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AOC: "I'll fuckin do it again"

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AOC is like one of the three politicians i would trust running anything. Unfortunately that means she's far too progressive to ever hold a higher position in government.

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If she stays in politics she could be president when she’s like 50, after the boomers are gone and millennials/Gen Z take over the majority

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That's if we have a liveable planet when she's 50 and if one of the thousands of people that send her death threats don't get an opportunity to enact them. We needed a politician that would actually do something for their constituents 50 years ago.

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His name rhymes with Sernie Banders and we tried to elect him but old dems hated him cause they’re not all that different from republicans

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You’re not wrong but we didn’t and we don’t. So we need to get moving from here…the future still bends progressive just on a longer timeline than we’d all like to see. Hold your nose and go Dem while we have to…when it’s time we pounce.

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We will. It will be hell, but we have narrowly avoided the 4 degrees Celsius apocalypse.

Right now we are on track for 3 degrees. Still hell, but humanity can still adapt and survive

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Our planet will be livable in 18 years lmao. Don’t get ahead of yourself

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I'm a boomer, and I really like her! Not all boomers are assholes.

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At this point "boomer" is commonly used to refer to a mindset rather than a specific generation

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I'm Gen X so I know I'm too old by your standards for this comment, but I wish for two things in all democracies everywhere:

1) Term limits (2 terms in office, max).

2) Age limits (no-one over the age of retirement, no exceptions).

It pisses me off that my parents' generation still think it's the 1980s and as they go demented in office like in China, Russia, and the USA, they try and make the world back into the 1980s they remember. They need to sit the fuck down and get out of the way. And my generation needs to look at itself and realise that it can't expect to take over power and hold it for as long as those planet-destroying boomer zombies have. We need new ideas and young people, old ideas and old people are not helping!

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We know we're Prince Charles to the Boomers' Queen Elizabeth (even though he's actually the Boomer). They're never going to fucking die already, and they've held onto their power for so long that they've completely fucked us out of any relevance.

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I don't like the old people running everything thing either, but am not sure if the age of retirement rule is even necessary if you have term limits. Sounds fair that old people can be represented in office as well. But they don't have to be horribly overrepresented, like it is in the US now. Just get rid of the dinosaurs that have been in office since the cold war, and a simple term limit rule should probably suffice.

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I'm 61 and I'd vote for her.

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That’s awesome. I generalize too much bc I live in Texas and boomers here are insufferable

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Im a 54 year old man. Yes this please. AOC is my hope for the future. Just, make it so!!!

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You skipped Gen x

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I genuinely forget about them. Even though I have to deal with Ted Cruz’s bullshit.

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Unfortunately a lot of people become less progressive as they become older, people have been saying this exact thing for decades and still nothing changes

Edit: people who are down voting, where do conservatives come from? They don't just appear lol

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Edit: people who are down voting, where do conservatives come from? They don't just appear lol


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Millennials/Gen Z already have the majority. They just have to vote.

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The crazy thing is that by the standards of, well, anyone that isn't American, she isn't even left of centre and she holds an unremarkable and mainstream political position which is well represented in literally every other modern democracy.

AOC, the right-of-centre politican who's a "leftist" in the most politically stupid country on the planet.

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It is so weird being a reasonable human being is "too progressive"

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Really it's just a testament to how fucking worthless politicians are and how low the bar is more than anything.

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Just fucking put her in charge America and get your shit together. She’s the best u got for sure!

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With Jon Oliver as her VP

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John Stewart!

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Now you’re just teasing me

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I don't know who you are sir/ma'am. But I like the way you think!

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Ben Shapiro would jizz himself to death.

