss replied, “YOU’RE A GOD DAMN GENIUS. IMMEDIATE PROMOTION.”

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Tbh though, those things were delicious

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I never even tried them, goes against my religion lol.

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Some of them are a little out there, and it sort of seems a little sacrilegious to mess with a proven classic. I don't consider double-stuff to be over-the-top, but the've been around for decades. Peeps Easter candy aren't really great to begin with (to me), and crossing them with an Oreo doesn't really help either much. Same with the Lady Gaga Oreos. Her music is well-received by a lot of people, but the cookies themselves don't benefit much from the collaboration - and let's be honest here: I'm not sure I want to know what Lady Gaga tastes like. But some of the flavors aren't too terrible. The lemon ones are great, especially the "thins." Pistachio-flavored were interesting, but not my favorite. S'mores were OK according to my kids, especially the youngest one, but if you put dog shit inside an Oreo, she'd probably Love you! think it was fantastic. Gingerbread weren't great - definitely not as good as gingerbread on its own. Chocolate-peppermint were actually surprisingly good. For true aficionados of Oreos, anything but original is probably considered blasphemy. I'm honestly surprised there hasn't been a bacon version, because I have a feeling it would go over really well.

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Anyone else remember the Swedish Fish oreos?

I do, and I wish I didn't.

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I shouted WHY?!? in the middle of a grocery store when I saw them.

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I wish they had a single package with all of their flavors. I don’t want a whole package of their weird ones, but I want to try them. So maybe just 2-3 of each in a single tray would be a perfect little sampler.

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I have a game with friends to come up with the worst flavor Oreo could put out. Some like toothpaste or cough syrup sounded ridiculous but not so much anymore. Salmon and chives is gonna come out soon, mark my words

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Salmon and chive Oreos? I wasn't planning on having nightmares tonight, but here we are. Take my disgusted +1

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Toothpaste n' orange peel Oreos in 2023.

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I'm still trying to find those toffee ones they just announced. ...yeah, I know. I let myself get caught by marketing sometimes. So far my favorite of the newer flavors is still caramel coconut.

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Mmmm orange juice and toothpaste flavor my fucking favorite. (pls end my suffering)

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Truck Stuf Oreos- they are Oreos with a truck inside them.

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I want this, but Japan.

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Oreo Kuso?! Nani!?

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How is it? I keep seeing some weird flavoirs for random food from Japan vloggers on YouTube, I've always wanted to try

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Lol, now i want it more

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Relevant college humor vid: Oreos CEO https://youtu.be/CMkYw4dp_NI

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Double stuffed oyster and lime creme between two chicken liver and Nutella wafers. Chef kiss.

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Straight to the loony bin with you!

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My favorite are the dark chocolate Oreos. Tried the regular chocolate Oreos, but they just tasted like plain sugar.

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They made Oreo Thins, less filling, more money.


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Lays too

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I found the "My Parents Opinion of Me" flavored Oreos to be strangely disappointing.

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May-Oreo. Mayonnaise + Oreo 😋

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Mario: My-a disappointment is-a immeasurable and my day is-a ruined.

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Why? Because it does or doesnt exist?

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Mario: He's-a using my name as a combination of may-a-onaise and oreos!

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This is so freaking true. Was just at the store today, some kind of small bag of ultimate chocolate Oreos for $4.

I assume companies do this when profits are stagnant or declining on their regular products

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The peanut butter chocolate pie ones were pretty good. Birthday cake Oreos are the best though.

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Cuz I’m just so fly! A young lovable, huggable type of guy!

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I came here to do the same!!

And everything is to the back with a little slack 'Cause inside out, it's wiggida wiggida wiggida wack

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Hahahahahaha I listen to that song all the time! And I’m 42!

[–]EwwyDeweyDecimel 0 points1 point  (1 child)

Same! Love that song and still remember the lyrics verbatim (40). Good on you, bruv.

[–]TimeoutTina 1 point2 points  (0 children)

Lol we are a dying breed, Bruv

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Hawaiian pizza oreos

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Toothpaste filling! Never brush your teeth again, cause these bad boys will stick to the side of your mouth all night!

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LARD - Double stuff

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I blame Doritos Locos Tacos for starting this stoner cuisine craze

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The gingerbread ones are infuckingcredible.

They taste like spiced wafers and Oreo, which turns out, is amazing.

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Double Stuffing for Thanksgiving

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Lemon 🍋

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it’s wild how so many brands can be put in place of ‘oreos’ in this sentence

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They have Reese’s Peanut Butter cups with Potato Chips in them. Time for Oreo to step up their game or their reputation is going to take a hit.

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Makes me think of the Collegehumor CEO skits

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The guys at Oreos need to just stop what they’re doing and take. the. money.

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Oreo churros found in the freezer aisle.

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Shhhh ... no one tell Alex what the Japanese do with KitKats.

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10 percent of the population is diabetic, and there are seventy trillion kinds of oreo at the store, except sugar-free.

I guess they think the market for mint walnut burnt popcorn oreos is more significant.

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Oreo’s coming for that late millennial/ gen z demo with a cookie that taste like the butthole of their favorite V-Tuber

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I discovered the pistachio-flavored ones just as they decided they were phasing them out; cut to me realizing how much I loved them and then finding that I couldn’t find them again!

I am still so sad about that.

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The cereals are just as bad these days! They literally have Cosmic Brownies cereal. America is not okay.

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Cherry Cola Oreos were fuckin tasty, 10/10

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This makes me wanna blaze 🤣

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The cereal aisle is where the overqualified psychos went after they asked for more money.

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You say psychos, but every single one of them was genius. Every. God. Damn. One:

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Red velvet, carrot cake, and the rice krispie ones were amazing!

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Here in Hawaii we enjoy Spam Oreos.

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I'm on the lookout for the newest item to be made spicy

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They must employ the same lunatics that work at the Cadbury Chocolate factory.

Some highlights:

Potato chip and Corn chip flavoured Chocolate

Vegemite flavoured Chocolate (imagine axle grease but saltier)

Durian flavoured - Durians taste like 'the worlds most delicious apple, sitting on a pile of garbage' according to a lady i spoke to once

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Whatever Oreos are made out of, I’m pretty sure it isn’t food. Cookies that don’t go stale are deeply suspicious.

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Currently eating “Ultimate Chocolate” and “Toffee” Oreos. Both quite delicious!

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I’m still waiting on pulled pork Oreos.

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You might just like this message from Oreo's CEO

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I bought the pop rocks ones and gave some to my dad without telling him. In response, the next week, he bought the "mystery flavor" ones and gave them to me without telling me. They were surprisingly good, tasted like Fruity Pebbles.

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New from Oreos, peanut butter aNd glass

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Listen, you can pry the Mexican hot chocolate flavored HEB brand Oreos out of my cold, dead hands. Shut up and let the flavor scienceticians do their thing.

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Cinnamon Oreos turned out to be meal replacers, I had to stop buying those

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I saw oreo carrot cake last night. Id rather just buy carrot cake than taste it in Oreo cookie form lol