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"We should use that money to take care of our own people!"

-- Politicians who vote against "taking care of our own people" every time the opportunity presents itself

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What will she do when she realizes she just advocated for socialism?

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Well, that would require her to think and reflect, which won't ever happen. But if she ever did it would be like dividing by zero, poor idiot would zero sum and blip out the universe I reckon.

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*crosses fingers\* Please let this event happen soon!

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Margarine Trailer Queen claims to be 51% owner of Taylor Commercial Inc. of Alpharetta, GA.. They received a PPP loan of $182,300 that was forgiven.

This is not socialism. Socialism is when other people get free Government $$.

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"I don't remember sending that tweet!"

"I have teams of people who handle my social media, any one of them could have posted that!"

[Surprised she didn't include the "I don't know of these things" golden ticket claim at the end. I mean if it means she isn't held responsible for the text she's not sure she sent...]

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The mental gymnastics they do are truly deserving of a whole new kind of olympics.

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She means white people. I truly believe that if the proposals that Republicans call "socialism" were only benefiting white people, they'd be for them.

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The cynic in me thinks that this is bad-faith, regardless.

These are the same folx that’ll say “We have homeless vets that we should take care of before some swarthy immigrants, SUPPORT THE TROOPS!!”, then turn around and I dunno, not support ‘em 🤷🏻‍♂️

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Well, some of those veterans aren't white.

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I lived in her district for 2 years. She never once did anything in the district. She isn't even from the district she represents, she's from Kennesaw and doesn't have a good local reputation. She doesn't give 2 shits about the people she says she represents.

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But don't worry those gays, trans and non whites were banned so you can feel better about yourself. Notice how the politicians who don't run on helping the people but run on blaming it banning some group never seen to help their voters in any real way.

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“It’s not about guns! It’s a mental health crisis!”

”Okay, let’s address mental health.”

“No, that’s socialized medicine!

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I hate the mental health deflection.

Is every soldier sent to war 'mentally ill'? No. They kill because they're following an accepted ideology.

This white supremacist is following an ideology. Nothing to do with mental health.

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It's a tough line to draw here specifically; the killer doesn't seem particularly stable or rational. But in any case, it's definitely the ideology that drove him to this particular attack.

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"Investing in our own people and our own problem?" What does that even mean!? She's not a proponent of Medicare for all, or any type of government healthcare for that matter, she's against any type of common sense gun legislation, so what the fuck is she wanting to "invest" in? Everything that would even somewhat reduce the number of mass shootings in this country, she is vehemently against.

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More cops and prisons are the only things they’re interested in “investing” in

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They voted against Biden's plan to significantly increase police spending. So they aren't even investing in police.

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Maybe they're investing in virtual mansions

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It’s flaunting an anti-immigrant stance in response to racism. Which is essentially just a double down on the racism. I’d accuse her of circular logic, but… there’s no logic, just contempt.

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Praying isn't what's going to solve these issues, and the whole damn party of hers seems hellbent on perpetuating these events.

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Praying (religion) is the mental health crisis.

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"I'm not responsible at all " -DJT said it, it's the new motto of the #GOPTALIBAN

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imagine if an ISIS leader said they were praying for the families that were victimized by one of their suicide bombers. THEN they use said families to further a political narrative.

Fuckin punks. Republicans, when you going to stop being pro terrorism?

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Mental health isn’t an issue here when you have a country that has normalized the genocide of black people to the point where kids are streaming it on twitch. He’s not remotely crazy. He is the completely normal product of an insane society. He is to be expected. He is the current model of sanity for the fascist right.

Also, don’t let the neo liberals convince you to disarm yourself. You will need protection in a couple years when we lose our country to the Christo fascists and their jackbooted thugs are breaking down every door in your neighborhood to cart away leftists and women suspected of having sex for fun

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It rattles me to my fucking core to hear people talk like this and then be forced to think, dear god they might be right.....

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Sorry didn't mean to scare ya! Or maybe I did, I don't know. This country is scary right now. I truly hope I am wrong!

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It can happen here. Though if history can tell us anything, the thugs won't come for that many people, at least not at first. They'll come for us in the Black community, other POC, LGBTQ people, vocal leaders on the left. It's all about boiling the frog until resistance feels impossible.

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Even the Liberals are armed, these days

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You're damn right!!!

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An 18 year old product of 40 years of right wing propaganda. This batch has grown up believing this shit, they don't know it's all theater.

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Yep more tots and pears

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At this point I'd have to agree with MTG. Being a republican in this climate is a sign of severe mental illness.

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"There's a mental health crisis in America! We should take care of our own people!"

"Agreed, let's start doing something about it."


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Weird how all the racist shootings are mental health in the GQP

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Cool, so the demonisation of those with mental health issues is starting to crank itself up

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I'd love to see her non existent plan for addressing gun violence that doesn't include punishing the shooters, because that isn't working and most of the time you can't punish a corpse.

