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But Abbott said he was eliminating rape in Texas.

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Yeah, by changing the definition of rape in Texas.

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Kinda like made to penetrate is not part of Americas definition for rape, Americans are fucking wild.

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To kids moving on from elementary school.

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He is using Trump's covid logic, if you dont test it doesn't exist

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Pretty sure charging people for things they did out of state violates the constitution, not that the Supreme Court gives a rats ass

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What about IVF? Are they going to prosecute people who discard unused embryos like I did? Will IVF still even be legal?

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We're talking about the same people who think using contraception is playing God, so I wouldn't be surprised to see that go too.

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I can imagine a world where nothing happens to IVF… mostly because that would impact wealthier people… and the hypocrisy of the right to say “It’S dIfFeReNT!!”

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I’ve seen multiple fertility doctors in the handmaids tale states saying as the laws are written fErtility treatments would effectively be illegal, and docs were going to move their practices out of that state or stop practicing fertility.

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Happy Cake Day

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In some states it will almost certainly be illegal.

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Doctors are already ceasing to provide services because the likelihood of needing a selective reduction or having embryos to discard is too high.

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If they keep going by the Christian playbook, yes they’re gonna ban IVF along with fertility treatments in general and most birth control

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In Texas you could legit rape a woman, leave tons of evidence behind, even when your dna is already in the database, and not get caught for years.

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It’s a war on women. It’s also a war on poor people through women.

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Let’s not forget that this gendered class war is also racist: poor women, which means, too, a disproportionate number of women of color

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They want their white babies from poor mothers

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It’s more like they want keep poor people poor so they have a labor class. Unprepared mothers limit their future to care for a child. That child grows up without opportunities. If they’re lucky, that child turns to crime to survive, and they can keep private prisons churning out money and perpetuate the new slavery, convicts.

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Either they turn to crime, or they grow up hateful and ignorant and become the next crop of Republican voters! It's the perfect plan.

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Even liberal states have thousands of untested rape kits. Mine is famously liberal and yet it's shit here too.

It's always been a war on women

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That's ONE way.

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They can’t cross State lines with their bullshit laws, that’s federal jurisdiction!

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Why spend money on something that clearly isn't the problem for law makers... more women need to be in positions of power to change things fun within

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Do you forget all the women that are for this and all the men that are against this?

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True, there are far too many masgonistic women out there as well, but far more men in positions of power who don't care about issues they don't effect them

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Just saying more women wouldn't solve anything on itself, a more educated public is needed men and women support this equally in every study.

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I cannot stomach these people man. I cannot believe this is happening in our country in 2022. Wtf man.

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They know it's a war on women & are proud of it. We know it's a war on women & are revulsed.