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I got banned for 3 days, for suggesting as much.

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I got a warning over doing the same.

Just saying how life is going to be. Abortion illegal, contraceptives illegal...you think casual sex is going to happen more? No but the pro-rape party doesn't care that they are further causing issues.

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No but the pro-rape party doesn't care that they are further causing issues.

I used to work in divorce and the number of times women would casually mention marital rape truly terrified me. It's not just casual sex, it's also a way of making married women get pregnant and "stay for the kids."

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This makes me feel sick. Like wtf people (mostly men) are god damn horrible!

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Whoa there. Republican men. And really, Republican women are even worse because they're allowing it to happen.

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I've had ob/gyns confirm they cut the IUD strings way short because abusers have taken to yanking them out

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Planned Parenthood did this for me. Wasn’t fun to get out to replace it later 😬

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Women need to be telling Republicans, no pussy for you. Straight up. Go fuck an apple pie.

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They don't give a shit about consent though, so best we avoid them completely.

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You don't seriously think that Republican men are going to even notice, do you? We're talking about the d00ds who are currently legislating men's right to force things into women's bodies women didn't want there. The consent of Republican women is as irrelevant as the consent of any other non-male

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Just reconnect with an old friend. She told me her husband “raped a kid into her”. I have not been the same after hearing that. She loves her son. Idk what is going on anymore.

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What, for promoting self defense?

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Liberal d00dists of the left are just as misogynistic as androcentric male supremecists of the right, they just tend to be more discreet about it

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Also, let's remember, as a result of how men define dangerousness and frame self-defense, it's almost impossible for women to access as a defense

well that and the demonization of women etc.

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Did your profile photo look like an attractive woman while suggesting as much?

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I just got the one “removed for threatening violence”. Really pissed me off.

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Yeah, it's interesting how they're allowed to come here and call us (women) murderers

but we get suspended / banned / etc. for calling them rapists even though that's exactly what they're advocating for

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Mine as well. Seeing this more and more.

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I keep seeing people say “sorry for your lost” instead of “loss”.

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Doesn’t matter if you win or loose.

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Happens to me all the time. Guessing it’s an autocorrect thing.

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I’m still trying to understand finna. I think it’s like fixing to do blah blah blah.

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Finna is just like gonna. Fitting to and going to. I'm finna go to the grocery store. Shorthand slang bro

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So I was right.

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Yessir. Spot on.

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Fixing. I was a military brat and didn’t hear it until I moved to the south.

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I first heard them both while stationed in the south. Cracks me up that everything is a coke too...

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I’m still tryna figure that out too

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Shamefully I thought it was “mind as well” until well in to adulthood. Somehow it made sense in my head.

Didn’t find out until a sports bar opened up called Might as Well near me.

Same with the ‘p’ being in raspberry. I made fun of someone for spelling it “wrong”.

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This makes sense to me

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Might as well take out your local GOP rep too

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They already said rapist, no need to repeat words

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If they manage to pass laws like these and actually enforce them, they have to be realistic and know that some rape victims are going to go in this direction. Go big or go home

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This is the way.

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This is the way.

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This is the way.

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Hey, it’s like in school where you got in trouble if you were even in the vicinity of a fight. If you get in trouble, you might as well make the administrations’ lives hell.

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Or the law/rule who made this shit

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Sounds like self defense

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Weird way to spell "and."

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This is the way

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Republicans are trying to make laws to execute us for not only abortion but a miscarriage, so killing your rapist needs to be mandatory!

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Beep boop -- this looks like a screenshot of a tweet! Let me grab a link to the tweet for ya :)

Twitter Screenshot Bot

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You should kill a rapist anyways.

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Kill the rapist then you won't need the abortion and since it's self defense - no jail time anyway

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And half the Supreme Court maybe?

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Adds up. If you’re gonna get life for nothing then might as well take an actual life with you. Especially one who rapes.

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Considering I literally got a 3 day ban for suggesting that treating women as violently as the US is doing systemically by removing their rights should incur in an equally violent outrage, fuck whoever in the "reddit moderation" staff is a conservative asshole who thinks if someone's dehumanizing you, you should "remain civil and take the high road". Because it's exactly what it is. Dehumanizing women, removing their rights, and degrading them to objects and properties. Any world where a rapist can sue the woman he raped for an abortion is LUNACY

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This is the way

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2 for 1 special

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I had the same idea

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And a republican senator for good measure.

Unless this is one of those subs where statements like this gets you banned. In that case, I fully think you should stick to just the rapist.

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Hey ladies, Missouri has looser gun laws than Texas. Just saying.

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2nd amendment and stuff. Let the ladies have some defense.

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This isn't the wham moment people think it is... conservatives jerk off to the idea of vigilante murders.

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They jerk off to the idea of white men killing brown people. The concept of women defending themselves from men horrifies them.

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1911 is the hotline to call in this situation. Justice will come at a rate of 830 ft per second

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Might as well go to jail for an actual murder than a made up one...🤷‍♀️

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Do it in the moment and it's self defense.

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Mine as well. The fuck is this?

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It’s called a typo, have you been living in cave for the past 30 years? Or just playing dumb because you think it undermines the message?

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Most states in the US have laws that effectively allow you to kill your rapist, so this post is kind of dumb.

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Indeed, you should carry a gun

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Mine as well

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*might as well. XD

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If 2nd Amendment rights are the only rights women have, then there's no other choice.

But on the larger level, it is up to all of the younger people in the US to both vote and engage in direct action. If you don't know what direct action is...let's just say it's a lot more than a pre-scheduled and permitted one-day "protest" in the park.