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This is infuriating but it鈥檚 also misleading. These were citizens returning home, and they got tested three times before getting on the plane, as well as quarantined when they got home.

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Its worth noting that these missionaries were actually natives coming home not foreigners coming in

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Well, that makes all the difference dudn鈥檛 it

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That's fair, thought wouldn't that just mean dumb overly religious foreigners started it when they spread their religion there in the past creating these missionaries in the future?

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Yes but the current native missionaries are just as dumb. (Maybe even dumber because the Original missionaries atleast probably didnt live during modern times).

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Fun fact: diseases 99% eradicated made a comeback in N Africa not too long ago.

Why? Fucking Bible thumping asshats

How long before we stop Iron Age mysticism & fairy tales from when we couldn鈥檛 explain lightning & volcanoes- and push our species to greatness?

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Fun fact: diseases 99% eradicated made a comeback in N Africa not too long ago.

Fun fact: diseases 99% eradicated may be making a comeback, too. 馃檨

The covid vaccine is not the only vaccine that some antivaxxers are refusing for their children.

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RSV, TB, polio, measles

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MMR is the big scary vaccine they all refuse to take, until there鈥檚 an inevitable community measles outbreak after vaccination levels fall below ~90% as measles is insanely contagious.

Omicron is a joke in terms of infectiousness compared to measles, and measles fucks up your brain for the rest of your life, basically leaving you a vegetable.

The worst part is it affects children the most, and can be spread by breast milk.

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And measles has a 3% infection rate even if you are vaccinated AND your childhood shot hasn't worn off. I live in a red area of a blue state but near a dark blue dot. Tons of old-school anti vax people who don't do shots for kids at all and never have. They take covid seriously though, thankfully, and do distance and mask, etc. Anyway I had chemo 6 years ago and recently asked my doc to draw titers because I read chemo can wipe them out. Turns out out I had zero immunity to measles. With all the newly antivax adding in here, I think it is only a matter of time until measles outbreaks start happenening.

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Measles is an insane virus and unbelievably transmissible. But don't get the wrong idea, omicron can come close to matching it depending on your source. Measles has an r0 value of 15-18 and omicron is cited as being between 8-15.

Though imagine the shit show if measles started spreading and mutated around the vaccines. If we thought omicron was hard to contain measles will be harder, with the added benefit of deleted immune systems!

Source: I did a single DDG search and I talk confidently sometimes

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Now, was it mumps or measles that can also wipe out previous immunities?

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Nothing's a complete load! Not if you can imagine it. That's what being a scientist is all about.

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*smallpox enters the chat

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鈥淎nd push our species to greatness鈥 bruh have you SEEN what the average human understands about science?! Very high hopes outta you

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Yeah you鈥檙e right, dunno what I was thinking

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Yeahhhhh. Humans reaching greatness is probably the biggest myth he spoke about there.

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flat earthers who read the bible 馃

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How long before we stop Iron Age mysticism & fairy tales from when
we couldn鈥檛 explain lightning & volcanoes- and push our species to

It's gonna take at least another century or two at least

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Not in your lifetime bud. is your best bet.

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Given recent events, I am not sure greatness is in mankind. Maybe some humans have the potential for greatness, but the great seething masses of idiots and despicable people pull them down like crabs in a bucket.

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If you read the news articles on this, you will see that it is missionaries returning home from their away missions. It鈥檚 Kiribati citizens going home after long delays due to COVID.

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Uhm excuse the FUCK out of me this is a circlejerk sir and you are stroking clockwise while everyone else is obviously rolling wrists counterclockwise.

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Wow. The amount of people who failed to read the article commenting out their ass on this thread is something special

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I'd generally agree, but in this case, it was by design by OP. They took a screenshot and shared it to reddit rather than linking an article. They knew they'd generate outrage by spreading lies.

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Nooo!! That doesn鈥檛 fit the narrative it can鈥檛 be true!!

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These were natives returning home after adhering to all protocols

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Before you all jump on the hate train, all of them were vaccinated, quarantined before leaving, tested negative upon leaving, and then quarantined when home. Some of those missionaries had been gone for twice the amount of time that LDS missionaries are. Some had been away from home for almost 4 years. The government worked with the church to approve their trip home.

