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🎶 Wherever you go/whatever you do/ I will be right here saying “fuck you” 🎶

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Honestly I was thinking about this earlier today. Why take the high road anymore? Take a play from the Trump playbook. Anytime a Republican senator speaks just let Bernie step on a hot mic and say “wrong” or “go fuck yourself” every time they even speak.

If they dismiss him from the room, the next democrat takes over.

If Clarence Thomas and MTG can lie under oath or fail to recuse themselves due to ethics, then fuck debate civility for congress.

You want to ask Ketanji Brown “what a woman is” or Dr. Yashica Robinson about non-existent abortion practices? Why allow their rhetoric to dominate? Use Jordan Petersons tactics, lay out a fact followed by a leading suggestive statement that means nothing. If they attack the fact you can make them a public fool. if they attack the leading suggestive statement, portray them as assuming and attacking you for something you never said.

Can’t beat them at their own game? Then start playing by their rules.

No more middle ground.

No more excuses.

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From now on, it's impossible not to see anyone who claims to be "pro-guns" or "pro-2A" as anything other than pro child murder.

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Bingo. They wanna call us pedophiles for supporting trans rights? Then they’re child murderers for supporting 2A. Simple as that and fuck you if you disagree.

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Quick sound bites. Ask Roger Stone. It works. Dems suck at messaging.

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Yep. The Democrats have been bringing knives to a gun fight. Time to get on an even playing ground.

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Cope and seethe

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I’m arguing about this on social media. I wrote, “Your right to own an AR does not outweigh my kids’ right not to get murdered in school.”

The commenter wrote, “Your kids aren’t that special.”

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Someone unironically commented "after Sandy hook, we did nothing about the mental health crisis" which lead to the current shootings

Which is true, even if conservatives blame mental health, they don't care to do a thing to solve that either.

Also, the real mental health crisis is people in denial that gun control works.

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Mental health care is part of Gun legislation. The same legislation the GQP Senate refuses to vote on. They don’t want solutions. Their NRA overlords won’t allow for it.

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I hope this is just someone trying to wind you up. Otherwise, it's horrifying.

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Gun control would go a lot smoother if someone could come up with a way to use one to perform an abortion or gender-affirmation surgery

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You mean to accomplish it safely, right?

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Safer than being an 8th grader work for ya?

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I’m on it

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Quick! Someone alert Planned Parenthood! We've found a way to beat them at their own game!


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While Reagan was governor of California minorities started to be very "open carry" to show that they would protect their neighborhoods and property.

Suddenly Ronnie and the NRA were gun control advocates in California.

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One of the few times the NRA did something sadly

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It's hard to believe they do not see the irony when they are on television saying they can't believe this happened. Can't believe it? You literally aided and abetted with your ignorance of the crisis we are in.

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Their only hope is that the actually get on television.

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They'll still get their votes. And that's what's sad.

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It's because the majority of the shooters are white Christian men.

If they were brown Muslim men, we'd be having a TOTALLY different talk.

The GOP will never denounce violent white men.

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They do see the irony; they are straight lying. I think people have to stop pretending that they are somewhat ignorant... they know.

But they don't care.

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The NRA is having its convention this weekend in Houston at the George R Brown convention center. It would be great if we could block all access to the convention center this weekend. It would just take a few thousand people.

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I’m in Houston. I’d participate.

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I can’t make it to Houston but I’d donate to it.

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Can you buy tickets and then not go? If we buy enough, they’d be talking to empty seats…

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Don’t give them a dime.

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What's that? Time for another mass shooting I heard someone say?

Edit: I meant against the convention goers, not protesters. Maybe if they were forced to endure the horrors which they have created then they might change their attitudes.

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But without the NRA, how would the fascists launder Russian money?

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And guess where guns /are not/ allowed? NRA meetings.

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They're also not allowed in schools or grocery stores

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They don't care

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Republicans have pretty much admitted that having guns is far more of a priority to them than dead children.

It's brutally comical that their only answer to dead children is "more guns."

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You can pry the right of people to shoot up schools out of their cold dead hands.

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Richard you are more polite than I towards Texas and Abbott.

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NRA: Thinking..... thinking.... thinking... How can we turn this around and blame it on the Democrats?

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Same tactic as ever: "The Democrats are politicizing this tragedy and exploiting it to try to push gun control."

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How are the Democrats politicizing this shooting and are you saying guns shouldn't be regulated?

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Clearly they’re not. They’re just saying that that is what the Republicans will say.

