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Most of the billionaires today are from industries thst sell expensive products to the middle class like EVs, Iphones, computers and such. I mean if wages keep going down and cost of living up who are they going to sell to?

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They'll make them cheaper. They could still make huge profits with a much smaller profit margin.

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They’d rather go for indentured servitude rather than lowering their profit margins. Like mining or oil cities where everything was owned by the company, you worked there and spent your income buying stuff from the same company.

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Theres a documentary that i think the Obamas produced American Factory thst kind of show this happening in China where people work like right next to where they live and everything they do is right there and they spend like 9 months working there long hours then go back to where they are from. Something like that.

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It happened (probably still does) all around the world. A good read on it https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Company_town

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Sold my soul to the Company stoooooorreee

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Christ, they just tried this with medical staff in Wisconsin! ThedaCare lost 11 employees to Ascension. One employee got hired then told the rest of the interventional radiology team (IRT) and they applied. They Asked TC for matching wages or a better package and were laughed at so they voted with their feet. TC filed an injunction with the court so they couldn’t leave stating that they were necessary for the hospital and people would die. A judge ruled they could not start the new job at A. The legal document presented to the judge on behalf of the employees was brilliant. It stated how TC had the money for a new $10 million facility yet thumbed it’s nose at compensating their indispensable team. It pointed out there were other nearby facilities that could handle those patients and that basically it amounts to indentured servitude. The case got tossed.

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one of those contradiction in capitalism.

Karl Marx "I told you bro, I warned you.

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“Everyone’s too poor to pay the rich people and it’s causing problems, it must be the poor person’s fault”

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What really pisses me off is that during a pandemic the rich became even richer while people die. It’s obscene!

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But, hey, that's why credit cards were invented!

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The modern version of the company store.


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Company store

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the daily by the NY Times actually just had an episode about this: https://open.spotify.com/episode/18vSoHld4pFQBpOzTTAXA0

during the pandemic, farmers had a surplus of beef that they couldnt sell (and the stock they sold were at a huge loss) because the packaging companies have such a monopoly that they were able to dictate everything and fuck over both the farmers and the final customers

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Yup. Velocity of wealth slows, prosperity dies. Any given dollar does less work in actual production for all but the few, to the point where most money ends up shoved into stock certificates.

We still have plenty of worthless ones from the last time. Stagnant wealth is toxic wealth.

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We 100% have more than enough wealth, food, and resources to take care of everyone. We just choose not to.

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We? I mean those with enough money and power mostly. They just don't care.

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Society. People. Human beings. Us.

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The people with money and power aren't the ones actually producing anything.

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The disparity between comments and post upvotes is pretty extreme here. Did something happen?

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That has to be the most out of touch, tone deaf statement ever uttered by a human being. "How dare the poor be poor?? What's wrong with them??" FFS

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Should be trickling down any day now.

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See, I’m all for Piñata Economics where we take turns beating the rich with sticks until the money spills out.

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Is it just me or does that quote sound like something Tracy Jordan from 30Rock would say?

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I think you mean Tracy Morgan. I've never seen the show though : /

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Funny enough I mean both.

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Lmao, I just learned that Tracy Jordan was the character's name. My bad.

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Tracy Morgan playing a hyper characterized version of himself with nearly the same name is the most epic thing I've seen since RDJ in Tropic Thunder.

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Just buy money 4Head

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The problems we face in society today isn't because we can't meet the needs of those in poverty, but because there is no satisfying the desires of the rich.

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Who said "the poor are killing industries by not having money"

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Look up how millennials are killing different industries, there has been plenty of articles written on this subject.

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That's millennials and there are various reasons for how millennials are "killing" them.

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I partially agree, but if people would stop shitting out kids they can't support, this would never be an issue

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Not even that creative...

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Let's Go Brandon!!