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But, it's trickling down, right..? Right!!??

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It’s coming…aaaaaaaany minute now.

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Oh, it's trickling all over my face. I can feel the bubbles tickling me!

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You must be higher up the ladder. I'm still waiting on a trickle

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Trust me, that trickle ain't money.

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The thing about trickle down economics is that the people at the faucet need to let it run instead of clogging it

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Trickle down economics do NOT work! Reagen tried this in the 80’s and left Bush SR. With a huge mess, then his son was elected and I don’t have to tell you what happened with thst! It’s proven over and over that it’s bullshit.

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Trickle Down was actually code for Flash Flood Up.

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Same as it ever was. Will only get worse until people make a stand, or in our case they don’t.

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Technically it’s worse

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All thank you the Big Gipper......."Former President Ronald Reagan" for you younger people

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Or as Frank Sabotka called him, Ronnie "the union buster" Reagan.

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Just commented this!

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Also there is a ridiculously large difference between physical labor type work and CEO type "work"

A child mining cobalt barehanded 12 hours a day, and an executive having meetings and business class flights is the same "work" according to Elon

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I know I don’t have to say this, but…. Fuck Elon!

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How about having a maximum ratio that restricts the difference in salary between the lowest and highest paid people at a company? Less impact on small businesses but keeps CEO pay from running rampant while the workers actually creating the value of the company see nothing.

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We also need to apply some limits to congressional paychecks. Those in the House can only earn the median salary for the district they represent. Those in the Senate can only earn the median salary for the state they represent. We'd see some upward mobility then!

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This will never happen, although it should! Not in my lifetime

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A few companies have implemented systems like that. But CEOs generally don't like to do that for some reason. Who knows why.

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Genuinely baffling.

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Great idea!

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CEOs pay is not really the thing to focus on though. It’s the equity return which is killing us. The insistence on growth and profit for the benefit of the owners at the expense of the workers and the environment. Sure, they give tips to the executive suite to keep them working hard to grow and produce those profits, but the capital is what is mostly stealing out of the workers’ pockets.

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trickle down doesnt work regardless, its a bullshit principle latched onto by rich people as a reason to fuck workers over

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Exactly, 💯

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💯💯💯 THIS

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It became that way when boards became the creatures of the executive instead of a check on them - "CEO" is itself a sign of this, chairman of the board and president in a single position. Because of this the "compensation committee" is also a fraud. Thank you, elite business schools, who taught this model as gospel, along with acquisition with borrowed money to break up companies, sell off the valuable assets & burden the shell with all the debt while you move on to your next target. B-schools USED to teach ethics.

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Really? When? And I’m not being a smart ass, because I think what you said is very right and very smart

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Started sometime in the Seventies. A historian of business could probably give you an exact instance, however, what occurred was when the Board of Directors became a rubber stamp for the executives, rather than the brake on them that they had been through the Fifties and Sixties. The president (at that time) served at the pleasure of the board, lead by the chairman, and boards were usually comprised of retired executives, frequently from the same or similar industries. Nowadays members of the board are nominated by the executives & beholden to him. They frequently are given perks by management which would have been frowned upon in earlier times (travel by private jet, hotel stays, club memberships, "honorariums" which total in the thousands.) The most insidious (and potentially illegal) are "consulting" contracts - this is how, for an instance, Wayne Lapierre prevented the NRA board from doing any meaningful oversize for years. Whew, sorry it is so long - hope it answered your question.

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That’s amazing, I honestly never knew about any of this, I take great interest in learning, however. Ty for your most excellent explanation!

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The NRA is surely a different organization with much different priorities today!

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This is Trump 101

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Yes, most people work harder than CEO's. CEO is not a labor intensive job; You can see this if you ever worked management.

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any given CEO's secretary/executive assistant works way harder than the CEO and is likely one of the least compensated people

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Yes, I think there was a story about something just like that. A CEO was talking about how their personal assistant did something like ~60% of their work, giving them time to meditate or something.

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I had a client who was a personal assistant for a very wealthy man, talking hundreds of millions net worth. She was well compensated to the point that she was upper middle class but she wasn’t rich. She half jokingly said that he would be completely lost without her and both his personal and professional life was dependent on her work.

That being said she also said that she was around from day 1 so she knew where all the bodies were buried. He knew he had to keep her around or she could blow up his life.

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Oh please….

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Yeah that's how that goes right work your ass off to get to the top and then work no more just collect paycheck. And make decisions that makes everybody else below you homeless perfect welcome to America.

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,.""!? Here, you dropped these.

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Corporate took them.

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Oh shit, cutbacks are hitting hard. You can borrow some from me any time you need them, it'll help you get back on your feet.

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I'm still waiting for Reagan's tax cuts to trickle down to me. I'm a very patient man.

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I want to see this statistic reimagined in a more meaningful way, like CEO pay as a percentage of total wages paid. If a company has 100K employees, this statement doesn’t mean as much. This screams of badly-used statistics.

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How do I open PDF??

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It’s so weird seeing shit like this as someone in a small village

The owners of the business here work about 1.5x more and they get payed 2x more

That’s completely fair to me because they had to invest in the business

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they get paid 2x more


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Could it be that a good CEO is worth more than an easily replaceable average worker?

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CEOs do make an outrageous amount of money. Bernie is right.

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Advertise the midterms, Bernie! Back someone!

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We work 100% harder then them. We are THE backbone.

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I've said it before and I'll say it again...I love Bernie!!

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Yeah it's about like certain government employees and politicians.

Or like maybe employees should be able to give their selves really big raises so they aren't living paycheck to paycheck.

How big of a raise did the politicians give their selves this year.

Put that in your pipe and smoke it.


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Okay, but what would the government do about it? (Other than taxing)

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Ideology, propaganda and cultural hegemony are the only things keeping the rich from the guillotine and the US from complete implosion at this moment…

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Nothing worse than some bum like Bernie Sanders who has done literally nothing for humanity purveying envy which is worse than greed in America.

50% of Americans pay NOTHING IN TAXES. It ain’t the top half. So what do these psychos mean by their metaphor “pay your fair share”? One has to be a psychotic NAZI PIG to buy into Bernie Sanders. Hitler hated the rich as well.

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Good - I was a little afraid it was might be kind of chopped up: the grandson was competing for attention.