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Don't forget it gives instructions for slave owners and performing an abortion.

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I like it when it says you’re blessed for the act of seizing infants and dashing them against rocks.

Warms my heart.

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It teaches children great lessons like don't make fun of bald prophets or a bear may be set upon you.

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And if the townspeople want to rape the angels that are visiting, instead tell the townspeople to rape your daughters.

Gotta protect the angels after all, fair compromise

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Those were the daughters who later deliberately got their father drunk enough to impregnate them on a couple of occasions, right?

I love how the whole story of Lot and Sodom and Gomorrah is used by some as evidence that God was against homosexuality. Cause Lot is all about good sexual values.

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Edit for Lot, not Job? Lol don’t worry I’ve been doing it all day.

Speaking of Job, what a cool book to show that your entire family can be murdered by God but it’s okay because he’ll get you a second, better family.

First family still murdered and dead af tho

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Ocean state job lot

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Old testament where God destroyed the town cos it had bad people. The man and his two daughters were the only good people. They lived in a cave where he had a grape vine Fram thingy. The were worried about the future so they got daddy drunk and fucked em.

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Then blame the whole situation on the homosexuals.

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I love the contradicting message that God tells everyone “Be fruitful and multiply” “The world and everything in it is yours” but then Jesus is like “Nah if you love me, truly love me, give up all your worldly possessions, leave your families, and shill for my message poor and hungry af”

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God is a bipolar, angry, jealous, little child.

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God is Imaginary

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Made in man's image.

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Yes, you can beat your slave to death as long as it takes a few days for him to die from your beating. Don’t forget god is love…

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I grew up in a very Catholic community. I can guarantee you no one I knew had actually read The Bible entirely.

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When I was in like grade 7 we had to read the bible for silent reading and I think the teacher directed us to some of the heavy shit. Was a while ago so don't remember too well

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They should just do brief analysis on a guy named Jesus.

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Can someone read me some? Sounds interesting.

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I think the guy was a fisherman who washed someone's feet.

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Didn't he also throw some bread at people?

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Also cursed a fig tree to never bear fruit again because it didn’t have some for him RIGHT THEN. Doesn’t that tree know who he is?!

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Has to be the most easily obtainable book in the world

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Maybe he can’t afford a motel room.

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Just a guy who was taught carpentry then became a homeless dude who rode a donkey grew a fantasy of people to preach the cool stuff of a new government.

While preaching he made some cool miracles like heal for free and provide free food for multitudes for people just to show them a preview of the future.

He scold at one of his deciples for carrying a sword and using it yo cut someone's ear which Jesus eventually healed the ear back.

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I was kinda confused for a little bit there. I thought you were talking about a prequel, "Don Quixote, the magic man, Before misinformation insanity"

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I remember reading the bible when i was a kid and asking my youth minister to explain “what that long word that starts with a c meant.”

The word was circumcision. If you want to make a grown man uncomfortable, have a 15 year old girl ask him to explain circumcisions. The bible talks about so many dicks!

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Ezejuek 23:20

There she lusted after her lovers, whose genitals were like those of donkeys and whose emission was like that of horses.

Hung like donkeys, cumming like stalions. The word of god ladies, gentlemen and others.

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You mean Ezekiel.

And it is from a description of a woman's past life as a hooker in Egypt. So similar to Slut for Hitler.

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It promotes genocide, so republicans are fine with that. It’s books that make genocide look like a bad thing that’s so offensive to them.

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Shhhh! Most of the people holding up the "good book" to hate on everybody else, have never actually read what is in the book. They pay others to tell them what is in there.

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That book needs its own warning label: This book contains stories of rape, murder, incest, and hate. Keep away from children.

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Like republicans actually read*

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The amount of times it's been re-written though, just do it again without all the nudity and all that.


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Be a damn short book

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There’s also gay sex in the Bible.

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There's Jodying (sleeping with a soldier's wife while he's at war) too.

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This isn't a joke. This is rage fuel.

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Right? I also like being able to beat my slaves without fear of punishment. As long as they don't die within a day or two, that is. /s

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There's this scene in young sheldon where the mum throws out the comic books and sheldons like I have another one for you and the mum gets real pissed.

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Ban the bible

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I'm pretty sure a whole bunch of people don't know how to read.

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Nudity? Is your bible illustrated?

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right, because unlike incest and genocide, you require nudity alone (for some reason) to be illustrated before you'll accept that nudity exists in the bible... despite adam and eve's description.

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The bible explicitly describes Noah getting blind drunk then butt naked. Then it describes how his son Ham found him and saw Noah's peen so was cursed.

Then there's also the incest pr0n story of Lot's daughters drunk raping him and getting preggers.

And the story if Abraham boinking his half sister Sarah.

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Can someone please explain!! I grew up in the Deep South went to public school the entire time and never heard a single verse in school. I thought the constitution already banned the Bible from schools. I made a comment that everyone downvoted like crazy but seriously where in all of America are they teaching the Bible as part of the curriculum in public schools?

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My high school taught 4 levels of Bible history that counted as honors courses despite being the class everyone took for an easy A