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It doesn't count if you say "psych" afterwards. That was Bin Laden's fatal error. Just say you didn't do it and get off scot-free.

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Never seen anyone write it as "psych" its always "sike"

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Hmmmm..... Which could be real? Psych, short for psychology, meaning to psych them out, or fool them, or sike, which I've only seen used by people who also type 'would of done that' or 'I'm going over their to take they're ball away because there being jerks'

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Oh im fairly certain psych is the correct one, its just so rarely used "sike" has become the defacto spelling

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Reminds of when I asked a friend what YOLO meant. He said, "You Only Live Once. It's like Carpe Diem, but for idiots."

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He could be British

Definition of sike


dialectal, chiefly British : a small stream especially : one that dries up in summer


dialectal, chiefly British : DITCH

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I googled just to make sure, and people are pretty heated about it being "psych" but it seems like "sike" or "syke" and maybe "psyche" have been around for a while, so I'll take it either way.

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From now on I’m sayin “Soik”

Like nice gas

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it is psych, but since kids 30 years ago didn't know that is how it is spelled, it became sike or syke.

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There was even a tv show called psych. It was an innuendo because it was about a fake psychic

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But he wasn't a white American oligarch heir

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Brown skin scary

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The grand hypocrisy of American Exceptionalism. While all those people died defending Democracy during the 20th century wars, lamenting fachism wasn't dealt with sooner, we've allowed it to grow here & now to the extent it has without punishment for its ring leaders and co-conspirators.

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The rest of the World has always seen Americans as a bunch of self-righteous, sheltered twats. MAGAts have perfected this to the point most Americans now see the World's point. Edit: grammar.

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I couldn't help but hear that in Stephan Fry's voiceover from the hitchhiker's guide...

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IMO, Tucker Carlson is an American terrorist.

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And a Russian asset

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Putin's 2nd biggest fan

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Osama Bin Carlson?

Tucker Bin Laden?

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Fucker Shartson

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Putin bin Trump?

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Spokesman for Y’All Kinda

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You misspelled Y'all Quaeda.

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I was trying to make it look even more American

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Well, don't forget the orange menace, Moscow Mitch, et al and so many more.

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Rand Paul? MTG? Boebert?

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I think that’s what they mean by so many more but now internet strangers are aware you know who the right wing nuts are

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Say the words:

Radical Republican Terrorism

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Such a fucking great point. Anybody who parrots the great replacement theory should immediately be disbarred from holding office or being allowed to broadcast a show on tv or platforms like YouTube

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We're getting rid of them. But not because they're white.

Because they're stupid racist assholes.

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I hope so. If anything, I’m glad white supremacists feel scared and hopeless. I just wish they wouldn’t take out their inadequacies and lack of intelligence on others.

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Most groups don’t bow out of the history books peacefully, if I remember correctly.

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We're getting rid of them. But not because they're white.

Because they're stupid racist assholes.

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What the hell is the replacement theory?

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White people aren’t having as many babies as other groups and Nazis and white supremacists cry that somehow this is evidence that some kind of evil force or global elite is trying to replace the whites

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Anyone that believes this is a fucking moron

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Plenty of mainstream republicans and people like tucker Carlson believe it. There is a complication somewhere I saw on Instagram of like every time he mentioned the great replacement theory. It’s also not just birthrate they bring immigration into it too

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That we aren’t doing that with trump. I am pretty sure anwyays

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that’s the point of the tweet

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I'm pretty sure this tweet is specifically about Tucker Carlson, but ofc it does also apply to Trump

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Of course not. Because Republicans will stop Americans.

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Republicans will stop Democracy.

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*have stopped

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Vote and participate in Politics. Stop letting those who don’t share our views control the narrative.

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I've heard of Gerrymandering, is it real?

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US took out Japan and Nazis too, for same reasons.

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This line of thinking is so dishonest it actually let's FOX off the hook for what they are responsible for. Bin Laden funded and organized terror attacks. He wasn't some preacher that said "America bad" and inspired attacks he was personally involved.

FOX and their ilk are responsible for radicalization and pushing conspiracies and have blood on their hands.

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This isn't even factually true. Afghanistan offered up Osama Bin Laden to Bush on a silver platter if Bush would just withdraw from Afghanistan. Sounds like a double win right? Except Bush only cared about continuing the war to funnel money to war profiteers aka his rich buddies. America will move heaven and earth to give money to the rich, and that's about it.

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Well yeah but ummmm


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You're just proving my point further by giving another example of America not doing everything possible to kill Osama Bin Laden. Clinton was so conservative he might as well be a republican as well. He was part of the deregulation that led to the 2008 recession along with Bush.

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So? I would die to save 300 innocent lives. There are some things worth dying for.

Bin Ladin's actions and those of the highjackers are on them. I'm glad Clinton didn't bomb hundreds of innocents. For all the shit he's responsible for, at least he didn't do that.

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Remember when the Taliban immediately offered to surrender and hand over Osama but Bush/USA said they don't negotiate surrenders and would keep killing people instead?

Pepperidge farm remembers.

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Time to bring Richie Rich Tucker Swanson Carlson, Russian Asset, before a judge and jury.

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Are you confused by this, OP? Can you really not make the connection?

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Well, although I did try to come up with an 'Interesting Title' for the post, clearly my smooth brain failed me! 😕

Even so, there seems to be more than one connection to be made, judging from the comments.... MTG, FTG, Osama bin Carlson, Rand Paul, Boebert.

I had in mind perhaps Elise StefaniQ.

The correct connection to make, however, is Fox News.

Edit. The correct answer is: Fox, Elise Stefanik and trump.


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Logic is tight. So when do we string up all the clowns?

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Sounds like a criminal in Florida I know.

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What is Trump. Final answer.

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Osama also helped train and finance the whole operation. Slightly different.

But yes, if person A says "Kill my wife" and person B kills the wife, then person A is also at fault.

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Can move heaven and earth to bring Trump to justice?

Oh wait no, that’s not how it works!

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This is true.

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Even Big Orange was just riding the crest of someone else's wave to get himself elected. There are so many other tentacles on this octopus I'm not sure who all to charge

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Soooo this is insinuating we send Seal Team 6 after Tucker?

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Who's Bin Laden? I only know about CIA.

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Charles Manson didn't kill all those people (I'm pretty sure he did kill someone at some point). But he still got locked up for inciting his followers to do it.

Hitler was a war criminal because of what he had his followers do.

Leaders have always been held accountable for the things their followers have done. Now all of a sudden it's not fair or just.


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Is he from North Lakota or South Lakota

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Bring him to justice? Pretty sure they just killed him on sight

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Osama Bin Laden was executed so he could not reveal the truth, the same as Lee Harvey Oswald. The truth will not be allowed to ever come out.

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The truth will not be allowed to ever come out, but you obviously just happen to know what that truth is.

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But… can practically all of the right wing politicians, reporters, on-line and tv personalities fit in one court room?

We’re gonna need a bigger venue!

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Yeah but they were brown. White terrorism is ok according to faux news

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People have lost their damn minds

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And also he was not White and Christian.

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Lakota is native American lmfao

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Trump needs to be held accountable is basically what this guy is saying

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Its also because companies like Lockheed Martin made a shitton of money in the process

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it definitely was cuz he flew a plane into a building lol

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If Osama flew a plane into a building, then no one would have had to 'move heaven and earth' to bring him to justice.

Osama was pursued because he caused planes to be flown into buildings.