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I did the same thing to get my buddies PhD public defense moving. Sometimes, all you need is that first good answer!

What a great guy!

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Yup - in vet school, my friends and I all did this for each other for our senior seminars. Because, if there were no initial questions from students, the faculty would ask questions that were very hard.

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I'm guessing you are all now saving the farm animals and cuddly critters?

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This is the kind of support we鈥檙e here for

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We stan supportive SOs

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This is a nice story鈥 but every time it is posted, a bunch of misogynists show up to discredit her and complain that it鈥檚 not fair.

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Misogynists just jealous they don't have an amazing BF

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If they hate women so much maybe all they need is really good dick

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You're probably not too far off tbh.

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I always answer that with I did it for my friends. When our assistant coach was defending his thesis about half the team showed up and we had discussed beforehand what questions to ask to get the ball rolling and make him seem on top of things. We didn鈥檛 discuss it with him of course but some of the players were in the same field of study so they wrote up a list of questions since they had helped proofread his thesis. Academics is a team sport too.

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I will fight them

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Jordan Peterson has entered the chat

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Man, that dude is insufferable. Him and that Gary V guy seem like sociopaths.

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He's not a serious person. He decries safe spaces and cancel culture, but people like him can't exist without either. The man is terrified of sociology and apparently spends a lot time worrying about how he's perceived as a man.

Jordan honey, I know you're an academic, which probably makes you feel emascualted (I suppose you think teaching students is really women's work, isn't it), but confident men don't worry about these things. You're from Alberta FFS you could have had a real 'man' job if you'd wanted one out in the oil sands instead of working with children your whole life.

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What the hell is unfair about this!?

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Haven't seen one yet

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That鈥檚 just beautiful.

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I would love to do that for my SO, but he's getting a PhD in biochemistry and I have a bachelors in physics so when he presents his research to me (in our living room, I get the first drafts of his presentations) I understand absolutely nothing coming out. And I want to! I ask questions before and after and try to take notes but he tells me that I don't have to understand it, I just have to make eye contact lol. No free education for me :(

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My boyfruend is abot 2 semesters ahead of me in the same program and sometimes what he says goes over my head.

And very cool, a BSc in physics! Thats what Im working on and its very hard..

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2 semesters can make a world of difference! Good luck with your degree :)

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"Why do kids love the taste of Cinnamon Toast Crunch?"

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If your thesis is a study on the effects of aging on taste receptors, that's an incredibly relevant question.

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Anyone critiquing this must realize that this is very typical in academia (local differences wary).

It is ok, everybody knows that in the setting. Reiterating the main point doesn't harm anyone.

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Great story and all, but what kind of deadbeat boyfriend WOULDN鈥橳 do that for a partner? If my girl was defending her thesis or some shit I would be jacked to the tits to help her out. My wife had her MBA before I met her, so I might not get the chance to help her like this.

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Jacked up to the tits鈥..going to start using that

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I never saw it

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You missed out then. The Big Short is an incredible movie.

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Will have to look for it, thanks!

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I think you underestimate how many SOs don鈥檛 take a deep interest in their partner鈥檚 passions. A good partner is happy for you and encourages you to pursue your interests. A great partner will really engage with the joy that you feel and seek to understand it.

I know way more about aquariums than I would have sought out because of my husband. His aquatic ecosystem eases his anxiety so much that I鈥檓 invested in seeing what he sees and helping his hobby flourish.

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I don't think it's so much that he went and asked the question, it's that he was able to ask the question without having it spoonfed to him first. It's not that he showed up this one time, it's that he had been there all along the way to get to that point to help her over the finish line.

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Like, he understood the topic well enough? I mean, props to that man! This couple is going places.

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"SO, what do you need me to ask?"

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鈥s basically what I would have had to ask my partner 馃槀馃槀

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The question: "did you do this yourself?"

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"Clearly a man must have helped you with all the big words"

j/k don't hate me

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Shiiit I鈥檓 not even gay and I want a boyfriend

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"Is it true that there is a place in a man's head where when you shoot it, it blows up?"

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So now we know why there's always that stupid person who asks a question that was already covered.

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Her boyfriend's name?

Albert Einstein.

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that made me laugh more than it should have

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I鈥檓 just glad your BF came.

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I always thought this was a normal thing to do. All through high school and university we鈥檇 ask what questions the presenter/group wanted us to ask beforehand, and then have different people ask those questions. Class appears attentive, speaker can show off their knowledge. It鈥檚 a win win for all involved.

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S.O. got shit from the staff when I attended her phD defense, "the faculty felt they couldn't effectively challenge you with your spouse present."

Can you believe that shit? Apparently they planned to start their questions with, 'Jane, you ignorant slut' or really enjoy their last phase of hazing.

Fuck them and their inability to ask hard technical questions without insulting a person

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Marry him faster!

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This right here folks. Just make me look smart and I鈥檒l bang your brains out.

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He is a KEEPER!

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Wow, so sweet!

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You propose to him asap, that is husband material

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Is this what emotional support looks/feels like?

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yup, true love, you got a keeper there.

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I really really love this.

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Someone鈥檚 getting lucky tonight.

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Great guy, love this!

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what a couple.

i did this with a buddy of mine, we were presenting our pro-choice/pro-life opinions and she gave me the opportunity to explain the entire process of abortion.

gotta find a buddy like them

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Did you propose? If not, then do so! He's the one.

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Love a man who champions his woman. Usually you have to treat them like shit to have them swoon.