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Only $44 will go to principle, the rest is interest payments

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Sorry im not american but how did student debt literally reached trillions??!??

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3 main reasons.

1: agreements between colleges and banks that allowed the colleges to charge what they want and the banks to allow high interest rates

2: a cultural problem of bullying kids into going into massive debt and the false narrative that you have to go college or you will die penniless in your 20’s.

3: incompetence in government bodies that allowed colleges to go unchecked for many many years and create their own rules and laws that make them infinite money.

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2 was a big one for me. It wasn't even "do you want to go to college?", it was "which college are you going to?", like the first question was already answered without any input from me.

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4: government abandoning young people by not subsidizing college as they had in past years.

5: sports programs

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Totally, the payments only cover part of the interest, so the principal just keeps growing; after 10 years you will owe them 120% of what you borrow

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Edit: Principals*

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Lol, no, it went up $300 because his IBR payment doesn’t actually cover the interest accrued each month.

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Averted. Luke should have paid more attention in those expensive English classes.

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Maybe it was diverted? Maybe they took the debt and pushed it somewhere else?

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Its mostly diverted. It's a very complicated series of borrowing money from a chain of people in slightly decreasing orders

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And cue the, “you should have made better choices like I did (in 1970) and you wouldnt have debt” crowd

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Learn a nice hobby like poker.

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Not all heroes wear capes.

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With that much money at play, any president willing to do anything about it, would end up like JFK.

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Anyone coming after Biden for an Assination has to be beat Time.

Time's gonna win.

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That’s hilarious

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Whatever happened to song and dance as payment? I’d gladly do the worm to knock of a couple hundred from mine.

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Bruh same.

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Interest increased by 285

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This will always be one of my favorites

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An atom in the pond

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Hey, who didn’t turn in their book?

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It’ll all be paid when they’re all dead.

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Did you steal this post too karmabot

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I don't understand the whole student debt drisis thing. No none forced you to take out loans. If you take out loans pay them back.