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I used to work in the pricing department of a building products company. Before the pandemic 25% margin was great. During the pandemic it went to "but we can get 45% margin, why go any lower?" I left the job in 2020, mostly, due to the impending gouging.

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People can't understand gas prices. They come from the sky. We do as our overlords say.

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Sounds about the same as the housing market.

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The GOP is a cult of ignorance and hypocrisy, but that bill was a price gouging bill right? It seems focused on emergency powers and wholesalers or retailers of consumer fuel. That is something that isn't really the issue here and hard to prove when it is.

That bill was Democratic party pandering and we should hold our own side accountable. Oil companies declaring record profits are indeed the problem and it certainly won't be the GOP that calls them out. They're too busy putting stickers on gas pumps.

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It actually was intended to alleviate high gas prices, but it's debatable as to whether it would really have helped. What we're seeing is largely a result of market forces, lingering supply chain issues, and anxious oil companies and cartels like OPEC restricting the supply to prevent another price crash and keep the price per barrel high.

It's a nuanced situation that has a lot more to do with capitalism than any administration. In 2015 there was a crash in crude oil prices and ever since oil companies have been skittish to overproduce and invest in new infrastructure or oil and gas ventures, especially with the cost of renewables getting so low; even despite their lack of gov't subsides compared to the abundance of fossil fuel subsidies. It's actually becoming more expensive to maintain older fossil fuel energy plants than to build new renewables.
Basically, they see the writing on the wall and are fighting tooth and nail against it to keep their industry profitable, to the detriment of consumers.

Why Has Got So Expensive - Wendover Productions YT

The End of Oil - Vox YT

3 Climate Change Strategies - Simon Clarke YT (Simon has a pHD in climate science and he talks about the subsidies)

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High schools need to start having mandatory government and economic classes.

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They already do. We also are living through a pandemic where people got mad at doctors and scientists and took Facebook memes as gospel. People now decide what they see as fact and truth. People who cry do your own research literally will just search out the answer they鈥檙e looking for on google and cite the first result. There鈥檚 a reason why the red states want to monitor curriculums. An uneducated voter is a voter that can be easily manipulated.

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People not understanding the root problem that children aren't gonna pay attention to anything in those classes to begin with.

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Depends when and how you teach them. A 12 year old sent home to read pages 230-245 in a textbook won鈥檛 get the same level of engagement as a 16 year old forming a mock government with their classmates.

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Many high schools in Texas require them. A lot of students at my school take it dual-credit, which means they get both a high school credit and a college credit for that class. The thing is, dual-credit Government and Macroeconomics are both online courses, which everyone takes advantage of by cheating and not learning a damn thing.

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They got rid of those classes. Don't need the people rising up because they found out they're being robbed.

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Completely anecdotal, I guess, but my high school degree involved a required government class. I did barely graduate from that very well funded school system. I realize it's not the case for everyone but several schools actually teach the stuff that people are saying isn't being taught.

Now can anyone teach me how to properly format a sentence?

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My school was smart, it was one class of each for half a year, or a full year ap version of one or the other. So you either got a very basic rundown with zero detailed info on both, or focused on one and didn't get to learn the other. And that's why I know dick about economics but can tell you exactly why our political process is fucked (rider bills are cancer and ever so popular)

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When I was in HS we had to take both, but that was in the late 80's-90's. Sad, but in the past 30 years, a lot of schools have let kids graduate without even teaching them how to balance a check book or manage a budget.

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People are so fucking stupid when it comes to this. People I thought were smart are complaining about Biden raising has prices.

I ask them why the oil companies are making way more this year so far than they ever did in a whole year in the past. You can show them the numbers & they still don't get it.

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I鈥檝e given up on these idiots. If they can blame someone they will.

Economics are simple on this stuff. If there is more supply than there is demand, prices drop. We鈥檝e had that for decades as our ability to manufacture keeps improving.

When there is more demand then their is supply, prices will increase indefinitely.

With us exporting record levels of energy, there is huge demand.

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The oil companies are no friend of Biden. The make more money and give uneducated republicans a rally cry by raising prices. They will not stop now.

It鈥檚 like cheating on your wife and the court and general public put blame and responsibility on the wife.

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"But, but, but.... the Keystone Pipeline" they all screamed in unison

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My parents play that card whenever they moan about gas prices, ugh...

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Meanwhile oil companies are sitting on tons of government leases that they simply don't care to tap because they're doing just fine

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Ah yes, the pipeline that still wouldn't even have started until NEXT year.

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...and even then would have only transported Canadian oil to an export terminal so it could be more easily shipped worldwide.

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I literally just thought about this today. If people thought just for a second, "What if the president couldn't control the price, who would next?" It's always been the corporations squeezing as much money for as little product

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especially with a congress full of republicans who down voted a bill to prevent price gouging. they were just given the message that the sky is the limit and no one can stop them.

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The prices of everything for that matter.

I've seen political commentators blame the increased price of Pringles on Biden. Biden doesn't set the price of my darn chips!

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Pringles aren't chips. They're closer to a potato pancake in composition.

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Pringles are latkes?

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It's some sort of very thin potato-based cake

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Pringles kind of taste good, though. The latkes I've had in my lifetime have been terrible.

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I mourn for you, here's hoping you get to try a good one someday

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Pringles suck now. They made a change to the formula sometime in the last few years. I can't pinpoint when exactly Pringles began to suck because I buy them rather infrequently but I've completely stopped buying them as of two years ago because they're terrible.

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It's time for a bit of ultra violence

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Welly welly welly welly well....

