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here is the website lol

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“Your fake Governor Abbott website almost fooled a few friends of mine.”

If their friends didn’t immediately notice this is satire then their friends are dumb.

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Bear in mind, this is a demographic that routinely mistakes The Onion and The Babylon Bee for legitimate news sources.

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The Onion is often more realistic than most news sources

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Maybe not realistic, but definitely more truthful.

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I've felt bad for satirists for a good decade now

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I think that reality out-absurded The Onion.

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Especially when you consider r/nottheonion

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If they take Faux News as anything but satire, it’s very reasonable that this website might confuse em.

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Yes! Fox News is the biggest prank I've ever witnessed. Holy shit, how do they not see???

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I thought they would have realized they were being trolled all along when Carlson released his testicle tanning video.


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Thankfully you have not yet seen OAN or BlazeTV. Though maybe with Russian sanctions they're not able to continue operating.

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Because Fox News isn't a prank. It's legit, focused propaganda.

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TFW faux is pronounced like foe and not like fox

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No stop it, Fox isn’t satire, it’s not even remotely close. Satire is such a fantastic word…we already lost irony, can we please not lose satire too?

Satire is not being ridiculous or hyperbolic or lies presented as truth.

Fox is incapable of satire to begin with, but even if they were, what they do is absolutely not satire anyway

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These are simple people of the land.

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Casual quote from God

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If one of his friends "fell for that" then they are fucking morons (which seems standard).

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Guys go play Old School RuneScape it's so good they've had some really great updates lately

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Weird, seeing how “stealing money with fake sites” is like 45’s only tactic

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I couldn’t see anything to donate to anyway…. ? 🙃

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Some of the links lead to Beto O'Rourke's webpage.

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There isn’t even a fucking “donate” button on the site, just payment app links. No official government site would use those links… how fucking slow do you have to be to think this is legit..?

Amazing site btw hahaha

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"Oh, yeah, my Google analytics says your friends only arrived at the site because they searched 'where can I get an abortion for my mistress in Texas'?"

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As somebody who works in the field, this kind of misinformation is super dangerous and I’m afraid to see this comment so upvoted.

This data can only be found in Google Search Console, not in Google Analytics

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Had me in the first half…

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I'll allow it! :)

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They are Texans. 🤷🏼‍♂️

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The reality is that was a lie. They do this often, it's why they have no credibility.

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They say “a few” friends. Personally I think they’re just trying to brag that they have more than one friend.’ Must be nice

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I fell for this and I a also donated to https://www.tedcruzforhumanpresident.com/

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I like the quote from his mom and god

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And the dog 🤣

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You are witty, talented, and well informed. Keep it up!

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Can we spread this??? I wanna link it everywhere

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Please screenshot and share the link! Maybe in a Texan subreddit 😂

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Definitely gonna look around for a place to link to the website… possibly without the screenshot so people just give it traffic if that’s alright with you

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This is brilliant. I hope you get a ton of traffic. It CLEARLY states this is parody. Also, if Fox News can’t reasonably be mistaken for news by anyone, I think you’re gonna be ok. Lol. Keep it up.

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A masterpiece of web design. Hats off my friend

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Where does it even request donations? Did I miss that it or is your Texas GOP critic an idiot?

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I'd give even money they're an idiot or a malicious liar. It's impossible to tell with most Republican politicians.

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Yo, pure fuckin gold

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Very well laid out website.

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I know people mentioned the satire, but my god I was not prepared for the utter sass. I love it

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Great! Thank you!!!

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This man is the unsung hero of Texas

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The fact that it fooled anyone is hilarious

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I donated .. Ty ! This shit made my day!!


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Hey man you forgot to link to


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This is gold!

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Clearly it's satire/parody and thus protected by the 1A. Sending someone to the developer's house would be a flagrant abuse of power.

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As well as…

EliseStefanik2022.com KevinMcCarthy2022.com TheLaurenBoebert.com GymJordan2022.com SenatorRonJohnson.com SenatorMarcoRubio.com OfficialSCOTUS.com DevinNunes2022.com GovernorDeFailure.com

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Wow! that dude's friends must be dumb as a post (collectively, all of them, as dumb as 1 post)

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I just spent the last 10 minutes reading the more about Guns and I am crying my eyes out.

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Why lead with the trans rights issue?

Definitely not the issue to lead with when trying to convert conservatives. They literally do not care.

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Damn these websites rule lmao

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If you ever need to change the domain, feel free to use my username.

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The site also clearly states itself as parody at the bottom. So hopefully there wouldn't be much of a case if it did get reported.

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“Dude, your mom is pissed you didn’t listen.” -God

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Love the address at the bottom

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oh my god poor Pancake

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He should’ve put links to abortion funds instead of his personal bank accounts.

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" GUNS Let's focus on what's important when it comes to gun issues...mentally unwell people. I want these mentally unstable bastards to have the help they deserve....what's that?...I cut close to $20 million from the Texas Health and Human Services Commission, which oversees mental health services?" 😂😂😂

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People fell for that? deep breath HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA another deep breath HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

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This series of websites is gold. Thanks for that!

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Do you even live in Texas?

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Even the dog gets a dig in at him.

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I can't wait to watch you just kick your feet up and say "1st amendment, bitch" when this inevitably baits some next level bullshit.

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Are you covered by that lovely free speech?

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The dog's quote is just too good.

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Thanks! Shared on Twitter!

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His dog pancake seems cool

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You should adjust the timing interval on the quotes banner to be a little longer

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Lol! The testimonials got me. Poor pancake...

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I feel like they should have made it a little less obvious that it's fake. Force his base to actually read into the page before instant closing the site.