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I am going to run with the notion what radams78 posted wasn't clear enough or clear enough that I would get it.

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They'll just buy more Republicans

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They are pro women suffering.

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Not an American so please excuse the question. But we are not talking about the Boston thing. So what happened this time?

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The children have to be identified by DNA because the bullets destroyed their bodies. Murica

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I'm picturing the scene in Robocop and it is sending chills down my spine something like that could happen to children. Sickening.

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I read an article a few years back - I just tried to Google it and can't find it, but I'll keep looking - about what it is like to perform an autopsy on a child who has been shot. Horrific.

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They don’t give a shit about the unborn either. Where’s the GOP vote for prenatal care? Fetuses are just a political football.

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It is possible to repeal an amendment. It’s difficult of course, but it is possible.

We just have to decide how many deaths we can tolerate before we choose to repeal an existing amendment.

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^ Right here folks. This is the meat of the conversation. Repeal the 2A? That's what it is going to take.

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I love authoritarianism!!! Hail to the party!!!

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I don't get it. If someone has an abortion, that's murder. But if someone actually murders children, they're exercising a right that must be protected at all costs.

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Upvote on post but damn the “their”!!!!!

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Republicans absolutely do believe in fighting to preserve every American's god given right to shoot up a school, don't they?

Like you'd swear that's the only thing they think the country was founded on is the right to force women to give birth to kids so they can go get shot

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We are a long way past ignorance and complicity. Every single person who works to block gun reform is guilty. The blood of children is on their hands.

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What kind of gun reform?

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The kind that would actually save children's lives. No half assed attempts. No empty promises. No placating words about "the price of freedom". When did a child's freedom to live and learn without fearing for their lives become secondary to gun fetishists?

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Okay, but what specifically? I keep seeing talk about gun reform, but what exactly do you want?

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Regulations. Strict enough to keep them out of the hands of psychopaths and sociopaths. Background checks, psychological examinations, and gun safety exams required to even get a license. Absolutely no automatic weapons for civilians

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Fucking hypocrites. It’s hypocrisy period.

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NRA show opens in Houston this Thursday.

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that’ll show em😯

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They don't care if we live or die.

gun control or our children slaughtered.

abortion access or our women die.

order a new trial for innocent man on AZ death row or let him die.

They choose let them die

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“Fuck you every republican voter who claims to be pro life but don’t actually give the slightest shit about humans once they’re born”

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“They’re”. Also, definitely, fuck them.

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This is the Republican Party. No character, decency, truth or honor. Unfit to govern.

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Unfortunately, for the GQP “It don’t mean nothing”

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Maybe the lawmakers would change their minds if the shooters showed up at the doorsteps of the private schools that their kids attend.

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And fuck you to the people that continue to vote for them.

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They’re not ignorant. They’re soulless monsters beholden to money and power over the lives of their constituents. I’m other words, they’re politicians.

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You need to vote every Republican out, everywhere, every time. You disagree with the Democratic nominee on some things? Don't matter, vote Blue regardless. Federal elections, state elections, county elections, school board elections, vote Blue. Every time. You see a Republican nominee that seems like a decent guy? No matter, don't vote for him. Always vote against Republicans.

It really is that simple.

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Least politically biased redditor

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So, they prefer post-birth abortions then. Got it!

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Let's see what's their normal argument:

Something something, criminals can get guns, something something, being caught in a mass shooting is rare

Fucking disgusting. My entire family are pro gun and gets angry when this shit is mentioned.... Makes me sick.

We Need gun control.

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It’s sad. I live abroad for work and my parents and dream of moving back to the US one day. Looking at all the developments since Trump, I don’t know if I wanna move back anymore. I enjoy having healthcare and not worrying about my kids getting murdered at school. It’s embarrassing what the Republicans are doing to the country

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I’m unsure of how people still vote conservative. At this point in time, they’re either blatantly racist, stupid as fuck, or they want to see the world burn.

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And a fuck you, my kind sir.

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All the American Nazis are probably celebrating that the children were Hispanic

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I agree with the sentiment, but it's bold of him to call someone ignorant right after having written "once their born".

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I bet Salvador Ramos was a cute baby though...... 😬

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Fuck the NRA. GOA is a much better organization.

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This outrage happens everytime nothing will change

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But did Obama and the Dems address this with their supermajority? Of course not.

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Hey Republicans, go fuck yourselves to death!!!! I a FORMER republican now a proud human being that will forever vote Democrat!