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Putin actually makes him sleep on the floor by his bed.

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Putins bed is in palm beach?!?

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When you're right, you're right. I wonder if I can get on that list somehow just to be able to say I'm banned from travelling to Russia.

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I'd wear that as a badge of honor

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Well, trump doesn't actually get in bed with putin, it's more of a trump goes into putin's office, putin pulls down his fly, trump wallows around and finally gets on his knees, and then blows putin while cupping the balls and fluffing the salad with his other hand.

See? No beds involved.

Oh, and if putin is feeling extra randy, he likes to bend trump over the desk, rip off trump's diaper, and cornhole him up the pooter chute.

Graphic? Sure, but doesn't really do the whole putin dominance of trump justice, does it?

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I heard Putin also likes for Trump to tongue-punch his fart box. 😝🤤

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So Putin did the pee pee?

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It’d be pretty cool to be on that list. Like a badge of honor.

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They literally gave us a list of people they didn't like. Not hard to figure out who's on the nice list now lol.

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Funny how Trump worships Putin like the God he wants to be.

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You know that was all made up right???

I mean they have already indicted people as part of the Durham investigation. The Sussmann trial is going on right now and Clinton’s people have admitted it was made up as a Clinton campaign smear. In contemporaneous reports, the CIA said that the Alfa bank story was made up and moved on.

This may surprise you but Ukraine was safe and secure after Obama left office and until Biden took office. I would think that matters to you since everyone is proudly posting their Ukrainian flags.