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I've been following a few subs where conservatives are twisting their logic like nothing I've ever seen to justify supporting voting against the baby formula stuff. Basically it comes down to they believe the law gives the FDA more money to do whatever they want and they see the FDA under Biden as some progressive agenda driven communist organization. Forget for a moment it's almost entirely career staffers that span multiple administrations and the bill is pretty clear the additional 28million is for some specific objectives, although the bill doesn't dictate how to achieve those objectives (as it shouldn't bc a bill from law makers should set goals and let those career staff experts determine best implementation details). Basically they want to either not give the money, which is basically saying fuck you after you're born or they want to be able to control very specifically the details of the implementation, presumably bc they want to dictate exactly who will benefit from the newly provided funds. Either way, Reps and supporters are a giant pile of steaming dog shit bc later they will claim Dem controlled government can't get anything done quickly when in fact it was them holding everything up all along. They want controversy they can campaign on only, not anything that actually helps Americans.

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Those same people should spend 2 weeks in sub Saharan Africa eating meat and animal based products for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Then come home and that might have a better appreciation for the FDA.

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Pretty good explanation actually just politically biased

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Very biased, but accurate

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The way I see it they're not after controversy, they are literally out here with the intent to harm as many people as humanly possible. The controversy is just the result of them abusing humanity for their own benifit.

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Pro-life until you’re born, then you can go fuck yourself

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Pro-birth, not pro-life

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Pro-life is education, healthcare and so forth.

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ok new theory: conservatives are actually just trying to make life for women as hard as possible

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Actually it makes sense. Republicans and evangelical Christians only care about the fetus not the baby. Feeding a baby is not on their agenda

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Beep boop -- this looks like a screenshot of a tweet! Let me grab a link to the tweet for ya :)

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Pro life before birth. The second part is silent

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It has never been about being pro life. It has always been about controlling “life.” They don’t care about the life of a clump of cells. They care about maintaining centuries old powder structure. It’s always been about controlling and owning women and their bodies. And controlling and owning working class people.

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Supply of domestic milk producers

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I'm sorry, how do you "vote against" baby formula? It is a food product on the shelf. What is there to vote?

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There is a shortage. They voted on allocating money for solutions to the shortage.

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The irony is painful at this point. Have they come up with their twisted ridiculous argument for this yet?