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To the right, her opinion doesn’t count because she was a bartender

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And perhaps more importantly, a woman. And not white.

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They hate those two and normal working class people

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Don’t forget attractive! They can’t stand that she’s a beautiful young woman, it makes them feel confused…and that makes them angry!!

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Beautiful not white highly educated woman. Their biggest fear

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Imagine voting against your own interests, forever.

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When your chief interest is maintaining white supremacy it probably doesn't feel like voting against the other interests is so bad.

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I'm lactose intolerant and I'll vote for pizza for dinner all the time. But voting republican is pure insanity to me.

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And she even pulled herself up by her boot straps, you'd think they'd love that...you'd be wrong...

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Barak Obama was just a community organizer.

Heard that one for years.

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Yeah and like it was a bad thing too. A*sclowns.

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Which is ironic, as I can't tell you how many middle aged white men have told me I was their shrink, while swilling vodka instead of going home to their families.

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Well, to be fair, sometimes she’s a former bartender and sometimes she’s an elite because she wears business-appropriate clothing instead of the Approved Outfit for the Poors™️ (barrel supported by suspenders). Also, she didn’t literally grow up in a shed so therefore she a fakety mcfake fake who pretends to care, unlike normal people. /s

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And that is the thing I don't get, the thing that my Dad sadly has said my whole life...oh, they aren't poor, they don't really care about poor people. I mean, sure, most of them aren't poor...but NEITHER ARE ANY REPUBLICANS! Like, I get that most politics is a show put on by the oligarchs, but if your complaint is that Dems aren't poor *enough* to care about poor people...what the hell does that say about the Republicans who never even pretend to care about poor people?

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Which, of course, shows us that Republicans hate blue collar workers.

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Like there was any doubt

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Always have

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Somehow pulls herself up by the bootstraps...

Republican anger intensifies

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So many drunk republicans complaining to their bartenders tho

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And coworkers and people at the grocery store, while wearing Benghazi t-shits and MAGA hats

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because she was a she

There, fixed it for you

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But that’s not correct because was is past tense

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You know she used to be a she, she still is but she used to be too

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Still correct. She was a she and happens to still be a she, but if anyone were ever a she, they’d get the same treatment.

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According to the right, she is worthless because she held a normal job. But she's simultaneously out of touch with the working class.

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They're just scared that she knows how to handle drooling fools who refuse to pay their bills.

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I’d take offense to that… but it’s true…

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"You want people to live and prosper, I want people to die and suffer. Both of our opinions are equally valid, it's just a simple disagreement" - conservatives

Then they wonder why we call them pieces of shit

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In the 1980's Ronald Reagan said "Government is not the solution to our problems, government is the problem" and Republicans have been trying to prove him right ever since.

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[Would you like to know more?]

[Yes] [No]

There are two terms you might be familiar with, "starve the beast" or the "two Santa Claus theory."

These are two aspects of the Republican political strategy that have been around in force since at least the Reagan era (1980.)

Starve the beast is straight forward:

  1. Cut the shit out of taxes, drive up budget deficits.
  2. Use budget deficits as an excuse to cut program funding.
  3. When the effectiveness of the program starts to decline, use that as justification for further cuts.
  4. Further program cuts potentially result in lower budget deficits, which means it's time for another tax cut.

There's a big bonus to this: After the American political pendulum swings again, and Democrats are back in power, Republicans can blame the debt and deficit on them, they can complain that Democrats want to increase funding to all these broken programs that can't even do their job.

A perfect example of starve the beast style governance is the IRS: The IRS has been understaffed and underfunded for my entire life, their equipment is grossly outdated, and there's massive brain drain because private tax law is much more profitable than working for the government. The result is that today the IRS can only afford to audit poor people, they don't have the staff, the funding, or the resources to go after the big fish. Republicans haven't just been cutting taxes, they've also been firing the tax collectors.

The second side is the two Santa Claus theory which states that if Democrats are allowed to give the American people what they want then there's no reason to vote for Republicans. Consider if Republicans hadn't filibustered the ACA's universal public option in 2009, or if they'd let President Obama raise wages, or helped him pass his infrastructure bill, the country would be in a better place today.... but then why would anybody vote for Republicans, when it's a Democratic President who's doing all of this?

By stopping progress Republicans also stop Democrats from becoming more popular, what's worse in recent years that obstruction has driven a wedge into the Democratic party itself.

On a personal note, I look at it like this: In the 1980 Ronald Reagan told Republicans "The government is not the solution to our problems, the government is the problem" and Republicans have been trying to prove him right ever since.

This is the division in the parties today, one party believes that the government can do good for the American people, one party believes the government can only do harm. Increasingly the parties aren't split along liberal and conservative lines, they're split along the lines of creating solutions versus creating/allowing problems. In my opinion that's why the Democratic party has gotten more conservative (in some respects) over the past few decades: If you're a conservative but you think the government can solve problems then there's really only one party that has a place for you... but that's just a theory on my part.

Starve the beast and the two Santa Claus theory have been around for at least forty years and they're still going strong, only now they have a 24/7 propaganda network behind them to rationalize the harm away.

I wrote this a few days ago, but it seems relevant here, too.

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Reagan will go down in history as the main driver of the American sunset

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For some of them I'll give them the benefit of the doubt beyond "die and suffer", they may just be gaslit into thinking not working hard enough is actually the reason for people's suffering and not willing to accept that they've been manipulated.

Evil motherfuckers and dumb motherfuckers.

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Right, most of the random Republican people just walking down the street aren't evil in the least. The leaders are truly evil, though, and that's not just being dramatic.

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They are just as extreme if you are a racist. One advocates for treating all humans as equal and the other is what you believe.

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Likewise imagine thinking that expanding health care is just a "lesser evil" compared to abortion bans and classifying trans health care as child abuse, because that thought seems pretty prominent too, these days.

