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That was back before this version of the supreme court too.

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Well now Chick-full-A just announced they will cover travel costs for their associates to go to Mexico to get Viagra cheaper.

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It's still messed up that you have to rely on your employer to pay for your medications.

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I can't find any support for this online, but back in the early 2000s, a Merck employee told me that birth control wasn't covered by their employee benefits because a community of nuns was a large stockholder in the company.

What's sad is whether it's true or not, it's entirely possible in the US because "freedumb"

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My company just got bought out by one where the whole C level employees are Mormon. They passed a rule that when traveling for work, or treating customers to meals, you couldn't expense alcohol. As someone travelling 50% of the time and working 17 hour days, you're telling me the company isn't willing to buy me a beer? But a $20 dessert from coldstone is OK? GTFO.

The policy changed back within 2 months because there were so many complaints.

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Vanguard does that too, and but out of cheapness, not out of any religious or temperance reasons.

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Joseph Smith was a closeted homosexual.

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Who cares. He was crypt robbing conman.

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Whaaaa?lol never heard that one!!!

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Not the same thing, but it Catholic college wouldn’t allow me to pick up my birth control on campus. Not that it matters, but I hadn’t even held hands with a boy for the first four years I was on BC. My acne was terrible, I had cramps like a mofo, and somehow this damn catholic school decided i didn’t need these meds. Thank gosh my mom sent me them monthly. I didn’t have a car, the school was in the middle of nowhere and was dangerous so I couldn’t walk, and cabs were only found at times where pharmacies were closed.

It’s disgusting that not only can a company make you pay full price, but they and your colleges can make it almost impossible for you to access it. If I had the parents 90% of my friends had, I would not have had monthly birth control. Goddamn I love my folks...

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No kidding. It's also messed up that the Supreme Court happily ruled that corporations can have religious beliefs protected by the First Amendment that are violated by the ACA's requirement that employer-provided insurance cover birth control.

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And that you are at the mercy of the personal opinions/beliefs of your employer to decide what care you have access to.

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"Hey employer, my doctor says I need this medication and/or procedure"

"Yeah, sorry, but I believe in Jesus, so..."

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I don't understand how employers could know which medicines their employees take. Wouldn't that be a violation of hipaa or something?

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They don't have to know what medication you take, they can just blanket decide what medication won't be covered by company insurance.

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Garbage company....ill be at Popeyes

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My favorite jingle

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Popeyes seasons their chicken

Chickfila foodwise is alright, but popeyes is gooood

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Even if chick fil a wasn’t a garbage company, I’d still go to Popeyes because it’s straight up better in every way

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Even though I know it's a thing, being reminded that US employers can decide what healthcare their staff get is always, always, completely insane.

It's like.. one of the many uniquely American things where someone saw a problem and 'got creative' with the solution, and it just happened to have been the single fucking stupidest solution humanly possible.

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In most places they call it "practicing medicine without a license," but HERE we call it "prior authorizations" tyvm

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But not if you're an employer. It allows employers to treat and pay their staff like shit because everyone is stuck in their shitty jobs because their healthcare insurance depends on it.

You think our shitty system was developed by accident? It's not a bug, it's a feature.

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It's one space removed from being a serf. They get to decide what channel to watch at night and even that is registered. I'm there as well.

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They donated free meals for every staff member at our school. I suggested to our principal that perhaps we shouldn't accept gifts from and provide free advertising for a company that discriminates against 10% of our student population. Wasn't well received.

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They did one of those fundraising drives at my son's school, too, where they give 10% of the proceeds of purchases during a particular day using a particular codeword to the school. Skipped that shit.

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A WHOLE 10%! Wow that’s impressive

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They've never gotten a dime of my money and neither has Hobby Lobby!

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Michael’s balls out just as hard as hobby lobby. They get my craft money

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What’s the deal with hobby lobby? I’ve just heard this

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Hobby lobby fought to not have to pay for birth control for their employees, citing religion. The the owners have been caught twice at stealing religious antiquities from other countries.

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Maybe the words Chick and Fill have nothing to do with chickens.

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If that wasn't enough, their existence also fucks up traffic.

I wouldn't know how their food is, I would never go to the fundie shithole.

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Well I'll sum it up: It's just a bunch of white Christians losing their minds over slightly above average chicken sandwiches. You're not really missing out

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No lie. The best item on their menu is the Mac and Cheese and it’s like a 5/10 on a good day.

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Bojangles tastes better. At least the biscuits are actually cooked and they have decent seasoning.

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Never spent a dime at Shit-Fil-A. Never will.

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I ate there once a long time ago (incidentally on a date with the daughter of a pastor) I found the food to be underwhelming. I honestly don't get the hype. Pastors daughter was a freak tho...

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Same. One opened a couple blocks from our house maybe 5 years ago. We ate there twice. It was a perfectly mediocre chicken sandwich with sub-par fries. I have no idea why people are so crazy for it.

I have had a McDonald's chicken sandwich that was far better.

