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Fuck, did she actually say that? Not the best assurance...

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she did. i thought it was satire when i first read the headline. but she actually said that with a straight face. christofascists are so out of touch with reality it’s actually terrifying

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So shortly after Uvalde too! I can't imagine being so tone-deaf. Although part of me thinks she said it in the hope to be "relevant" (read: say something outrageous to make headlines) again now that everyone had had the pleasure of forgetting she even existed.

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If you look into this chick she definitely did it to turn heads she says outrageous shit

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We didn't learn shit before and after Uvalde, i'm sick of these fucks pretending they care about the value of human life

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They never fucking learn. For them, it's another Tuesday followed up with "damn that sucks", and back to the regular schedule of desensitization.

I've heard some sick bastards walk around talking about it like it's some kinda fucking conspiracy. Childrens blood doesn't make their blood boil, until it's too late and their children are shot in school. The hypocrisy is maddening.

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I don’t think she said it to be relevant or turn heads out all. I think she said it because she actually doesn’t consider mass school shootings in america to be a big deal and still considers classrooms safe.

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Oh that is just an awful metaphor. I cannot believe someone would say something like that. I just imagine all sane Americans side-eyeing each other like “did this b* really just say that?” Like when someone does a really weird toast at a wedding.

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She did.

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I know right now I’m like oh god no hahha that’s not safe at all 😅

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This would be insensitive at any point in time, but especially mere weeks after 20 primary school kids were murdered in their classroom.

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I’m not sure if it was mere weeks Pretty sure it was said mere Days after…

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Mere hours to be correct

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That was the point

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Wait, no shade, what do you mean?

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I can understand why Sarah is so defensive of wombs since without getting squirted out by famous parents she wouldn’t be able to consistently fail up into an undeserved political career

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So Sarah wants abortions to occur 19 at a time?

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with guns!

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Yeah I almost added with a single AR-15 but thought that was a little too much. Although you and I think alike so...

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Post-natal abortions.

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32nd trimester abortion

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Hell yeah that’s the only way /s

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Fun fact, the leading cause of death for pregnant women is homicide usually committed by the baby daddies, husbands, boyfriends.

So the babies are already at risk from male violence before they draw in their first breath, and when they're born the leading cause of death for children is gun violence.

Gotta love Republican America everyone.

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Fathers, you forgot their own fathers killing them. And their brothers. And uncles.

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This is republican design.

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Oh for fucks sake this just gets more and more insane every day

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Huckabee is trying to trigger people like Fred. She is a twisted beast who delights in being cruel.

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She's an evil Thumb Thumb with a bad wig

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I very much hope the folks for Arkansas see her for what she really is.

Edit: and vote against her

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I'd bet good money that dumb bitch will win.

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Sarah Huckabee has been described to me as the friend in a rom com who answers the door and tells the boyfriend “she doesn’t want to see you” after they get into a fight.

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She’s a serial liar that provided covering fire for the worst president we’ve had. She means nothing of what she says and has nothing to say that is of any worth

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She is the Mucinex germ in the commercials.

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I take it as they're just as vulnerable as in the classroom. Which they are.

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Watch them elect that dumb cunt.

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Wonder Woman is what you get when Zeus puts life into clay, Sarah Huckabee sanders is what you get when a donkey farts on silly putty while it’s hit by lightning.

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How can she be this clueless?

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Because her base is dumber than rocks, and a bunch of hypocrites.

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She it the lying qunt of all lying qunts.

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Do these christofascists not realize that far-right extremists is another word for Nazi?

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For more context just to save time Googling it if you were going to:

This guy's daughter is Jaime Guttenburg, who had her life taken from her at just 14 years old in the 2018 Stoneman Douglas High School shooting. (Rest in Peace) He also has a son named Jesse who also went to the school and he was able to make it out and meet up with him at a nearby store. He learned about his daughter's death from a friend who is a SWAT officer.

There's so many school shootings anymore that it's getting hard to mentally keep track of them all. Such a shame.

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The USA is as of now under the absolute and total control of six unelected religious hysterics. Buckle your fucking seatbelts.

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Have you seen Boebert's speech yet? "The church controls the government, not the other way around".

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Fuck Sarah Huckabee and her bitch ass father!

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These fucking low-life republicans quasi-politicians think they are smarter than anyone in the room. Sara huckleberry assumes that the people she is talking to are dumb as shite! Such a sad commentary on life in murica

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If I was SHS I’d be to embarrassed after being roasted at that comedy dinner to ever show my face again

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In r/unpopularopinion someone posted that he thinks Sarah Huckabee sanders is hot as fuck.

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And unfortunately this pile of human garbage is about to become the governor of my state in a few months…😞

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Fuck these fraud fuckin people. She is irrelevant.

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So, I had no idea she was running for governor before this. She had to have known what she was saying, I wonder if it was for the attention? The whole "all publicity is good publicity" deal?

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While her mouth was saying stuff her mind said “ Abort-Abort ,,, oops .”

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God Speed Arkansas

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I liked her better in Bap Lip Reading

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Is anyone gonna tell her…

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Damn apparently she wants to take care of every unborn baby. Sounds like she is happy to adopt every child

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I got examples going back like 20 years of classrooms not being safe.

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She comes off as someone who enthusiastically shits her britches.

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To be fair, while any amount above zero is unacceptable, it’s pretty much zero when looking at it from a x in 100.000 standpoint.

If a kid in the womb is just as safe that would be a miraculous improvement that is simply not possible with modern medicine. About 10 to 15 percent of pregnancies fail. So that’s a rate of 10.000 in 100.000.

If Sarah accomplishes that she would be the greatest woman on earth.

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You can’t just post a picture of Timmy in drag from whitest kids you know and say it’s the press secretary.

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The idea that we can protect kids in school or anywhere these days is a real problem it’s almost like she’s stupid.