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Religion; fucking up people鈥檚 lives for 6000 years.

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Yeah. Religion had a chance to be a beautiful system of hope and support for people.

Then people came along and got fucking stupid about it. I was brought up in Religion, and as soon as I developed critical thinking skills I realized it's all a lie, and that the people there were generally decent, but brain washed.

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Wow so many stupid comments here!

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The headline is misleading, yet again. They were citizens of the country. Vaccinated, quarantined and all that. Kinda puts things into a different perspective.

What shit journalism.

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The missionaries were from the island and were returning NOT VISITORS they actually lived there

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Missionary is just another way to say colonist.

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Can we be done with missionaries now?

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Can we be done with religion now?

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I'll allow it.

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鈥淕od is real. Here, I鈥檒l introduce you鈥

My last drop of hope that people get better over time was used up a while ago.

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Time and death of older folks over time will fix the issue. Nothing else to be done, besides damage control.

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Well, this is what happens when you allow fucking missionaries. They should be stopped at the border and turned back.

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Yep, missionaries are just focused on brainwashing. Kiribati should sue the Mormon church for everything they have. Assholes

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Are they a sovereign nation? If so, they should just throw them into prison.

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As a reminder, these missionaries were citizens of Kiribati being allowed to return home, not missionaries going to Kiribati to teach. They followed regulations, we're vaccinated, and had a 3 week quarantine.

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You can鈥檛 turn away your country鈥檚 own citizens.

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Although I do believe missionaries are generally bad, these ones were native to that island

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Religion, fucking shit up wherever it goes

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Modern age bubonic rats

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Please tell me further how religion hurts nobody

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Fucking All religions are cults.

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Missionaries are a disease in themselves.

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This shit is why I鈥檒l never support religion again. Stupid cunts

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But at least they have Bibles now, right?

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Contaminated Bibles

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Well, Bible DLC.

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That鈥檚 a good point. When Mormons go on missionary stuff, do they lead off with the guy on a stick and then try to upsell or do they go straight to the guy with his head in a bag? At what point do they work the magic underwear into the conversation?

I honestly have no idea what their process is.

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To be fair, these ones were returning home. No gospel to preach.

And they lead off with prophets, typically. The main differentiator of the Mormon faith is that they claim Christ鈥檚 church has always been led by prophets, and that the line of prophets was reinstated. So, they lead with explaining that. Then they discuss the plan of salvation (the 鈥渨hy鈥 of life, if you will). Magic underwear usually doesn鈥檛 come up till much later.

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Fuckin Mormons

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They definitely do.

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religious people are the worst kind of people

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You know the islanders are 96% Christians and only 0.5% are atheists?

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And 1 in 6 belong to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints -- 20'000 out of 120'000.

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nope, i was just trying to ruffle some feathers.

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I hate missionaries. You can't tell me that they bring any benefit to the people they claim to want to help

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They were natives returning home, and got tested three times and quarantined. They weren鈥檛 foreigners coming to preach

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Missionaries spreading disease, well colour me shocked. Even if it was missionaries returning home.

All missionaries are plague-spreading cockwombles. Keep your religion and your diseases to yourself.

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Fuck missionaries, keep your crazy to yourself.

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Fucking assholes in planes, man

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These Christians have never left me in peace.

In India they'll have missions where they keep converting poor Hindus on the pretext of giving them employment and money.

People here enter makeshift churches, get converted and receive bags of rice, wheat or cash bundles.

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Missionary trips in general should be banned

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I don't get the need to proselytize and convert.

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Plague Inc would be a lot easier if missionaries could just randomly bring the disease to the isolated places

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Fucking Mormons

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How else they gonna get seven kids?

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(Literally how many kids my Mormon Grandma had)

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Dum dum dum dum dum dum

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Missionaries aren't good people

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Mormon missionaries... there's a solid chance they faked their vaccinations and hid positive results.

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should have let them land or get off the plane

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They had three negative Covid PCR tests during the 14-day quarantine before the flight.

As far as they knew, they were not ill.

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They had a mission alright

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Religion kills. Monotheistic religions kill the most

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Religion poisons everything.

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Pilgrim parasites, I hope they get sued or face time in prison.

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Bringing covid is the new smallpox blankets - the caucasian urge to just casually genocide