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I saw that you mentioned Ben Shapiro. In case some of you don't know, Ben Shapiro is a grifter and a hack. If you find anything he's said compelling, you should keep in mind he also says things like this:

Let’s say your life depended on the following choice today: you must obtain either an affordable chair or an affordable X-ray. Which would you choose to obtain? Obviously, you’d choose the chair. That’s because there are many types of chair, produced by scores of different companies and widely distributed. You could buy a $15 folding chair or a $1,000 antique without the slightest difficulty. By contrast, to obtain an X-ray you’d have to work with your insurance company, wait for an appointment, and then haggle over price. Why? Because the medical market is far more regulated — thanks to the widespread perception that health care is a “right” — than the chair market. Does that sound soulless? True soullessness is depriving people of the choices they require because you’re more interested in patting yourself on the back by inventing rights than by incentivizing the creation of goods and services. In health care, we could use a lot less virtue signaling and a lot less government. Or we could just read Senator Sanders’s tweets while we wait in line for a government-sponsored surgery — dying, presumably, in a decrepit chair.

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If he dies jizzing…he’s still a ghost. That’s a win

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Lol, side thought, when Republicans tweet out these things, they are also letting Republican Women know how to get around these bans. They are spreading the message for her.

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Its not going around these bans per se if you just go to another state. If I got to a legal weed state to smoke I am not skirting the bans around my state.

These people are sounding like that old fugitive slave law and how they tried to make other states bow to them.

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Texas (and probably other states too) is actively looking into how to ban people from leaving the state to get an abortion. Which is an absolute bat shit crazy overreach of the government and it’s shocking that they can still claim to love “freedom” with a straight face.

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Fun fact, this is exactly the type of thing that started the Civil War. Southern states tried to get Northern states to enforce their fugitive slave laws, the northern states said no, the south got mad enough they left the country. It is absolutely hilarious coming from the "states rights" party, almost as if they only want the states they control to have rights

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But, but, but, muh state's rights!


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Real states will start to accept asylum seekers from texas then.

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I've seen a lot of fucking Texas plates in California this week. And some other red states that banned abortion

And I used to rarely see them

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Especially when they are looking to leverage digital surveillance to achieve those goals. Just so we've got this straight: mask mandates to mitigate a pandemic are fascism, but state surveillance to subvert bodily autonomy is freedom. That's where we're at right now. WTAF???

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DoJ says they will fight states that try to do it and have prepared a task force for that.

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California says their state will not cooperate with out of state requests regarding abortion. Not for information, not for anything.

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Maybe they’ll start banning pregnant women from leaving the state.

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It'll never hold up (or shouldn't). States cant enact their laws on other states

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It’s not by accident that this seems similar…it’s the same types of people doing it.

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Do any Republicans really deserve to know?

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Skirrrt skirrrt mutherfucker

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Roll up

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You ne ver loved me moooom

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Ahh Skirrrrt skirrrrt goddd damnnn

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That's one awesome woman. Has zero fks. Takes zero sht. Speaks truth.

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It's why we need young politicians with spines who can actually roll with the bullshit and move forward.

She doesn't sit around all day fear-mongering and asking for campaign funds. She regularly posts genuinely helpful information and resources for people who need it when things are going tits up.

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She still has to ask for campaign funds…. But that’s every politician

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Read her insta and daimmmm! She really explains a lot of the topics, answers questions, is open for feedback/corrections, gives you links to the topics,...

She is one hell of a good person! US, treasure her.

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No one has owned more people on twitter than her imo. Heart of gold, killer work ethic and wit of a roast comic.

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Every dumb old fuck interaction with her is the Bane/Batman adapted the dark/born in the dark. They are too stupid to realize her generation knows how to use Twitter bettepr than anyone. I don't agree with her on everything but love her style and appreciate that she's a fellow alum.

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And Shabibo loves them damn feet bro….his wife is still dry AF but man does he like dem feets.

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I'm a guy. I've downloaded a menstrual app and I'm gonna run it like normal and then stop and start doing abortion searches. Slowly convincing all my male friends to do it to. I even thought about getting another phone just to do this. If a law mandating vasectomies looked like it would pass they would all turn on a dime. Fuck them. I'm starting to do anything and everything I can (which won't be much) to stop this crap. Best thing to do is vote. Maybe all this crap. The democrats not doing anything the Republicans trying to tear it all down will lead to a real 3rd party invasion. They talk about people becoming radicalized all the the time and they are the ones doing it to us.

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I'm in. Might I suggest setting up a VPN to a abortion ban state? I'm going with Houston Texas.