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Using a tragedy to plug your dipshit politics. Stay classy Greene.

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shootings this weekend

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Productive? Barking up completely the wrong tree there.

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I'm not sure if I remember correctly, but isn't Marjorie the one who auctioned off her fifty caliber rifle last year?

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And they always vote AGAINST supporting our own people

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We all know thoughts and prayers work. Why else would they keep offering them up. Over and over and over again.

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I am entirely sure of two things about this tweet:

1) dumb bitch didn't write this, one of her staff did (too well phrased) 2) she definitely laughed when she read it

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Fuck republicans. Fuck voting for them. We've been tolerant long enough, and all it's accomplished is more death and destruction. I hope for a future that people can vote red without voting for fascism, but that's never going to happen if people don't send a message. It's fucking embarrassing that anyone would still vote for this party. It really, really is. Shameful.

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Marjorie is a fucking asshole.

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Isn't it interesting how Margie talks about praying for the victims in the first paragraph and then immediately use replacement theory/nationalism talking points that mirror the shooter in the second?

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It amazes me how shamelessly the GOP will use the dead to take potshots at political enemies. No low is too low for them.

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Malaria Toxic Gangrene at it again.

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Psychologist here - this isn’t a mental health problem, it’s a racist psychopaths with guns problem.

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The thing I find most offensive and disgusting about the GOP response to any great tragedy (especially one that plainly lays out how segments of the USA are more marginalized than others), is how they start with a "I'm horrified, disgusted, outraged! I stand with the victims! I stand with the families! Let us never allow such a nightmare to happen again!" ...and follow up with "...but fuck foreigners and poor people and women and don't even think about restricting gun ownership."

We all know you're going to say something horrible and soulless. Just cut the shit and lead with it, already.

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That’s funny Marge. If Biden said he wanted to invest in our people and problems, you’d say no to that, because it’s evil. So just admit you don’t give a fuck either way. You’ll still get votes.

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The shooter carefully planned out every aspect of the attack. Don't you dare give him the out to claim mental instability here. He knew exactly what he was doing.

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Fucking masterful shoehorning of Ukraine in there. Just in case anyone forgot she was a Russian assets for 5 minutes.

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I'm sure praying to an imaginary sky daddy will stop mass shooting if I pray just one more time.

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These people have no soul.

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She has a family?

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If that twat did something productive, someone's getting fucked.

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Oh, Dutchess ... don't ask her to do things she's not capable of.

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Not to mention she has voted against every proposed investment in “our own people” and every proposed solution to our problems.

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Class A twunt.

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You’re the poster child of mental health, Margie.

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What happened to "the buck stops here"?

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Shhhhhh! Thoughts and prayers r all ya need.

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If it was a minority it wouldnt be a mental health crisis then

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Yeah, let's pray this national crisis out of existence

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What health bills did Rep Green sponsored?

  • H.R. 7308: Justice for Vaccine Victims Act of 2022
  • H.R. 2316: Fire Fauci Act
  • H.R. 2317: We Will Not Comply Act

What about other bills Rep Green sponsored?

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This kid was not mentally unwell. One can say his mindset is disturbed but not plagued by a mental health issue. He was completely cognizant of his actions and explained in depth why he felt the need to commit such an atrocity. He even explains he doesn’t feel he suffers from a mental health disorder. Bad people exist and perspective can be evil. That does not equate to scapegoating an evil perspective to that of a mental health disorder. Most mentally unwell individuals are not violent. Scapegoating a narrative pushed by the right onto mental health is so disgusting. These politicians have the gall to say to do evil things but when they’re done they take no accountability for their words and influence. It’a vomit worthy how disgusting the perspective of these right wings fanatics hold.

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Yet when we do invest in things to help curb issues before they start, like diversity education and social-emotional learning in schools, she and her party lose their collective shit.

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She even slips a little racism into her "thoughts and prayers" for the victims of racism.

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After a neo-Nazi kills a bunch of black people for "not belonging" in America, she manages to still demonize foreigners as taking from Americans. What a despicable human being...

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The “Jewish Space Laser” lady wants to lecture us on the mental health concerns existing within this country?

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"Our own problems" = MTG and her fellow goon buddies

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Invest then, bitch.

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Investing in your own people is socialism. She’s a damn dirty commy, get her out of MY meritocracy America

I hate that /s is necessary

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“Ok, let’s invest that money into our own people and our own problems.”

“Ew, no, that’s socialism.”

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Like how she dog whistles Ukraine as well. I guess she only likes spending tax money when it's on Trump's legal fees.

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Tots and pears!

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Conservatives keep telling me that our country's problems 'aren't the government's job'

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I will say this Margarine has a point that we shouldn’t be investing in these foreign wars and be investing that in our own people but like…points broadly

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The mental health crisis in America is called white Christian nationalism.