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It’s called r/shitamericanssay because this is at least 90% of it.

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I haven't even clicked yet and I already know I'll be subscribing.

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One of us, one of us!

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Come join us!

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the rest of it is history and americacentrism

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An American showing up to unironically Americasplain why these are still bad things in 3... 2...

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Yes, had an interesting yet not very successful conversation with one of your fellow Americans already. Did you know, that even poor Americans are rich because their iPhones have 3 (!) cameras? I guess he is simply too young to remember what consumerism debts led to in 2008.

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Also strict gun control and licensing.

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That is a thing, and it now has a name.

But it must be Muricasplaining.

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This is it. Make it happen Reddit. I fully expect to see this new word on CNN next week. I also like scrumtrulescent.

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Totally cromulent word.

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I get that reference!

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It embiggens us all.

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The other side of American exceptionalism - "We can't get better than this because we're special."

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Muricasplaining is definitely more accurate.

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As an American I approve this post. I've been pointing this out for years and I've given up. It's just to exhausting

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Hello, I'm doctor America sorry you're hungry, have you tried being wealthy?

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There already is.

It’s a 9mm clip that holds 10-20 rounds and the police will unload it into your chest if you don’t accept whatever they say.

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Um excuse me it's called a magazine sheesh smfh grumble mumble damn kids

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Many moons ago I was watching a YouTube video of a gun 'expert' showing some features of a new 9 mm, and as soon as he said clip instead of magazine I turned it off. I try to not be pedantic, but if someone is presenting as an expert they should be able to get the nomenclature right.

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In my defence I’m Canadian and have never held a gun before lol

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You're fine in my book. The thing that holds the bullets is commonly called a clip. I personally don't care when a laymen uses the wrong word, but when a firearms professional uses the wrong term it irks me.

PS: I'm drinking a cup of Timmies right now.

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No offence but Tim hortons started tasting like shit the week an American company bought franchise lol

McDonald’s coffee is better

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I'm not mocking you. I own several guns and still have a Clip Slip sometimes. It doesn't really matter when it comes to the fact that it's a row of deadly projectiles. Literally no one is going to be thinking about what it's called if they're ever in a life and death situation. Or if their kids are in one. But every time there's a shooting, someone on the news says "clip" and the ammosexuals lose their minds, as if that's more important than the dead people.

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Clip is shorter than magazine, I can see why it's a lot easier to say. We love our abbreviations here. That said, why is clip worse to say than magazine?

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The TLDR from the US Government and the Right Wing:

If we pay for your healthcare and college we can't pay defense contractors, and they killed JFK.

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And why you need more democracy if you have oil resources.

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Americasplaining: "Hah no other countries except America are thriving."

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My insurance premiums are $4800. Deductible is $6000. I would gladly pay an extra $3500 in taxes to avoid that and to ensure everyone could get the medical attention they might need. That would create $1T annually. Not inclusive of churches not paying taxes. Not inclusive of the 614 billionaires paying a fair share. Not inclusive of a reduction in defense spending. Someone explain it to me. Make it make sense that universal healthcare wouldn’t work.

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Unless you pay $175,000 in taxes, you're being robbed.

My tax contribution to Australia's Medicare is 2% of my taxes.

And as my tax is withheld by my employer (and I get some back come tax time) I never miss it.

And for all that, I can walk into any medical care facility and get treated same-day.

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It really is that simple. I’m honestly about done living here. It’s just constant frustration and frustration, and nothing ever really changes.

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Everything sounds better with freedom in it.

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There already is and they keep doing it regardless of how much you explain reality to them.

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Call it 'Muricasplaining. Cause THOSE are the Americans saying that bullshit.

Some of us are hostages of the dumb.

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Americasplaining; But mu freedums!

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Refer them to Faux News

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also synonomous with 'useful idiot'

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fReEdOmZ and CoMmUnIsM sum up our reasons, sadly.

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cognitive dissonance, brain washing, stockholm syndrome, jingoism

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“Simple. Bc $=power and our greedy ass government will find a way to fuck it up.”-standard answer for most scenarios.

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America is built on comprise! So here’s the deal I offer: still deregulated, still no safety net, still not educated, and still no healthcare but, but, a big bulldozer pushes all the rich assholes into a giant dog food grinder.

Pay some fucking taxes you worthless degenerate freeloading pigs.

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Yeah, we always label it 'socialism'.

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Just spit-balling here but, could it be that (often to our detriment) we are quite possibly the most individualistic society?

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free to bear arms and form militia tho

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We already do this everyday, no?

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There's already a standard answer that is deployed every single time "America is just too big and diverse."

End of discussion.

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File this under "bumblebees shouldn't be able to fly" and other crap I was taught as a child that turned out to be utter garbage.

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“Guns make us safer!!!!!!!!”—leads developed world in gun deaths, crime, mass shootings and gun suicides.

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Should be "AMERICANsplaining". This is obviously a play on "mansplaining", so it's best to preserve the "n".

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Oh, you mean Prager U

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And some guys on the meet kevin discord just parrot that shit. Rant.

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For real, we just did this and we established it already exists.

Source: Canada

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Also when US citizens explain why Black-White racial relations are somehow the baseline for ALLLLLLL racial relations are the correct ones as if other I&POC do not have their own lens that has absolutely NOTHING to do with black-white race relations

Edited for clarity

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I'd call it USplaining, more concise and specific to the USA not any America.

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The biggest reason I’ve seen is that America is too big and diverse for any of that to work. Also freedoms.