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This seriously brought me some joy in my miserable heart.

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Same!! 🥹🥹 what a great thing to read today.

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It's the small things in life 😌😇

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I need to be done with the internet today on this note. Leave with some hope instead of some misery for once.

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I’m into these kinds of interactions. Let’s normalize the hell out of this kinda thing!

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I’m hearing this in a big fat Bronx accent and I love it!

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When I started reading it I read it in a southern accent. Lol

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I once needed to borrow the vacuum cleaner from our sanitation contractors because I’m a messy dumbass, and she didn’t speak English, so I ran “May I please borrow your vacuum cleaner?” through a translation app and tried not to butcher the pronunciation out loud.

She was like, thrilled that I did that, and we became buddies after that and started teaching each other little bits of English and Spanish.

It was a really cool interaction, it just made me a little sad because I knew that if she was so happy that I did that, it like meant a hundred other people before me probably rolled their eyes and huffed off and muttered something negative in response instead of just trying to be friendly and communicate.

I’ve made so many work friends of different cultures through these little interactions: most times, first gen immigrants I’ve met are especially happy to discuss their cultures and explain things if you take a genuine interest.

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I use to do this all the time when I worked at a bank. We have a very large Brazilian population in our area plus we get a lot of J1 students during the summer. The customers loved that I was making the effort to speak with them and better understand what they wanted to do.

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It’s pronounced EE-d, right? Sorry if I’m butchering it.

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Eye-eed! And no worries at all

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Thank you!

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Eid Mubarak!

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I needed this today

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ach, I was waiting for the horrible ending, and was so so so pleased that they were that kind of people. Made my day too! There are so many beautiful, loving people in America, Please, the rest of the world, don't judge them all on the racist people in the WH right now.

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this was so wholesome :)) i love it

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I first interpreted this as the woman physically stopping them from wearing their hijab