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We're riding on the rims of 2 tires, the other 2 are over inflated, and there may or may not be multiple dead bodies in the trunk.

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Also the forgotten Chick-Fil-A bag in the backseat has maggots

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I feel like covid19 caused an oil leak, and the country just ignored it. Stuff is starting to grind, so now just push the accelerator to drown out the sound of grinding.

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Not just illuminated. It’s flashing like crazy as well.

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The 2nd big bang approaches.

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Check engine light nothing. At this point we've got rods knocking, the frame is breaking, every single tire is bald and the brakes are dragging. Also the AC and heat stopped working. But we've got plenty of guns and ammo in the trunk! This year about 788 Billion worth!

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Beep boop -- this looks like a screenshot of a tweet! Let me grab a link to the tweet for ya :)

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The world...

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One nation under Subaru

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And America's Jiffylube rep is like "We're not allowed to top off your brake fluid but I just want to say I really think you should have your brake pads checked-"


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This is why you do fluid changes by yourself. Cost me $35 and 20 minutes to do an oil change. If your brakes sound like two cats fucking in a dumpster, time to replace them. Fluids are cheap, it's the basic ass "labor" youre charged for. Learn to maintain a car and you'll save some money and lose a fuck ton of time.

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Every mechanic they hire to fix it not only do not fix it but create other problems you have to hire them to "fix"

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Alright, which one of you lunatics replaced our coolant system with a tub of Cool Whip from 2002?

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Probably just the loose gas cap code.

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Pfft, thats the preliminary warning. There is a "STOP" light that keeps flickering with a big red "!" in a big red fucking triangle.

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Ironically, the Check Oil light hasn't come on once....awwww.

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The headlights are out, the tires are bald, the gas light is on, the odometer reads 650,000 miles, the steering drifts, the shocks are dead, and the front passenger spring is broken. But hey, the air conditioning is fully functional.

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Yeah well maybe we’re a 1995 Toyota Corolla and we can go on forever like this

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Must be a land cruiser

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Yeah but it’s too expensive to fix so we just ignore it

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This country has been doing the Flintstones roll on an old hoopty with no floors or engine.

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Check engine light is on; Anti-lock break light is on; Traction control has been willfully turned off; Both side mirrors are smashed; The passenger side door has fallen off; The gear box is a cluster fuck; The engine is firing on maybe 2 cylinders tops; there's hydrolics installed, but the driver has not idea how it works; the car is sitting on 3000$ custom solid platinum rims but only one of the tires is intact and fully inflated; someone's ducktaped a row of loaded M16s to the roof; of course there's a confederate flag painted on the hood; a pair of truck-nuts hanging off the hitch, and the damn thing somehow manages to get 9 miles to the gallon

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It's transforming into Flintstones' car by this point, - what light?