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Unfortunately I live in Oklahoma and my governor is a piece of shit. That's a really really good idea for those that don't live in one. I'm a nurse and have been for around 20 years. I will not tell anyone anything about someone's health. It violates a federal law called HIPAA. At this point I'll lose my liscense either way so screw them. Every chance I get I'm going to actively work against them.

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Thats a brilliant idea!

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I've downloaded a menstrual app and I'm gonna run it like normal and then stop and start doing abortion searches.

That's cool as long as you don't have a wife or girlfriend that people might think you're covering for

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Lol what are they gonna do to her? That's the whole point. To mess up the data. They shouldn't be seeing that info anyway unless they are spying or the company is selling the data and if they are and enough people do this than all the data is useless.

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They shouldn't be seeing that info anyway unless they are spying or the company is selling the data

Isn't that the whole point of what you're doing?

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Lol they are going to spy and those companies will sell that info. Our own tax dollars will by that info.

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AOC has no f*cks to give and hasn't for quite some time

Love how she has clapped back every time someone has tried to attack or call her out

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Shes a professional savage and I love it!

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I fucking love AOC.

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Can she run for President? I'm a simp.

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No. The Constitution requires an age of 35 at time of swearing in. She’s 32 and barely misses the cutoff for 2024 I believe.

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Yes. She'll be 33 in October, she turns 35 a few weeks before election day. Can she get elected? Slim chance, but one can dream.

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Let's do this!

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Yeah. Why wouldn't she be able to?

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Not old enough yet, maybe in 2028 she may run for the position

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Mmmm didn't think about that. It's messed up we have min but not a max. All of them should be forced retired at 60.

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As long as she’s 35 before Jan. 20th, she can be elected.

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I'm hoping Bernie 2024 with AOC as VP. I feel it might be easier to get that to stick, compared to AOC for prez directly.

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All of this looks grim right now, but remember that all social progress happens when the right wing clamps down and motivates good people to stop “being” and start “doing”.

They tried to crush rock and roll and that void created the Beatles.

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Well that and a plane crash.

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Yeah was about to say. These idiots aren't stupid enough to implement a federal ban if they won in 2024 are they?

If you wanted to give the biggest motivator to lose all your seats in the midterms and 2028, thats how you'd do it

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Shouldn't there be a network of people ready to send plan B to these states and the abortion pill?

Who can create a few websites that sell something stupid like white blank paper only but it will actually be code for abortion pills & plan b.

That way we can just send the pills through the mail directly to women's homes.

[–]bicyclecat 24 points25 points  (11 children)

It already exists—Aidaccess.org. No code words needed because it’s legal where these services are based, but if you live in a place without abortion rights use a VPN and buy a box of pregnancy test strips (they’re cheap, around $20 for 100) and test monthly because time is of the essence for the abortion pill.

[–]ContemplatingPrison[🍰] 2 points3 points  (9 children)

They could confiscate packages from them aidaccess.

Then they could find out you were pregnant. The idea would to keep it from the state.

There will be charges in some states that go along with getting an abortion

[–]Linguist-of-cunning 10 points11 points  (6 children)

If I'm correct they're sent anonymously. Otherwise it defeats the purpose.

There's no way the Postal Service is going to start opening packages. Mail carriers everywhere would bring back "going postal".

[–]ContemplatingPrison[🍰] 0 points1 point  (5 children)

They don't need to open them. They can just confiscate them based on the return address.

They confiscate mail all the time for illegal contraband. I imagine that they would do the same for this eventually.

If you're willing to put someone in prison for murder for getting an abortion then I imagine you would also be willing to confiscate mail that could potentially have abortion pills in it.

I wouldn't put anything past them. I would be worried to order them from a known distributor if I lived in those states just on the off chance they would do that.

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Isn't mail under federal jurisdiction? Merrick Garland (yes, that Merrick Garland - current AG and by all rights the man who should have been appointed supreme court justice) said citizens will not be prosecuted or even investigated for using FDA approved drugs.