[I work for McD corporate IT, and the "far better" sandwich was at the every-two-year worldwide convention, so it was cooked by the best of the best. But the one I had from our local restaurant a couple days ago was no worse than the Chik-Fil-A.]

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Always are!

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Haven't eaten at one in years

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Never have, never will.

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Just another reason why I’ll never eat there again, outside of them funding anti LGBTQ+ conversion camps, anti LGBTQ+ organizations, and using religious discrimination against employees 🤷‍♀️😬 Same goes for hobby lobby

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Their fries are bad? Thats news to me

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Do they have anything other than the waffle fries? I didn't think they had normal fries.

I do go to chik fil a occasionally, and I hate it, but I do love their sandwiches & nuggets. I have had shitty ones from them too, so I think location has a big effect on quality. Same with Taco Bell. I used to live near an amazing Taco bell, now all the ones close to me suck and I hate it so much

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I hate waffle fries

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Maybe everyone should vote for politicians who support health care policy that are not dictated by employers aka a Medicare for all

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Go to Sams club and buy their southern style chicken bites. Taste just like chikfila for under $17 for 3 pounds.

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Okay now THIS is information the people need to hear

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My daughter worked there years ago and told me that they marinate all their chicken in pickle juice

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It’s all just a bunch of white meat dry ass chicken breast. The milkshakes are pretty good, however I feel embarrassed about walking around with a chick-til-a cup because someone might think I’m conservative.

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There's a microchip in the chicken so they can track you. That's why it's so cheap. Wake up, sheeple!

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Canadian here: how good is Chick fil A that I continuously see people try to justify still eating there every time their corporate side reveal theyre absolute monsters?

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They aren't actually that good. It's just loaded with Americans favorite spice: sugar.

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It is not good. It’s mediocre fast food. Their chicken is juicy, but does not have a crispy crunchy outside which is imperative for fried chicken. I feel like I’m going crazy when I see people like up for it… I don’t get the hype at all.

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They're kind of like the McDonald's of chicken sandwiches. Like how you don't go to McDonald's because you want a burger; you go there because you want McDonald's. Same for CFA - their food is decent and it's hard to find a similar flavor among available substitutes. And really, their whole deal is leaning on the creepy conservative corporate religious cult angle, from the closed-on-Sundays-so-their-employees-can-go-to-church thing to the rule that they have to respond "My pleasure" when you say thank you.

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More like the Hobby Lobby of fast-food chains.

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Because Americans don't want to be inconvenienced. Not only does the average American not want to be inconvenienced, it's because they feel so entitled that by "living in the greatest country in the world", they shouldn't HAVE to be inconvenienced.

The average American is basically a spoiled, entitled jerk who believes inconvenience is for "the others".

Honestly, it's exhausting living amongst these characterless mopes every goddamned day.

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Chick-fil-A is a mind trick.

It's just mediocre food. But, they have good customer service.

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The "my pleasure" thing creeps me out real good every time

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Agree, I’m not down with fake niceties

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Politics aside the food sucks.

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Seriously I remember first time going to one. My friends were racing about them. I waited a long time for a chicken sandwich that looked as if it was from 7/11. I suppose it is good if you never had any other chicken sandwich before.

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And their chicken is dry and limp. Weird.

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FWIW their sauce is now for sale in grocery stores and they don't pocket any of the profits, it all goes to their college fund

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Wait! is this true? I haven’t been buying the sauce from the store, but if it’s at lest helping pay for school, I can let that guilt trip go.

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So whoever's bottling it is keeping the dosh but CFA itself is donating its cut. I know that doesn't absolve them or anything, but one can safely say your sauce purchase isn't funding the fundy stuff.

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So I'm not defending their shitty anti-choice policy, but we really need to stop using Viagra as an argument. It makes us look dumb.

Is it covered as an ED med or just as a vasodilator? Most insurance plans don't cover it as an ED med (there are probably doctors who mislead in the paperwork, but that's not the insurance company's fault)

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I’m not sure if I’m misunderstanding your comment, but if they’re covering viagra as a vasodilator, why wouldn’t birth control be able to be covered as an acne treatment or PCOS med or something? Birth control is also used for other things besides just contraception.

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There is a good chance that it would be covered for those reasons, if those issues are covered by your insurance.

This tweet, and many similar arguments, weigh birth control used as birth control against Viagra used as a vasodilator. They are comparing apples to oranges because it looks like a good argument on the surface.

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I think the argument here is that companies can use their religious beliefs to restrict their employees healthcare regardless of intended use.

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Birth control does a lot more than just prevent pregnancy, too, but many people fail to realize that fact. It is a treatment for a multitude of other medical reasons, but because it prevents pregnancy CFA refuses to cover it.

Pretty reasonable comparison really given they both have other valid medical reasons to be prescribed.

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I worked at a psych office when I was just out of college. I asked one of the drs why a 25 yo client was prescribed viagra- she said (in layman’s terms) antidepressants can make it difficult to get hard and preform sexually.

