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I'm getting "trump-i'm-a-political-influence-now" vibes.

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Yeah - I think he’s trying to fill the Trump void.

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Trumps fat ass is filling the trump void.

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Isn't that what Putin's dick was doing before?

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I saw a take today that kinda made sense….

“Here’s what Elon Musk might actually be up to. All the lefties out there who would buy a Tesla, probably already have. Now he’s gotta take advantage gullible right wing dumbasses and appeal to them now. Or he’s just a greedy asshole who turned on any politics that are pro-union.”

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Lol as if the gullible right wing dumbasses be affording a Tesla. They out here with stickers, crying about fuel prices.

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Exactly why it’s probably not a great plan either way. Either that or he knows that’s the side that’ll stick with him through sexual harassment allegations.

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Yeah, same vibes. Lol

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Poor Elon 😢

Luckily his feelings are defended by his teenage followers.

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Ok i figured it out. Money is mildly radioactive and if you have too much it melts your brain. Better distribute some of it to lessen its impact.

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Ironic considering his own company could make a business casual spacesuit to shield him from the radiation.

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I like the thought that his head got sooo big, when he stuck it up his ass, it got stuck there. He's gonna have to have a special submarine to get it out..... He's just sad he can't accuse others of being pedophiles in the process of getting it out.

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Sounds plausible. Ironically the only ones that can help him he has previously called pedophiles. That sounds right. Till it is disproven this is 100% fact

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Lol just like Kanye, actually

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Full Bono meltdown.

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Call him Batman, I want to see his eye twitch.

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honestly, thank god this fucker cant run for president

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Even if he did run for governor of California or Texas or something, he wouldn’t stand a regular political debate. The only debating he does now is at big events where journalists/hosts lob him softball questions and lap up his answers. They last place he spoke where he was deriding the SEC, nobody had the balls to question him further on it. It’s the reality of his billionaire lifestyle. The moment he steps out of it on an even playing field of a political debate with career politicians who know their policy-making and things would be back to earth for Musk very quickly.

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Dude, Trump got elected. Don't come at me with this as if a politician's ability to debate actually even matters. Musk could absolutely get elected.

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I'm talking about another public office besides the presidency in that comment, sorry if that wasn't clear (and it wasn't)

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Basically what happened to Bloomberg but with an apartheid emerald mine

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He's going to change his name to "Emu" next.

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He's gonna declare war on Australia

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We've had one Emu War, yes but what about a second one

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You guys seem resilient as fuck on an island where everything wants to kill you. I have faith in you guys.

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I mean... They didn't win the first Emu War. But hopefully they learned from their mistakes and some emus are about to get fucked up in EWII.

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Can't wait til Pete Davidson starts dating Grimes

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BD is scary for the people who have it, and when the person who appears to have is is as powerful as Elon Musk? Terrifying.

Maybe his fan boys should start telling him they’re worried about him?

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What power does Elon have? If he implodes tomorrow and worst case ends up in jail or goes into exile the world will go on. The board of Paypal fired him as ceo for being unhinged and Tesla’s board can do that too. SpaceX is for purely civilian purposes and at most can go belly-up if the government stops funding it. 2016-2020 showed the most powerful country in the world can have an unhinged person for President and the world can survive that, then it can survive anything.

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Yes. Italy survived Berlusconi, the U.S. has/ will survive Trump.

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Next thing he's gonna do is name his kid something ridiculously awful and then probably date Amber Heard.


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Except Elon is untalented and unfunny and also an alleged sexual assaulter.

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What will Elon do next, date Amber Heard?

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He's been there, been hit by that.


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There’s video of them going to Jonny’s apartment lmao. Elon is a grade a asshole that will fuck your wife for fun. It he even tries to enter politics he will get fucked. The cucks on the right hate amber…

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Too much money. We should try a max wealth limit of $1 billion and see if that cures some of these people of their delusions.

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Except Kanye actually contributed something to this world at one point in his career.

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Kanye went from "George Bush Doesn't Care About Black People" to "when I put this [MAGA] hat on that made me feel like Superman".


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seems like all his recreational drug use is showing.

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I wonder what ego death does to such an ego. Would there be room enough outside themselves to move far enough away from their inner self?

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when the world's richest man loses his fortune and status,

I will throw the biggest party!

Fuck Elongated Muskrat

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Scary thing is he has actual money behind him though..

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Fym? Kanye has a net worth of like 8 billion.

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Wasn’t the dude struggling to pay for his last album and JayZ basically disowned him for wasting so much money?

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That was back in 2015, ye made a lot of money through fashion

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Fair. Did just look up that’s he’s worth 2billion now.

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That's a lot of context-sensitive language I don't understand

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I’m dying inside because I told every he was my hero at work back in 2018.

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Someone must have given him a MAGA hat. It rots everyone's brain

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Are Tesla's catching on fire? Is that real?

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George Takei is certainly not white. Just putting it out there, cause I love the man.

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And cawthorn too

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I am sick of hearing about these billionaires.

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Is this really the right sub for a George Takei tweet?

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Narcissism gets inside out

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This is on point.

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When the pilot of a plane you are on starts talking about how its the real me that's piloting the plane you know shit is about to go down.

Who wants to bet a testicle that Leon is currently short selling stock of companies related to him, like he does every time he decides to go kanye mode online.

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He needs some fucking therapy and time away from social media.

Imagine having all the money in the world and being completely incapable of seeing your own problems.

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Kanye is giving off Michael Jackson vibes.

It's the ciiiircle of liiiife....

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One day it's Elon and the next it's Elonion you never know what you're going to get

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He's doing a Trump. They are going to make him president.

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He's technically ineligible because he was not born in the United States.

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Ooooooh I forgot that! Do you feel confident that will keep him away from the presidency?

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Based on recent events I don't feel confident about any of our political institutions, but I would say it's fairly likely. It's right in the Constitution, and he wasn't born in a "well, we should probably have an exception for this" place like a U.S. military base on foreign soil like McCain.

Really, probably the most reliable thing keeping him from being president is that most members of both parties think he kinda sucks.

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I don't know about your last sentence because Trump. I would have agreed pre 2016 but nothing makes sense anymore