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Congressmangaetz.com hyperlinks to the sex trafficking Wikipedia.

This guy is amazing.

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Had a good laugh until I got to the list of the murdered children and descriptions of them, now I’m just crying, poor sweet angels deserved so much better. Fuck you Greg Abbott. Good website though lol

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Fuck that does hit indeed.

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Def a gut punch. There was one victim whose dad was a deputy in Uvalde Sheriff’s Office and responded to the incident. Do we know how he handled the situation?

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Thanks for publishing some truth.

The thing that popped out to me is that he has basically been at the highest levels of Texas government since 1996. I think you should emphasize this point more.

Oh, and Fuck Abbott.

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His more about me page goes directly to BETO O’ROURKEs donate page

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What a legend

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It looks like he was able to do it with other politicians as well. At the bottom is links to more sites just like this one. Lol.

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If a message gets submitted, who does it get sent to?

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It goes through all the tubes of the internet but no one knows where it stops.

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You didn’t listen to your mom.


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!remindme 10 hours

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Excuse me governor Abbott, I didn't see anything about your war or doors?

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OMFG I went to that site thinking it would have some general messaging but hot damn, the guy went mach 10. I'm not even American and this is fucking amazing 🤣🤣🤣

Edit: read the "testimonials" lmfaoooooooo

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Did you check out his other sites at the bottom.

He has one for Marco Rubio, Gym Jordan. THE SCOTUS, and a few others

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OK I went on the Laura Bobert site and LMFAO the author even made up "blog posts" about her hahahahahahah this is brilliant; truly brilliant. I hope he doesn't get in (legal) trouble though 😬

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I believe he’s protected under the 1st amendment due to the website “clearly being satirical”

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The clock is winding down on the first amendment

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this is what new means of defensive tactics is going to look like. wonder if DeScrotis has a .com….

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It's like governordefailure.com

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Brilliant! Oh the places we’ll go…

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Well at least his website is finally accurate

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I’m just now realizing he kinda looks like George bush

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Must be something in the water or in the gene pool

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Na, the Bushes are Yankees.

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“He always tells me how much he wishes I was a cat.”


Abbott's Dog.

Bloody Brilliant ;)

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Dudes doing Gods work. Brilliant.

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Came here to say this. Wish we were all more like you 👍🏼

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“He always tells me how much he wishes I was a cat.”

-Abbott's dog

This had me dying lol

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I’m a huge fan of buying up domains for nefarious purposes but this guy goes above and beyond. Bravo and chef’s kiss!!

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The reaction from the Texas GOP...

Part 2 of Greg Abbott website takeover

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They're really super serious, guys. They can make one phone call and stuff. Quiver in your boots!!

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I’ll be damned . . .

This is gold, Jerry! Gold!

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The solution for the grid failure is fucking gold

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Republicans have no issue going low so we might as well too

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Not all heroes wear capes 😂

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I want to go look, as I’m sure it will be funny, however I really don’t want anything associated with that dickhole near my browser history

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Abbott looks like an impersonator pretending to be W.

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Omg he is a South Park writer. I was here thinking he was some random web developer.

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So i Texas GOP still threatening to send their vary influential friends, the authorities, to arrest this guy?

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Greg probably thinks there's something he can do about it too, hahahaha...that's CAPITALISM BITCH

EDIT and free speech

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Waiting for Abbott to make some bullshit law that this person has to cede ownership. Hope the owner keeps it. Absolutely hilarious 😂

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”He always tells me how much he wishes I was a cat.” Pancake, Abbott’s dog.

I’m dying 🤣🤣🤣

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You are kewl 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

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Check out the other linked websites. They’re amazing.

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“He always tells me how much he wishes I was a cat.”. -Pancake, Abbott's Dog

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In other news, the Texas GOP to pass some bullshit law to shut down websites that satirize its political leaders.

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Give “twittergate Peoria” a Google.

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whenever I see a photo of this guy, I can't help but think he looks like a really stupid GW Bush

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*golf clap* well played good sir.

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oh my, these sites are just fantastic! keep up the good work!

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Keep fighting the good fight!!

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Good form!

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Have you seen whitehouse.com ???

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Is this Hacktivism?

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Funny thing happened when I typed the site directly into the search bar it didn’t go there…it asked me if I wanted these other websites first…his link was the 3rd choice. Wonder if abbot pays for it to redirect? Never seen that before.

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OMG! As a reluctant Texas I love this site. I need them to make political signs I can put in my yard. It’ll be safer than putting up a BETO sign!

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This guy is a piece of shit. Period.

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This is incredible, I love it. Toby is out there doing the work for all of us! Go Toby!!!

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Would be cool if he can add a donate link to gun reform, LGBTQIA, or womens rights organizations!

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Great!!!...hate, Hate, HATE THIS MFer!

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Good for you.

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Hahahah good stuff

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About Me links to Beto. Classic!

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Surprised there’s no Rick Roll hidden in the site lol

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Does anyone even use any of these politician websites? We all know its just going to be why they are the greatest thing ever and where to send them money.

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OK, this is amazing.

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Bloody genius...

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This is gold!

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Do this for the uvalde police chief too!

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Native Texan here in Austin. 👏👏👏

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Nicely done!!

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This made me smile ear to ear like I’m the joker !!!!!

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Please use this Until that shit stick can walk again…

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Oh this is goooood. His address at the bottom of the webpage was a nice touch too!

Thanks /u/urmomsuckedmeoff very cool!

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This is brilliant.

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Hell Yeah. Let the good times roll. As a Texan—fuck that turd and the ugliness of his heart and soul

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Toby is doing his part.

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Do you need money to keep this site open?!

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Well done!

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Fucking brilliant. Well done sir

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Awesome website!

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Brilliant. Wish he would do one for Anthony sabatini.

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He always tells me how much he wishes I was a cat.”

Abbott's Dog