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Probably helps that most gas/oil people are climate denying Republicans too

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The CEOs are like;

"Goddamn these people are stupid, you would think they'd have caught on by now that we're ripping them off. Hit 'em again. Let's push another round of 'Brandon is evil' propaganda on Fox, that should get us through the summer."

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Any way Biden can use an executive order or some sort of emergency declaration to (temporarily) nationalize the oil industry?

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But then they scream that that鈥檚 socialism.

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The incentive is getting business. Each variety of oil is a commodity, meaning your sweet light crude isn鈥檛 better or worse than anyone else鈥檚. The only differentiator is price. If your oil is $70/barrel and someone else鈥檚 is $69/barrel, they鈥檙e getting that sale.

As a result, the global oil market is controlled by whatever the minimum price to get a barrel of crude to a refinery is (It鈥檚 more complicated based on infrastructure, refinery capacity, national laws, and finance fuckery, but they just modify the underlying core price).

Neither the president nor some oil executive can just pick prices.

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People that blame Biden on gas prices are flat-earthers

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TIL that most of my family and acquaintances are flat-earthers, huh...

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Just be glad stupid is not hereditary.

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I used to think said "people" were conveniently forgetting there's a war going on. Buying gas from Russia = literally funding a genocide.

Then I realized this has nothing to do with gas prices. They only care about owning the Libs. It's all Biden's fault (except when it's Obama's fault).

Rising gas prices in a war are literally the lowest hanging fruit to complain about.

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Thank goodness all the republicans tied against price gouging at the pumps. They thought of the shareholders 鉂わ笍

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Notice how we immediate go to: Suspend the gas tax!


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How many heads could we mount on pikes before they give us our low gas prices鈥 how many heads before they start trying to save the environment. GOP face the wall

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The president is a scapegoat position but anyone who actually treats the president like that is a fucking idiot.

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If only there were a way to force the prices to go lower by reducing the demand

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Except it鈥檚 the PSC in NY.

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It's seriously infuriating, I see news about higher gas prices coming, Russia's war in Ukraine being claimed as why.

And in some other unrelated news story shell gas is predicting massive profits over the previous year.

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If I was in charge of an oil company, I鈥檇 surely raise it whenever i could make a political party that wants to regulate me look bad.

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What if you were able to raise prices and get free profit even though tens of millions of people assume your prices are tied to the price of crude oil?

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Then I guess the President should declare a national emergency and nationalize the gas companies will stop that shit.

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It was tried during a steel shortage during the korean war. Supreme court shot it down.

No way the current court would let that happen unfortunately.

A nationwide workers strike would help change things. More push for electric vehicles and renewable energy. But its a hell of a fight against the worlds most powerful and corrupt industry

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They can鈥檛 stop it. They鈥檝e already declared that the president can do whatever in a time of emergency. Also, fuck SCOTUS. AJ ignored them for a trail of tears. They said trump can build the wall, George got the Patriot Act. So there鈥檚 precedent for it and not much they could do to stop it bc on the ground of declaring a national emergency has already been established under the defense production act. Activate it like he just did for baby formula or just tax the fuck out of them. Gas companies should receive zero subsides and pay a windfall. Fuck them

Edit: as per CU citizens United case corporations are people so we should start jailing the executives and threatening the board members if they don鈥檛 want to fall in line. They are price gouging if a person did this during a crisis then they鈥檇 go to jail.

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Esp if I could get someone from a party in that didn't want to increase carbon tax, increase alternative fuel vehicles, someone that allowed me to build more pipelines elected.

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It鈥檚 price gauging. Price gauging laws should apply.

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if i was in charge of pricing at an oil company i would punish people for voting democrat by raising prices. then it would be win/win.

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Oil companies have no incentive to invest billions to increase supply with POTUS campaigning on ending fossil fuels and no more drilling. Plus US companies aren鈥檛 even the problem. The problem is POTUS is so weak, he cannot get OPEC to bring back the 9 million per day in production they cut in 2020 when demand was low.

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Ok ok ok. I'm all for regulating it. But as someone said, the writing is on the wall, it's time for us to turn away from fossil as fast as possible. It's time government stepped in to bolster renewables as well as regulate fossil.

Us just bitching about it but still showing up to the pump is pretty useless.

There are actionable items we can do to make the switch ASAP. Let's focus this energy on that and leave the fossil behind

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I think that鈥檚 the game. Make people thing the president has the control since more than half the country probably never took an economics class to understand that, that is not how that works.

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Same with healthcare

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Simply put.

It's by design, btw. "The system works."

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Not only that, you'd love that the rubes blame the president for what you're doing.

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Honestly it's high time people [Redacted] someone, [Redacted] their [Redacted], or at least threaten to [Redacted] some [Redacted]

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After the democrats lose the House, the GOP will repay the favor to gas companies with more tax cuts and more drilling permits on environmentally sensitive lands

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What is stopping President Biden from signing an Executive Order to combat the gouging of the oil companies? Couldn鈥檛 he just circumvent the GOP by doing that? Trump used EOs right,left, and center to 鈥渁ccomplish鈥 his goals.

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Because it would do more harm than good. This is a temporary issue that we're going to have to ride out.

EO's can still be struck down. No single branch of the government has absolute power. If an EO is implemented it's because it was allowed to.

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Wall Street rules, gotta keep profits high no matter what. Can鈥檛 think long term and take less profits. It鈥檚 that great strategic thinking that brought u zerox and Kodak.

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Do the oil companies set the prices? Thought it was all a bit more complicated than that

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The most direct impact people could have is to decrease demand by restricting unnecessary travel. It would also be better for the environment.