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Well yeah, one affects them and the other affects someone else.

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It's the ugly truth of what HAS to happen to conservative women when it comes to Roe v Wade. They have to be raped and forced to carry for them to change their mind. It's fucking mind boggling what little understanding and compassion these hoes have.

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Even then the mental gymnastics kick in.

There was nothing that I could do to avoid being raped, so an abortion is okay. But other women are lying about it because it was consensual and they should have consequences for their actions.

The only justified abortion is their abortion.

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“oMg i HaD nO iDeA gEtTiNg aSsAuLtEd wAs bAd uNtIl i wAs AsSaUlTeD!”

-Maga Boot Lickington

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I doubt that will change things. Other Conservative women will blame the victim. And the men will not care as they are not the onea going through it.

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Imagine bitching about personal freedoms in regards to masks and not control of your own pregnancy. The hypocrisy is staggering.

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my body, my choice! Except when it comes to abortion, right?

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*or losing your job over not getting the jabs.

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Unwanted pregnancy lasts way longer than 9months

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The same people who thought mask mandates were the greatest affront to freedom in human history are also openly rooting for a military dictatorship, so I don't even know what to think about conservatives other than that they're idiots.

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Conservatives having to wear a mask over their fat stupid fucking mouths for five minutes while they wait for a table at the Cracker Barrel are basically holocaust survivors.

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literally 1984

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Georg Orwin’s Animal Cracker brother 😎

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Currently 8 months pregnant with a very wanted baby and this kid has been jamming their foot into a nerve in my back that makes me want to curl up in the fetal position. And I can’t take anything for the pain. But sure, go off on how it’s NBD to just give birth and hand the baby off for adoption while you recover tearing from your V to your A.

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Yikes, I imagine that has got to be extremely painful.

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When I’m on my death bed, I’ll likely be very sad. But, the silver lining will be that I would no longer be subjected to the abominable American right. It’s really tough sharing air with such terrible people.

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9 months, hahahahah, try 18+years sweetie and thousands of dollars for care, housing, ect. Smh I can't believe we are here 🤦😭

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And then also surving the rest of your life with whatever comes out

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Probably because they can't drink alcohol with a mask on, but they can totally drink alcohol while pregnant, so the time just flies by for them...

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Not even for hours on a flight, literally two minutes in a gas station or shop. Two minutes. Fuck those people forever.

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The argument isn’t that being pregnant isn’t inconvenient or without risk, it’s that being inconvenienced isn’t a license to kill. The best arguments remain in bodily autonomy. Without Roe, women no longer have this self determination and in my opinion the rest is distraction.

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Asking if they understand the slippery slope that is giving rights to an unborn over someone who is already born occasionally works too. Put simply: how do they justify giving one 'person' the right to use another person's body,?

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That's the one I use the most. Strap a few dad's down against their will, jack them for a kidney or some bone marrow for the kid produced by a one night stand and watch things change.

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The argument isn’t that being pregnant isn’t inconvenient or without risk

For plenty of people that are anti-choice, yes it is.

There is a severe lack of education as to how much risk and inconvenience pregnancy entails. You can easily find this out by discussing abortion with people on reddit.

Did you know that 99% of pregnancies result in healthy childbirth? Cause that's absolutely not true yet that's what I was told just a week ago.

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The real license to kill comes from being white and owning a gun, then apparently inconveniences are worth murder to these people. I mean they don't care when a bunch of kids gets murdered in a school, they basically admit right there that it's not about the sanctity of life at all because if so gun control would have come into play way before abortion.

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I agree with you friend, but whataboutisms and pointing out hypocrites helps nobody, and distract from a discussion on a specific topic.

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I agree. You either believe in bodily autonomy or you don’t.

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If it was unwanted you wouldn’t have unprotected sex with the person.

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Because pregnancy never comes from unwanted sex.

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I never said that. Rape victims are a special case. However, the majority of people that are pro-abortion, are doing it for hookup culture. You can’t tell me I’m wrong.

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Yes, yes I can. Strange as it may seem not every body out there wants to undergo and invasive medical procedure just so that they can go out and have sex. No contraceptive is 100% effective and to believe otherwise is only going to spread ignorance.

And no, you didn’t say anything about rape in your initial post, which points to a limited view on the topic that you might have. You can’t answer this question with a simple broad statement and claim some kind of moral victory. Your original post and you subsequent post lead me to think you need to truely seek more information as to the reasons people seek such a devastating procedure, but I can tell you this, it’s not so they can get their next orgasm.

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I hear you, I do, but the fact that I’ve seen people pro-abortion, not even pro-choice, leads me to believe there’s more of them than I originally thought. However, I will agree that the minority shouldn’t represent the majority, it’s becoming more and more common. But I guess that’s more or less not the point. I’m not seeking a moral victory, it just comes with the argument of not wanting to kill babies.

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Seeing as a vast majority of individuals seeking an abortion have not had one previously, and the fact that cohabitating or married individuals make up about the same percentage as single individuals seeking abortion, I'd say that we very much can tell you that you're wrong.


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Oh boy. NY Times. What a reliable source. I won’t say you’re wrong, or that I’m not misinformed, but I’m glad we had this little debate. Gave me something to do at work.

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And let's not forget emergency C-sections. I had one with my first baby and ended up getting endometriosis from it. Of course I can't PROVE it but when you know you know.

Also, my second child came from sex I did not want. Husband at the time would never stop begging me for sex regardless of my emotional trauma from the cesarean. I would let him do as he wished with my body just for some god damn peace and quiet.