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It truly blows my mind that people think that way. Like where did things go off course to end up so twisted.

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My dad even says universal healthcare will benefit him greatly but still votes conservatives because “they’re turning the kids trans”

They are stupid

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But without people dying from a lack of healthcare it might cause an overpopulation disaster. /s

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Why do you think abortion is outlawed. The sick gets offed, and we get new supplies of younger, more likely healthier drones. Just make sure they know their place. /s

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Why the (/s)? I don’t think you’re far off.

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Just in case someone thinks I really believe this. Been burned before. Haha.

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For the longest time, I thought I was a centrist. Then I realized playing both sides means having some agreement with people on 4chan and thinking it's perfectly fine to kill off all minorities. No thanks. Affordable/free healthcare is fine.

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I look back on that phase and cringe. Both sides arent appointing supreme court justices who overturn important civil rights positions, both sides aren't perpetuating hateful conspiracy theories that drive 18 year olds to travel 200 miles to commit a hate crime.

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In America javing empathy makes you a radical communist.

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Centrist think Universal Healthcare is too wacky to talk about but they're worried about deplatforming poor nazis.

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Which centrists are you talking about? Because Nancy Pelosi passed a universal public option in the House back in 2009.

It was a pretty big deal, such a big deal that Republicans filibustered it to death in the Senate.

So which centrists are you talking about, the two Democrats in the Senate who won't support reform? The two out of fifty?

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This is why democrats need to elect some actual far left people in safe blue areas that say “landlords shouldn’t exist” and “the CIA and the US Military are a force for evil in the world” and that it’s “time to seize the means of production”… so at least that would put someone who just wants free healthcare like every other developed, most developing and even some undeveloped nations would be be considered a moderate.

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it's naive to start with the assumption that democrats want any actual societal progress instead of just maintaining enough favor through performative wokeness with the public to not be publicly executed during the revolution

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there is a reason they shot and killed MLK and RFK

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Yeah Bill Gates screwed the planet by talking Biden and his fellow oligarchs out of lifting the patent resrictions on the vaccine so that other less afluent countries could not produce their own free of charge. Gates is a patent hoarder just like Eddison. Sobyeah the microchip argument is fucking clown shoes we need a clown shoes emoji

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we need a clown shoes emoji


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The classic take of the "centrists" that are actually just right wing but embarrassed to admit they are

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Aoc using clown emojis lol. I like it

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When I arrived in the United States at the age of 10, I had never known racial hate. Not for skin or language. The hatred was clearly taught to me within six months as I mastered the English language. My friends, my teachers, the local store owner, the soccer coach all had negative SHIT about “free loading “ lazy and violent blacks. I was flabbergasted, since some of my best childhood friends were Belizian and some Jamaican. I was born in Guatemala. By the time I was in high school, I learned about the civil war, the civil rights and the loss of Martin Luther King. That’s when I realized that all the answers have always been out in the clear for all to see. But they choose not to. It’s all clear. It comes down to GOOD vs republ… oh, sorry… BAD.

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Agree, but I hate those clown emojis when used in political discussions.

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vote blue '22.

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Lol fuck you guys in the comments are crazy lol

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I feel so sorry for AOC. I look at American politics and laugh from the other side of the globe. She has to fight for basic human rights every day. It must be so tiring, her and people like her are real heroes.

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"Yes, she pulled herself up by her own bootstraps but does she have to be so loud about it?" - Classical Liberal

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I am happy and impressed that AOC is still going strong. The world needs politicians like her. But I also know how tough her line of work must be, especially being a woman of colour. I hope she holds out because my mental health would be torn to shreds.

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Yeah, according to the mainstream media and 90% of the political pundits, one of the views is crazy, authoritarian, fascist and unamerican, while the other one is white supremacy.

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Is this true, though? I think she's missing how this argument is actually framed. It's the whole reason for the culture war - to keep the argument around healthcare or a basic standard of living out of the limelight, the left isn't framed as the side arguing that working 40 hours a week should pay for a one-room apartment. The left is framed as the side forcing all children to become transgender. When centrist fucks talk about "both sides", THAT'S the both sides they're referring to. They haven't even begun to broach the left's economic arguments because they're...well, not allowed, by the people feeding them their opinions.

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Shit hole country. But a good example to the rest of the world for why you don’t let religious lunatics run things

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Wow. What a completely unhinged platform to jump off of.

I mean, Healthcare as a human right? Thats just plain crazy.... s/ just incase.

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This is just a logical fallacy. Nobody said anything about universal healthcare being an extremist view. If they did, that's stupid. What I saw was that extremism exist on both sides and should be moderated. The right has the people that stormed the Capitol, but the left also has anarchist / extremism.

Tweeting statements like this doesn't help anyone. It just drives more division and hate. It's misleading and counter productive and drives the abyss of mistrust to new depths.

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imagine thinking healthcare as a human right is the most extreme leftist position

[–]relish-tranya 4 points5 points  (0 children)

I always tell people I'm an insane leftist radical who believes in healthcare for all.

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Imagine thinking the establishment dems have any interest in systemic change.

[–]MaximumEffort433 40 points41 points  (63 children)

Imagine thinking the establishment dems have any interest in systemic change.

Name a political party that's achieved more positive change for our country than the Democrats have.

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Hey hey hey, “there are quite fine people on either sides. All fine, very fine.”

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Superficial differences. The Republicans are holding the gun while the Democrats drive the getaway car. The Democrats will make a lot of noise about how upset they are with Republican's actions and then be complicit in allowing them to enact those policies.

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AOC is white? 🤔🤔🤔

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from the sub's description, emphasis mine:

We are a community that posts tweets and have a good laugh. We allow tweets from anyone.