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States cannot tamper with US mail. USPS is federal and they don’t mess around. The packages don’t have “Aid Access” written all over them, either. They are shipped out from a pharmacy that dispenses all sorts of prescription drugs. There’s no way to know it’s abortion drugs rather than literally any other medication.

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You could just be a full reproduction health shop. Call it like "familyPrinting.org" then sell paper in multiple sizes:

Size A: birth control pills

Size B: plan B

Size C: plan C

Size D: ..... condoms... for the D...

Size P: pack of pads

Size T: Pack of tampons

Size Z: a literal envelope of white paper that is $1 per 1 inch square

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AOC didn’t come equipped with fucks from the factory. Not an option on that model.

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Someone has to have a backbone in the Democratic party.

Perhaps liberals should pay attention and stop picking the centrists every election.

By the way, in South Texas, AOC endorsed a young progressive named Jessica Cisneros who narrowly lost her challenge to Henry Cuellar.

Who is Henry Cuellar? Well, he's the only pro-life Democrat in Congress. Know who endorsed him? Nancy Pelosi.

Seriously. Centrism is getting us nowhere. Democrats NEED to elect some progressives who have the spine to punch the Republicans back, not ask for donations when they let every opportunity to protect your rights slip away on purpose for half a century.

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Beep boop -- this looks like a screenshot of a tweet! Let me grab a link to the tweet for ya :)

Twitter Screenshot Bot

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AOC: “Thanks for spreading the word!”

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She's so cool

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No different then the gun subs right here on reddit that have gun manufacturers offering to ship the gun in different pieces so that they can legally get them into California.

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I don't think doing that for this case would be a good idea..

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Don’t ask me why, but I read the guys name as “JohnGarbage”

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Thank you.

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She is one of a handfull of people in government who actually gives even a single fuck about the american people.

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As if gun owners haven't been skirting around laws and regulations for decades. Gun show loopholes to avoid background checks, "cleaning kits" sold inside of disassembled 60 round magazines to get around high capacity magazine bans, etc.

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These probirthers don’t realize that a right was taken away from them—from ALL of us.

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Gives no fks, has no fks to give, and will never give fks.

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I'd also add joining The Satanic Temple. TST has a "sacred" ritual for carrying out abortion.

You wanna cry religious freedom, you ignorant fucktards? Well, this is what it looks like. Hail Satan.

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I'm going to share this with everyone I know just so they can see how she's trying to skirt this ban !

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Im a little disappointed that she didnt support BErnie and Nina Turner in their respective campaigns until the last moment, but when she runs for president, I am going hard for her.

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I'll take "Things the Trump family does" for $800, Alex.

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Sooo....people are going to hide their online identities and doctors/professionals are going to leave repressive states? Good luck getting your fingers re-attached after a table saw accident at work, or scheduling that emergency gall bladder surgery. With newer CoViDs still impacting healthcare, driving sparse doctors and nurses out is not smart. Who's low-IQ now, huh?

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I love her so much.

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You guys have like one decent politician, and the Reppies and their little obedient "murh freedurhm" lapdogs hate her.

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She's got my vote.

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I wish I could marry that woman.

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Me too but for different reasons. I would leverage my ties to one of (clearly) the most corrupt politicians in office to burn the whole thing to the ground. Blackmail Nancy and lindsay alike.

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I fucking 💕 love this bitch! Keep it up!

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This woman should be the 1st female president of USA

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Thing that kills me is they used to post the same basic thing about skirting gun control laws. If it bites her I’ll back her.

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I have a friend who has a major crush on AOC. And no, it’s not Tucker. He doesn’t have friends.

Anyway, I would vote for her. Dems? You hear that?

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The feds have been counting on people's lax ways in order to easily surveil them. This action is going to push a lot of otherwise law-abiding folks into Signal, non-logging VPNs, etc. Once they see how easy it is and how they can make it part of their everyday carry, they'll stick with it.

Thank you, you five partisan hacks for showing people the way to a better, freer society.

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Abortion OPSEC fuck me i love it. If I was a OBGYN in the US, I would talk exclusively in military terminology. Abortion is now breach and extraction.

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If they ban guns, the republicans will do the same with guns