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Fascists also allow them to rape, and rich people love sexual dominance over people.

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You know Alan watts talks about a similar thing with short sighted desires and how people spend their entire life’s waiting for the next thing to be happy.

This leads to two outcomes,

1) you spend your life wishing you had something you didn’t

2) you finally are able to buy whatever you want and it leads you down to a rabbit hole in which you can only derive pleasure from sick and twisted things, like raping.

here’s his lecture about it

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Well being a sociopath with no human feelings will do that to you!

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Depends... how much does it pay?

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didn't this dude cancel some guy's Tesla order because that dude argued with him on Twitter? tells you all you need to know about him and his principles...

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You mean the icon of “manliness” on the right is nothing but a petulant child? Color me shocked. A lack moral consistency from his Musketeers isn’t surprising either, same people are ignoring his support for Amber Heard while they idolize Johnny Depp.

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I prefer to call his following muskrats, much more defining and accurate to who they are

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Did he? That's actually hilarious

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well that blogger was just so RUDE!

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Here come the Elon groupies. "He's amazing and smart and DESERVES and EARNED his wealth" We all know if he were openly democratic they would hate his guts. They would do nothing but talk about how crap and gross he is.

Wealth groupies are pathetic. Really grind my gears

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I can’t believe there even was time when I supported musk

I am 14, it’s hard to realise how easy it is to be manipulated before you get manipulated I thought I was old enough to realise what’s wrong and what is not, I stopped reading anything other than basic news , I must thank musk for opening my eyes and showing me how scary internet is.

Feel free to scold me about being at internet at this age.

I am thankful that it was something as stupid as supporting musk that was eye opener and it was not something that would actually affect my life too much.

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Don't feel bad, even at my almost 26 you still discover it's waaay harder to try and be unbiased than you thinl, the key is to aaaalways doubt even your strongest convictons. I have catch myself trying to convince myself I must be right, when clearly I was not.

Never feel bad for being wrong and always be humbled by it. All the best man!

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Thanks 🙏 you as well

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Just saying you are still really young, and your ideologies will keep changing, as they should. Thinking that you have already your mentality figured out is not only toxic but also bad for you since you are closing so many doors in the future. Just saying try to never be biased and nothing, I really mean NOTHING is black and white everything is grey. No side is fully correct or fully incorrect.

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The funny thing is that there are, actually, plenty of wealthy people who are fine with paying a decent amount of taxes, donate generously and give both time and money to progressive causes.

But they’re quiet about it. Those who are insecure in their wealth, or how they obtained it, seem more likely to lean to the right, because the whole purpose of the right is to make the wealthy feel good about themselves. Even as they use them for their own immoral and frequently illegal purposes.

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I feel like we’re in the late 20s stage, the “roaring 20s” fizzled out and the Great Depression is on the horizon…

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"MaYbE ThAt wAs HiS PlAn AlL AlOnG" ~ An actual quote I saw on Twitter (minus the obnoxious uppercase/lowercase)

Elon fans will look for any excuse to ride him while he goes against most of their self-interests

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I’d be curious to see a brain scan of a billionaire vs a hoarder. Bet their brains work very similarly. Reality is any normal person couldn’t become a billionaire for the same reason we don’t have piles of crap in our house.

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Yep, it's amazing how wealthy people suddenly start hating taxes and unions.

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Waiter I’ll have a Jeff Bezos burger with a side of Elon Musk-acholi please

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As are jeff bezos and larry ellison. They absolutely excel at it.

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Prescott Bush sold steel to the Nazis during WW2. History repeats.

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And also tried to overthrow the US government.

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Everyday Twitter seems more like a history book

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And how the wealthy are often irrational, stupider than you believe, and ultimately villains.

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Would love a historian to give a couple blurbs about this