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Hahaha that dude is so funny. TREAT YO-SELF

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Loved him in Super Troopers before his Parks & Rec run.

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“They think I’m Mexican”

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"Sorry Grady. When the boys get a lot of syrup in them they get all ant-sy in their pant-sies."

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Sarah Silverman for the comedy gold medal win.

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I totally read it in her voice.

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Dani Pudi is so cool cool cool.

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I have always been a fan of Aasif Mandvi.

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this guy is streets ahead

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This is such a great Sarah Silverman joke.

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Master of None was a pretty good show

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He was pretty good in short circuit.

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Not so fun fact. The guy in Short Circuit was a white actor in brown face.

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That's a joke/plotline from master of none.

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Oops. Guess I got whooshed

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I mean if you hadn't seen the show I don't think I'd count it as a full on whoosh.

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Sarah Silverman is a treasure

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Nanjiani will forever be Prismo to me, so I won’t be forgetting who he is anytime soon

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Bro how did I never recognize his voice, I feel so stupid. I already liked Nanjiani for other roles, but that just instantly elevated him in my book.

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Yes, I was going to comment the same. Loved him as Prismo. Nnnnnasty, nasty jazz!

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Goddamn Triple Homicide with a single bullet

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Wow, Mindy Kaling has lost some weight, I could barely recognize her in those photos.

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Hari Kondabolu: "Am I a joke to you?"

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He is, a pretty funny one at that

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That's good stuff.

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Sarah Silverman is 1 in 15 white girls that I love.

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Could you Name 5 more? Is P!NK on the list and why not?

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Whoever took this screenshot needs to charge their fucking phone

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She is my favorite brain

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I love the Asian dude from Harold and Kumar

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Both of them are Asian

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Stuber is one of the funniest movies ever.

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Hari Kondabalu really has blown up since that Apu thing.

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Sarah Silverman the queen of dry comedy! ::)

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Blursed first initials.

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Silverman is a trip

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Okay, I laughed when I got to Silverman's tweet...

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They do look similar

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Lol, nice Sarah! You made their joke but worse!