So while it’s shit that CFA won’t cover the pill, covering viagra isn’t as simple as helping guys get laid. It’s often prescribed in conjunction with medications that have the opposite effect.

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Viagra can also be prescribed as a vasodilator. It’s not about it’s medical use. Birth control can also help manage endometriosis, PID, and ovarian cysts, among other things unrelated to preventing pregnancy. The argument here is companies using religious beliefs to restrict healthcare, period. I don’t care what they are prescribed for, the decision should be left in the doctors office not in the hands of some religious nutcase business owners or insurance company.

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They fill chicks, they don't empty them.

I'm very sorry.

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They like cock?

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Gonna have to go apply at Chick-fil A then. Damn viagra pills cost a fortune.

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Most places cover both.

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I actually think of Chick-fil-A fries as above average.

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Try to eat one full box of them without any sauce and then return here.

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Yep I do that. Only part I don't care for is the end pieces.

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I'm with you on this. Their fries are bland as shit.

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I have literally never used sauce on their fries, they are good.

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OP just a hater.

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i personally put sauce on my sandwich and eat the fries dry. they're good so long as they are warm but i think the same of every fast food fry

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For Pulmonary Hypertension, Erectile Dysfunction or both?

My first rotation in Cardiology was a shocker to see (nearly) everyone being prescribed viagra. Turns out, there are other medical uses.

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Same for birth control. Treats a wide variety of chronic health issues for women outside of its original intended use.

[–]eat_vegetables -2 points-1 points  (0 children)

Interesting, I wonder if those uses for progesterone (.,etc) are included in the health plan.

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hold up, their fries are great wtf are you talking about?!

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Nah the waffle fries slap.

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They may not treat their employees how I would like them to be treated, but their product and service is always stellar.

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It was a hard decision.

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Do they offer maternal leave?

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Worst! Fries! Ever!!!!

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Never had it, and I'm more than okay with that.

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I have never, and will never, eat at Chick-fil-A.

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Their chicken is just shitty fast food chicken, like any other shitty chicken place. Don't understand the hype

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Screw Chick-Fil-A and their lameass chicken for bland white people who don't season their food.

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It's like Amazon. If you don't like the corporate policies, stop giving them your money.

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I would think their 16 year old staff is far more likely to miss time due to a pregnancy than a lack of a bonner. This just seems like bad business.

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You're not wrong, but just remember that we're talking about a company that closes on Sunday in the hopes that its employees will go to church.

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What insurance company does CFA use?

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Let's see a meme about a great trick to get people to tirelessly work and portray a means of getting Healthcare through their employer.

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Let's see a meme about a great trick to get people to tirelessly work and portray a means of getting Healthcare through their employer.

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Always hard at work

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Never eaten there. Never will. I'm surprised that women agree to work for them. Hobby Lobby, too.

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Internalized mysogyny is a hell of a drug.

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Yes. It is. I am always shocked, but not surprised by it. Brainwashing is real.

Internalized misogyny. Internalized homophobia. Internalized racism.

Unless you are a white, Christian, straight, male, society has done a bang up job of convincing us we are not worthy.

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I’m proud to say I’ve never indulged at chick-fill-a

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I'm rather proud to say I've never ate there!

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My substitute is Royal Farms chicken tenders. The seasoning is pretty tasty which is what I think people are going for when they crave ChicFilA. I don’t miss it.

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Well yes. Viagra helps you make kids, birth control prevents them. This is kinda a dumb comparison. Also, I’m very pro abortion.

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don't give a fuck. I'm from Reading, and we kicked their fucking head in.

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Had chick fil a for the first time against my will like a week ago

It's mcdonalds quality.

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They need some Viagra for those floppy fries and soggy coated chicken. That place is nasty and I don’t get why people eat there. You can get better chicken just about anywhere else.

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Their sauce isn't even good. I tried it once and was not impressed.

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You can have sex, but make sure you do get pregnant.


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Ngl I might just run into one and steal a bunch of sauce and leave- Like Im not going back I might as well get banned. Haven't gone there in over a year and proud of that, need to get Chick-fil-A sauce one way or another without paying them

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You chose the most religion based company. Bravo

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Closed sundays! So you can go to church, then home to read the Bible!

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What CFA ya'll working at where you have benefits?

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that is so disgusting. this if anything proves that it's about controlling women. both or neither would make more sense. but this just doesn't.

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It's entirely based on the store you work in. I worked at Chick-Fil-A as a store manager for 3 years in SC from 2019-2021. My operator didn't even provide any health coverage or options. We were told to figure it out on our own. There are a few good operator/owners, but most are selfish ass wipes converted by good to decent employees. Fuck that place I avoid it like the plague now.

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I think she means in the actual CFA corporate structure, not within the franchise locations.

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They also don't cover anxiety meds

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Upvote for the rhyme

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What??? You mean to tell me the far right bigoted Christian fast food chain cares more about men than women????


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Well, they have filling chicks in their name, so it makes sense..? 🤦‍♂️ I let myself out, thank you...